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  1. Please do not stop updating this thread. And please, take a picture of the entire set together. Would love to see how the whole thing is looking.
  2. You might have inspired me to change my Darkreach paintscheme.
  3. For the points, the beast riders are some of my favorite models in the game. They always earn their keep for me. As for your list, overall I think your list is just fine. That is one of the fun parts of this game... simply playing with lists. A suggestion of maybe swapping out a couple of one orc warrior and one orc spear for one Gonda caster (30 points for 30 points), then basically swapping the troops of troop 1 and troop 2 so that when Gonda casts bless, it affects more models. Dantral is the only leader in your list that can include elites currently.
  4. nice job. Look forward to reading about future battles.
  5. Overall I understand and agree with this principle. The only problem with it though is, things like cavalry slip through the cracks. I LOVE cavalry. But, admittedly I have actually purchased very little of them because of the cost hindrance. I feel that this is probably true for many of the reaper faithful. So, if you look strictly at sales I would imagine that cavalry are in the bottom third when it comes to metal sales. But, I think if offered in this plasticy goodness, with a much more manageable price point, you will see those numbers climb dramatically. I am not gonna say they would go all the way to the top, but I do think you would see them go up enough notches to justify the addition.
  6. V, For official tourneys like ReaperCon and such, using datacards from multiple factions in one army list is not legal (other than with the Mercenaries limited Faction ability called "Change of Heart"). Instead, it is legal to proxy models. That is, using your example, you could use a Kargir datacard (perhaps a mountain troll datacard) but use the Kagunk model since they have the same base size. Again, for official tourneys it is not legal to create your own datacards. For home games with your friends, I guess the answer is, "as long as your friends are cool with it"....
  7. Apologies, I have not been on the boards in a while. I am starting this new thread as I dont want to read 109 pages of the other thread nor do I want to get lost on page 110... This is a request slash plea slash question slash etc.... What is it going to take to get some mounted minis to be added to the kickstarter? I admit I have been holding off on joining this second kickstarter for until I start to see: Lion Lancers Light Lancers Nefsokar horse archers Overlord Chevaliers Bloodstone gnome beetle riders Dwarven bear riders etc.... I was so sure that at least some of those models would have been included into the second kickstarter.. Guess I was wrong.. So, changing to the direct approach....please... add some mounted models to the kickstarter.
  8. One of the areas that the developers worked hard on was to allow each faction to have several "things" and not just one. Yes, each faction still has its own way of doing them, but we wanted to try and make it to where you could constantly come up with new combinations that were fun to play, not simply play the same lists over and over again and get bored. The dragon portion can be a lot of fun for sure. Again it comes back to what synergies can you find to work together. For example: Pairing 1: Reptus Warrior Reptus Longstrike Pairing 2: Reptus skull breaker Reptus Longstrike Pairing 3: Reptus javelin thrower Reptus longstrike Pairing 4: Reptus skull breaker Reptus skull breaker Pairing 1 on the battle field would stick together and move together. the strength of their synergy would revolve around the longstriker being able to do a reach attack over the back of the warrior. or even step in front of the warrior against oncoming attacks to use first strike in defense. Pairing 2 on the battle field would split up. the skullbashers strength lies in his ability to double move and still attack. The long strike could double move but not do much, so he will tend to separate and use his first strike separately. Pairing 3 is more of a defensive pairing with the javelin thrower plinking from distance provoking the enemy to approach and the longstrike would use its first strike and 3 tracks to hold the attacker off while the javelin throws a few more times. Pairing 4 is obviously a very offensive pairing as both could use their strength of getting across and trying to put immediate pressure on the opponents defense. The only thing here is that you are careful not to get yourself separated from the herd too far that you cannot support them. I could keep going with different combos, but you get the idea. and then toss in the caster TKay who is more of a friendly buffering caster rather than an attacking caster, and you can boost some of those synergies. Long story short, figure out what each model's strengths are and then how they can best optimize that strength thru partnerships, spells, play style, etc...
