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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll go and have a look at those now. Also, thanks for the heads-up about commercial links; I wasn't aware of that. I've removed it now :)
  2. I've recently bought a set of Shadow Warriors/Sisters of Avelorn from GW and assembled 5 Sisters. After applying the primer, I've noticed the box only lists recommended paints for the Shadow Warriors (with blue cloaks), but nothing for the Sisters (in green cloaks). I know colours can basically be "whatever you want", but I'd like to paint them in some recommended colours as I'm still pretty new to minis. I've not managed to find a colour scheme for them anywhere online though - does anyone know where I might be able to find some recommended colours?
  3. Wow, I never even thought to look. That's a lesson a didn't think I'd learn; look at the real thing that you're painting before you do it xD The hooves probably aren't silver either; I was thinking "oh horseshoes, yeah silver" but really they're just a small ring on the underside. Thanks a lot for that, I'll definitely consider it for the second horse. As for highlights and shading, I'm probably going to just drybrush parts of it and then wash it for an easy life with the first model, to get an idea of where I should be painting the highlights and shades. If I can just look at a previous o
  4. Well I've been going slowly on horse #1 over the weekend, spent about 6 hours on it. I'm sure I'll speed up later on but for the first one I'm taking my time and being patient with it. Some of the finer details haven't worked out amazingly (particularly the eyes) but I'm OK with that, I'll get more accurate as it goes on I'm sure. Here's a few photos of him so far - I'll probably make a WIP thread after these pics, but if anyone has any thoughts or comments to close out this thread, I'd appreciate any tips or pointers you can give me :-)
  5. Again thanks a lot for the replies - it's really nice to be able to ask a question and get a few ideas :-) I actually have a set of 5 cavalry to paint (the 40k models I mentioned), Dragon Princes of Caledor. They seem a bit fiddly, but that's OK - if I ruin them it's no biggie, they're my first proper model to make sure I can actually manage a full set. I think the order that I need to do things in is this, but could someone check over it and let me know if I've got something mixed up please? :) Cut the parts out of the mold Remove flash with a craft knife (I'll get files for a later
  6. That's a few people mentioning highlights, shading and contrast now - at present I only have the 6 colours (one blue, one grey, one flesh, one silver, one white and ... something else that I forget off-hand. Maybe a darker grey, or a green?), so I'm just wondering how I'd go about getting shading/highlights without any extra colours? I guess highlights I can mix white into the colours, and I can also do some drybrushing (thanks Dr Faust!) if I get a larger brush, but is there any way to get darker colours? As a sub-question to that, is that the normal way to do shading, or would you typica
  7. Thanks a lot to everyone who's chipped in - I really appreciate it :-) I'll definitely check out Dr Faust on Youtube, that seems like an excellent place to start out. @Egg and Cranky, I think I'll probably get more out of your posts when I've watched the Faust videos so I'll re-read those and reply with any thoughts/questions after I get that done. I'm just updating the first post now with some photos of my first mini which is very roughly painted, if anyone wants to take a look to see where I'm starting from :P
  8. I've just been given an old Warhammer miniature kit and decided to have a go at building it and painting it to see if I enjoy it. I don't actually intend to play tabletop wargames with the minis once they're painted; I'm more interested in learning how to paint them properly. I've been down to my local Games Workshop to get a couple of brushes and some paints - the guy was very helpful in terms of getting everything I'll need to assemble and paint it - I've got some black primer, two brushes (standard and fine detail) and half a dozen little Citadel paint pots (plus things like superglue and
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