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  1. I'll probably edit this several times, so bear with me. First, stuff I'm just reiterating from other people (sometimes with added commentary) More of the new, larger-scale giants as noted above (stone, cloud, storm) but also more varieties of previously produced (esp. hill) especially agree more humanoid casters, especially shaman types, everything from kobolds to ogres, trolls, giants More female humanoids, from kobolds to giants, and in more active roles, as in a female ogre who isn't just there to be the mate of the chief or whatever, but looks like she'd bash your head in
  2. Sure there's licensed stuff--licensed, overpriced styrene GW stuff that looks like Peter Jackson, and licensed, overpriced Mithril stuff that looks like it was designed in the early eighties (because it was designed in the early 80s). Also, people in licensed-setting RPGs don't generally tend to play the main characters from that setting. I'm sure that ridiculing my question makes you feel good, but: how does that help Reaper sell their existing line now or develop their line on the future? How does your reply answer my question?
  3. As you are probably already aware, there is an official Middle-earth D&D 5e setting being released this Summer by Cubicle 7. This will no doubt create strong demand for figures for people's campaigns. I've noticed there are numerous figures already in production that will adapt well. The orcs in KS3, the Mountain Troll in KS2 (a tad Jackson-esque, but perfect for a big Olog-Hai or the like: MORE OF THESE!), the ogres in KS3 (perfect Tom, Bert, and William-MORE PLEASE!), the Balor from KS2 makes a passable Balrog (assuming Balrogs have wings), many dwarves, etc. This is only natural, as
  4. LOL... I was not a fan and kind of ignored 4E in favour of Pathfinder.
  5. And, sorry, forgot: More Cthulhu Mythos. The original HPL stuff is all public domain now. And I love it, and the numbers on the KS1 Cthulhu and KS2 Masha'af should bear me out when I say I am not the only one.
  6. Hopefully noone has pointed this out before, but a good way to handle the size discrepancy for giants between Pathfinder and 5E is to base them on a large base, place a magnet at the center of the base, underneath, invert a huge base, place another magnet at the centre of it as well, and simply add it when needed for 5E. Not much of an issue for the new Hill Giants, but will enable you to switch back and forth between editions with just one figure for Stone, Fire, and Frost.
  7. More female monstrous humanoids across all lines. More female figures that are not just T&A with feet. More lizardmen (lots more lizardmen, especially Gene Van Horne lizardmen) Stormwing, to fill out the Chromatics. Narthrax is not a Blue. Yes, he can be painted blue. But he isn't. Different-sized Chromatics, especially large and gargantuan. Giants that are Huge ( Hill Giants accomplished!), as the new Hill Giants make your Fire and Frost Giants look like well-dressed ogres. Hobgoblins. Preferably the old-school Japanese ones. More half-orcs across all lines: female
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