  9. very nice stuff. I was fortunate enough to be able to choose the artwork for Zeshin. And Jason Weibe did a fantastic job creating a model from that artwork. But, then unfortunately, someone near the top over ruled and said that the model looked too "aquatic" and so they banished it and created the model that is now released as Zeshin. I admit I am with you, I do not like it at all. It looks like a very rushed job and no where near what the original artwork looked like.
  10. Great stuff on your blog. I didn't see any of the Darkreach stuff though. I look forward to seeing the end results.
  11. The negative comments aside, I might not post in this thread as much, but I do play this faction in my regular rotation and have a winning record with them. I thoroughly enjoy playing with them when I do. I think they dont get as much play because they have so many models from the original elf faction included with them. And I agree that I would have preferred that not to have been, but even I did not get what I wanted all the time.
  12. well.... a combat action is a combat action regardless of which type of combat you use... unless... you are a warcaster or warshooter which specifically state (paraphrasing) that for that particular model the type of combat actions are considered different which allows them to do both in a single activation.
  13. This thread inspired us to go for a 10 model or less battle later tonight. Problem is I have made several lists I like. Trying to figure out which to go with. I figure to just roll a dice or something to decide. Here are some of the lists that I am trying to choose between: Darkspawn - 998 points Troop 1 Witch Queen - Familiar, Crescent of Bile, Book of Tactics D'Khul, Bathalian - Familiar Thuusia, Pain Mage - Familiar Mastema, Demon 5x Bathalian Exarch Troop 2 Rauthuros - Flask of Hellfire ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Koborlas - 998 points Troop 1 Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha - Ironhide Ragon the Blooded - Ironhide Ragon the Blooded - Magic Weapon, Ironhide Luta, Rageclaw Shaman - Familiar, Ironhide 2x Rageclaw Sentry Troop 2 Takhi, Frostfang Shaman - Eye of the Ancestors, Familiar, Ironhide Ragon the Blooded - Ironhide Rageclaw Line Breaker x 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kargir - 995 points Troop 1 Talanka, Ogre Shamaness - Onslaught Bracers, Familiar 2x Brugnungir 3x Orbrag, Stonebiter Luck Stone Troop 2 Mountain Troll ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crusaders - 1000 points Troop 1 Mother Superior Kristianna - Familiar Valandil, Archmage - Familiar 4x Lion's Lancer 2x Familiar Albatross Amulet Troop 2 Sir Danel, Lion's Lancer - Holy Armor, Holy Weapon 2x Lion's Lancer Troop 3 Guardian Beast of Aurellius --------------------------------------------------------- Reptus - 999 points Troop 1 Broodmaster, Dragon Rider - Sword of Feeding, Troll Hide T'Kay, Reptus Cleric 2x Brood of Payanak Luck Stone Troop 2 Uru, River Troll Chief Pakpao, Clutchling Caster 2x Clutchling Spearman Troop 3 Dragon Turtle Troop 4 Nakaraat, Hydra ------------------------------------------------------------------ Icingstead - 999 points Troop 1 Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver Nadezhda the White, Ice Witch Frost Giant Spearman Ice Toad Luck Stone Troop 2 Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess Oga Snowpelt, Yeti Shaman Frost Giant Spearman Ice Toad Troop 3 Frost Wyrm Troop 4 Frost Wyrm
  14. The gnomes have a pretty tough time doing it as well. With ten models and a bunch of equipment I am still only at 900 points. So, then I throw on a battle totem to get them to 1000. Bloodstone - 898 points +100 for totem Troop 1 Herald of Blood Lesser Bloodstone Golem x 2 Troop 2 Bata, Lancer Captain - Necklace of Worm Teeth, Armor of Courage, Book of Tactics, Magic Weapon Glaktu, Lancer Champion - Bloodstone Weapon Beetle Rider Lancer x 3 Troop 3 Greater Bloodstone Golem Troop 4 Greater Bloodstone Golem Battle totem
  15. Yep, I had programmed the complete WL 1st edition into AB. And it was great. But, then after we did the WL 2nd edition, I admit I was not in the mood to rebuild everything in AB. Even though the army creation tool that Gus and I built on the reapergames site is not as thorough and does not have army rule checking in it, it was way way easier and faster to build and so it fit for what we needed.
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