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  1. He’s driving it! That reminds me of that old arcade game. So much fun.
  2. Now that my first Gaslands team is done, I am starting to work on my second: Scarlett’s raiders. Mechanically, this team works much like old pirate ships did- by transporting tons of rabble rousers that can hop off and wreak havoc after getting close to opposing cars. I thought a school bus was perfect for this, and it allowed me to practice my rust. I must admit, it is very freeing to paint a vehicle like garbage and not care if it looks messy. more to come. In the mean time, C&C welcome!
  3. TGP, I just added a gaslands post and will be adding more soon!
  4. It’s been a long time since I have posted, and a lot has been going on. Last year my friend got me into a game called gaslands, which is a post apocalyptic death race game using Converted matchbox/hot wheels cars. The game is a ton of fun, but the most fun part is converting the cars. Over the next few days I’ll post what I’ve done so far. In the game you get to choose a team which gives you a certain flavour. This team, Beverly of the highway, has a single corporeal car and a bunch of ghost cars that zip around. It seemed like a really neat idea, so I decided to make a team. Behold!
  5. Wow. This looks great. I love the fingernails so much!
  6. Ah! They're delightful! I love them. Actually, how did you do the scales? It looks almost like airbrush?
  7. With Bones 4 out I see more differences in color and consistency from previous builds. Do bones still have that film on them that needs to be washed off before painting?
  8. Hey all, It's been a while! Didn't get a lot of painting done in the back half of last year because of a few things, but I have started to climb back to the painting desk. I have a few projects I have completed that I will have to upload, but for now enjoy this rendition of Nor'Okk the Ettin. For some reason I have a soft spot for large, Ogre-like miniatures. I like the scale, I like that they're humanoid but big enough to have really good opportunities to play with muscle tone, etc. I do have a lot of ogres set up to work on, so I wanted to make this ettin differen
  9. Just finished Assassin's Apprentice. Took a while to get into it, as the writing style is a bit more flourished than I am used to. Once I got over that though, I loved it. I've already started the next book in the Robin Hobb trilogy and have a whole stack waiting for me after this one!
  10. OK, so you all have spurred me to new reading heights! I have knocked out a few books since last time and am up to 19 for the year: Lobsters This is a book I read for work. It's a great reference if you are at all interested in the biology, economics, or cooking of Caribbean spiny lobster. The Dispatcher My wife had me listen to this while we were on a road trip. She FINALLY got me into John Scalzi. I'm hooked as you can see below. Old Man's War Great, pulpy military sci-fi with a fresh idea and great humor to back it up. I very highly reco
  11. Thanks for the suggestion! I post it here because this is the only forum presence I have- but I think starting in Jan I'll move this over to goodreads. 300 books?!? How do you do it???
  12. Hi all, It's been awhile since I have painted! Summers are always busy for me. A few months back I was approached by an old friend who got back into DnD. He started to buy some minis, and I showed him my profile here. Back in June, he called me to ask if I would be interested in painting a special character for his campaign- Harshnag the frost giant. The mini looked cool and I really wanted to help him out, so I said bring it on! It's taken me far too long to do this, but you know what? I kind of like re-paints. There's a level of pressure th
  13. It's been awhile! The summer is the busiest time of the year for folks in my field, so my free time has dwindled to basically nil. I did manage to read two more books during the past two months: "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie "On writing: A memior of the craft" by Steven King Both books were fantastic, simple to read, direct, and extremely informative. Dale Carnegie has hit on the inner workings of human psychology in a way that astonishes me- especially since it was written 80 years ago! I cannot reccomend this book
  14. Knocked out another book this weekend- "Two's company, Three is complexity". This is a pop-sci book that introduces complexity science. Many fields, from fluid dynamics, to economics, to biology deal with complexity and I wanted to learn more about it for my own job. It's a good introduction- especially the first half. The back half gets a little repetitive, but it's easy to read throughout and is a good starter on the topic.
  15. So it's been a few months. I picked up a new video game (Sea of Thieves) and have been playing that a lot. I don't play many video games anymore, but this one was too good to pass up. I highly recommend it if you enjoy sailing or pirate games! Along that vein, I finally finished How to Read Water. What an excellent book. It's dense, and as such can be hard to just sit down and read. However, it has a lot of fantastic information in there and is a good read for anyone from the landlocked pond watcher to the experienced waterman. I finished it while off at sea, and one of the c
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