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  1. For the points, the beast riders are some of my favorite models in the game. They always earn their keep for me. As for your list, overall I think your list is just fine. That is one of the fun parts of this game... simply playing with lists.


    A suggestion of maybe swapping out a couple of one orc warrior and one orc spear for one Gonda caster (30 points for 30 points), then basically swapping the troops of troop 1 and troop 2 so that when Gonda casts bless, it affects more models. Dantral is the only leader in your list that can include elites currently.

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  2. We measure popularity in sales, not comments. Boo Hiss I hate that goal tends to get written off fairly rapidly because last time people complained about there being so many dragons, but when sales data came in, they outsold everything - so complaints and reality didn't line up

    Overall I understand and agree with this principle. The only problem with it though is, things like cavalry slip through the cracks. I LOVE cavalry. But, admittedly I have actually purchased very little of them because of the cost hindrance. I feel that this is probably true for many of the reaper faithful. So, if you look strictly at sales I would imagine that cavalry are in the bottom third when it comes to metal sales.


    But, I think if offered in this plasticy goodness, with a much more manageable price point, you will see those numbers climb dramatically. I am not gonna say they would go all the way to the top, but I do think you would see them go up enough notches to justify the addition.

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  3. V,


    For official tourneys like ReaperCon and such, using datacards from multiple factions in one army list is not legal (other than with the Mercenaries limited Faction ability called "Change of Heart"). Instead, it is legal to proxy models. That is, using your example, you could use a Kargir datacard (perhaps a mountain troll datacard) but use the Kagunk model since they have the same base size.


    Again, for official tourneys it is not legal to create your own datacards.


    For home games with your friends, I guess the answer is, "as long as your friends are cool with it"....

  4. Apologies, I have not been on the boards in a while. I am starting this new thread as I dont want to read 109 pages of the other thread nor do I want to get lost on page 110...



    This is a request slash plea slash question slash etc....



    What is it going to take to get some mounted minis to be added to the kickstarter?



    I admit I have been holding off on joining this second kickstarter for until I start to see:


    Lion Lancers

    Light Lancers

    Nefsokar horse archers

    Overlord Chevaliers

    Bloodstone gnome beetle riders

    Dwarven bear riders



    I was so sure that at least some of those models would have been included into the second kickstarter..


    Guess I was wrong..


    So, changing to the direct approach....please... add some mounted models to the kickstarter.



  5. One of the areas that the developers worked hard on was to allow each faction to have several "things" and not just one. Yes, each faction still has its own way of doing them, but we wanted to try and make it to where you could constantly come up with new combinations that were fun to play, not simply play the same lists over and over again and get bored.


    The dragon portion can be a lot of fun for sure. Again it comes back to what synergies can you find to work together.


    For example:


    Pairing 1:

    Reptus Warrior

    Reptus Longstrike


    Pairing 2:

    Reptus skull breaker

    Reptus Longstrike


    Pairing 3:

    Reptus javelin thrower

    Reptus longstrike


    Pairing 4:

    Reptus skull breaker

    Reptus skull breaker


    Pairing 1 on the battle field would stick together and move together. the strength of their synergy would revolve around the longstriker being able to do a reach attack over the back of the warrior. or even step in front of the warrior against oncoming attacks to use first strike in defense.


    Pairing 2 on the battle field would split up. the skullbashers strength lies in his ability to double move and still attack. The long strike could double move but not do much, so he will tend to separate and use his first strike separately.


    Pairing 3 is more of a defensive pairing with the javelin thrower plinking from distance provoking the enemy to approach and the longstrike would use its first strike and 3 tracks to hold the attacker off while the javelin throws a few more times.


    Pairing 4 is obviously a very offensive pairing as both could use their strength of getting across and trying to put immediate pressure on the opponents defense. The only thing here is that you are careful not to get yourself separated from the herd too far that you cannot support them.



    I could keep going with different combos, but you get the idea. and then toss in the caster TKay who is more of a friendly buffering caster rather than an attacking caster, and you can boost some of those synergies. Long story short, figure out what each model's strengths are and then how they can best optimize that strength thru partnerships, spells, play style, etc...

  6. very nice stuff.


