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  1. I just love the patchwork fur. And dont touch the skin shading! When you line the muscle black for highlights it ends up looking like it's from a coloring book, dont listen to those guys. Your work is amazing!
  2. I almost went for a fly swatter....
  3. It is a standard pink foam board, used for insulating houses, I believe. Sadly it isn't real cheap around here (unless you steal it from construction sites) and it doesn't come very thick, so I had to build it up in layers glueing them as I went, then sculpting them into shape. This lends itself well to bricks at this scale though. More organic shapes might be more challenging. After I sculpted it, I fixed some spots with a spackle-like compound over the top, and a few dozen layers of watered down PVA glue to seal the foam before I spray primed. In artschool I found most aerosols will melt foam, so I wasn't taking any precautions there. Best of luck with your attempt. Let me know how it turns out. Thanks! And those are some great tips.
  4. All of this is just mind blowing. And i dont see a problem with your wall and floor bricks. A lot of medival castle were built with the same bricks for both. The floors could look more weathered by use since we dont walk on walls, the only other difference would be grass and weeds growing in the cracks. What kind of foam did you use for the ruins? I have been wanting to do similar scenery but i dont know what to use to make that type of decor.
  5. I did not put gloss on this mini. But a matte sealer is a good idea.
  6. I took a fake flower stem. I used the end, it's thicker, as the core, and wraped the branches around the core leaving extra lenght for roots and branches. Some wires were twisted together before adding to the core. I then tapped the whole thing with florist tape. It's green, narrow and very sticky. I saw videos where they used duct tape but i did not find it convincing. Florist tape is very ribbed and adds more texture for bark. Primed and painted it. For the leaves i made a block out of packing styrofoam, used wood glue to stick moss flocking and stuck it on the tree while making sure i inserted the branches in the block. That's the small detail a lot of people forget to do to make the tree believable. Looks more natural with a few branches going in below the leaf block.
  7. Aah! Thanks for the tip.
  8. Well, i based another mini, minimaly this time. Not to much going on but sometimes a little goes a long way. One of the first mini i did this year but i waited for the right idea for the base. I really love using the juice bottle caps for basing. Always gives a good presentation and there is room for decor without drowning the mini in it. I went classic for this beast. Can't go wrong with that. I'll go crazy if i do another one. Maybe black & white like a holstein. Will see. I recently got some tools to remove the blob bases. Most of them will fare well without'em. Should have done that sooner. Oh well... Practice, learn, get better and practice some more.
  9. That's a really bright green you got there on the combat plane. The turtle beast is well done but i feel the blue on him is distracting from the rest. Contrast is great but the colors still have to match. Try a different shade, or put it either purple or yellow. The yellow will make the light green pop and complement you green skin tones.
  10. Nice color choice, makes everything pop.
  11. That. Is. Amazing! Dropped jaw awesome!
  12. Very good. I like your simple shading, it's effective. Some will want to line all the muscles to shade even more but for me it gives a cartoony effect and does not look naturel. Basing is a good idea, makes your mini more stable. Keep it up!
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