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  1. GRABOID!!!! RUN!!!!! I love it.
  2. Fan-freakin-tastic. love the purple on it.
  3. man that thing is big and crazy. I like it.
  4. makes me wish I had ordered one of those. when I first laid eyes on it in the kickstarter I thought "my I am not ever going to want to paint something that big. " but now I find myself saying "man I wish I had ordered that so I could paint something that big."
  5. fantastic paint job but not my cup of tea.
  6. Woooooooo Hooooooooo!!!!!! love it.
  7. good, really good, I hope mine looks at least half as good.
  8. WOW, I don't even know where to begin, just WOW!
  9. fantastic job, I love GW stuff. a little pricey though, but still awesome job.
  10. fantastic love the blue shade on the plate armor, I am totally stealing that idea.
  11. I got my postage notice yesterday, up till that point I was afraid there was going to be some terrible mistake and I was not going to get anything in the mail. boo hoo. oh wait everything is going to be great.
  12. I am in wave 4, it seems like wave 2 and then wave 3 are/were taking forever. what is really sort of getting under my skin is that I do not have my minis yet and I am seeing them on Evilbay right now.
  13. love the swapping of the color pallets on the minis.
  14. awesome, love the colors on the head piece.
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