    I was fortunate enough to be able to choose the artwork for Zeshin. And Jason Weibe did a fantastic job creating a model from that artwork. But, then unfortunately, someone near the top over ruled and said that the model looked too "aquatic" and so they banished it and created the model that is now released as Zeshin. I admit I am with you, I do not like it at all. It looks like a very rushed job and no where near what the original artwork looked like.

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  7. The negative comments aside, I might not post in this thread as much, but I do play this faction in my regular rotation and have a winning record with them. I thoroughly enjoy playing with them when I do.


    I think they dont get as much play because they have so many models from the original elf faction included with them. And I agree that I would have preferred that not to have been, but even I did not get what I wanted all the time.

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  8. well.... a combat action is a combat action regardless of which type of combat you use... unless... you are a warcaster or warshooter which specifically state (paraphrasing) that for that particular model the type of combat actions are considered different which allows them to do both in a single activation.

  9. This thread inspired us to go for a 10 model or less battle later tonight. Problem is I have made several lists I like. Trying to figure out which to go with. I figure to just roll a dice or something to decide. Here are some of the lists that I am trying to choose between:


    Darkspawn - 998 points

    Troop 1
    Witch Queen - Familiar, Crescent of Bile, Book of Tactics

    D'Khul, Bathalian - Familiar

    Thuusia, Pain Mage - Familiar
    Mastema, Demon
    5x Bathalian Exarch

    Troop 2
    Rauthuros - Flask of Hellfire




    Koborlas - 998 points

    Troop 1
    Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha - Ironhide

    Ragon the Blooded - Ironhide

    Ragon the Blooded - Magic Weapon, Ironhide

    Luta, Rageclaw Shaman - Familiar, Ironhide

    2x Rageclaw Sentry

    Troop 2
    Takhi, Frostfang Shaman - Eye of the Ancestors, Familiar, Ironhide

    Ragon the Blooded - Ironhide

    Rageclaw Line Breaker x 2





    Kargir - 995 points

    Troop 1
    Talanka, Ogre Shamaness - Onslaught Bracers, Familiar
    2x Brugnungir
    3x Orbrag, Stonebiter

    Luck Stone

    Troop 2
    Mountain Troll




    Crusaders - 1000 points

    Troop 1
    Mother Superior Kristianna - Familiar

    Valandil, Archmage - Familiar

    4x Lion's Lancer

    2x Familiar
    Albatross Amulet

    Troop 2
    Sir Danel, Lion's Lancer - Holy Armor, Holy Weapon
    2x Lion's Lancer

    Troop 3
    Guardian Beast of Aurellius




    Reptus - 999 points

    Troop 1
    Broodmaster, Dragon Rider - Sword of Feeding, Troll Hide
    T'Kay, Reptus Cleric
    2x Brood of Payanak
    Luck Stone

    Troop 2
    Uru, River Troll Chief
    Pakpao, Clutchling Caster
    2x Clutchling Spearman

    Troop 3
    Dragon Turtle

    Troop 4
    Nakaraat, Hydra




    Icingstead - 999 points

    Troop 1
    Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver
    Nadezhda the White, Ice Witch
    Frost Giant Spearman
    Ice Toad
    Luck Stone

    Troop 2
    Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess
    Oga Snowpelt, Yeti Shaman
    Frost Giant Spearman
    Ice Toad

    Troop 3
    Frost Wyrm

    Troop 4
    Frost Wyrm

  10. The gnomes have a pretty tough time doing it as well. With ten models and a bunch of equipment I am still only at 900 points. So, then I throw on a battle totem to get them to 1000.


    Bloodstone - 898 points +100 for totem

    Troop 1
    Herald of Blood
    Lesser Bloodstone Golem x 2

    Troop 2
    Bata, Lancer Captain - Necklace of Worm Teeth, Armor of Courage, Book of Tactics, Magic Weapon
    Glaktu, Lancer Champion - Bloodstone Weapon
    Beetle Rider Lancer x 3

    Troop 3
    Greater Bloodstone Golem

    Troop 4
    Greater Bloodstone Golem


    Battle totem

  11. Yep, I had programmed the complete WL 1st edition into AB. And it was great.


    But, then after we did the WL 2nd edition, I admit I was not in the mood to rebuild everything in AB. Even though the army creation tool that Gus and I built on the reapergames site is not as thorough and does not have army rule checking in it, it was way way easier and faster to build and so it fit for what we needed.

  12. 1) Only unique models and Warlords cannot be taken more than once.

    2) A troop is a fighting unit and is either a leader with a group of soldiers or a solo model (such as a monster or a strong individual).

    3) All leader models have a rank and troop capacity (Rank: Captain (4-10/1)).

    4) The first two numbers are the minimum and maximum number of soldiers a leader can have, and the last number is the maximum number of elite models that this same leader can have (during the game it is possible…well very likely… that the leader will have fewer soldiers than his minimum because of casualties).


    There is also a few more rules regarding army creation... but basically that is it... :;):


    2.) Troops consist of one of the following:

    a.) A leader with at least the minimum number of soldiers

    b.) A single model of type Solitaire or Monster

    c.) a group of 3-6 non leader models with the SA Band. This group must all be of the same type (same data card).

    5.) Leaders can only lead soldiers that cost the same or less than themselves. (this is not true of any elites that they include in their troop - they can be of any cost)


    Related to overall army builds:

    1.) Cannot be more single model troops than there are leader led troops.

    2.) If there are more than 2 leader led troops in the army, then at least one of the leaders must be of rank captain or higher.

    3.) No more than 1 model of rank Warlord may ever be included in an army list

  13. Great game for the mercs that night for sure. I took a vicious defeat that one for sure. I knew going into it you would have the initiative advantage with your 2:1 bead count, but still did not expect the first 4 beads on turn 2, or for the same to happen again on turn 3. While frustrating for the single game, it (it being the random initiative) is still one of the main reasons I love this game overall.


    Still for being outnumbered and constantly on the defensive, never getting to dictate the course, I think I still gave a great fight and took a lot of stuff with me.


    Only cry foul item I have in the game was that minotaur getting the double tap on my iron skinned leader. The dice luck for you rolling 3 10s in a row was just stupid ridiculous. An ironskinned Sinisthreax holding the Abyssal weapon should have been able to be way more effective than he was. Had that not happened, he would have kept healing Zalash the nasty with every swing of his sword.

  14. I will be the first to say that when they told me that we were going to be over at the hotel, I was disapointed for sure. And I do think overall the hotel set up could have been better handled, but that is for another thread. Having said that.. I can fully admit there were several positives about being at the hotel rather than RHQ for the tourney as well. We had plenty of space. No worries about people constantly having to squeeze past us. We were not directly under the air conditioning vent that freezes us each year. The chairs the hotel provided to us were extremely comfortable. And we were not constantly being interrupted by announcements and whatnot.


    Now we just need to fill the hotel room for next year. Maestro Ed has already given us permission to build some new tables for next year. And I will do a much better job of advertising and marketing the tourney much earlier next year to you all thinking about it.


    Now, on to the results and whatnot... The faction winners for this year's tourney were:

    1st: Razig

    2nd: Koborlas


    Also represented:

    Reptus x2






    A couple of the tables were fairly wide open and allowed for shooty armies to be very affective this tourney. Both winning lists were heavy on the shooty side. they took advantage of the terrain or lack there of.


    The basis for this tourney was it was a last man standing for each round. All points were based on destroying the enemy while surviving.


    I had also placed 5 beads across the center point of each table (and inserted a joker card into the initiative draw deck). Each time the joker card was pulled, the players would turn the next Tarot card to find out the affect on the beads. I had 18 tarot cards. I deemed roughly 12 of the 18 as good effects for those that had them.


    The feedback that I got was that the beads and the affects were fun but that because of the combination of the wide open table layout along with the strong shooty army lists, the beads were very under utilized. The shooty armies wanted to stay still and force the opponent to come to them, so they never went after the beads. Meanwhile, even though it was a free action to pick them up, it still requierd a model to be in btb with a bead, so unless their movement ended right next to a bead, the opponents playing the shooty armies did not want to slow down to pick up a bead, preferring to get across the table as quickly as possible so they did not pick up beads much easier.


    Only the games where neither side were shooty armies did the beads get picked up a lot. And I was told they had a lot of fun with the beads, even the negative beads that went against them.


    So, I have learned a few things with this go round, as we always learn. I will try to apply what I have learned towards next year's event. I don't want to go overboard with wholsesale changes just because both shooty armies won this year. Dan's Razig group had a great showing. But, he also had a good deal of luck too. In his first game against the gnomes, the BSG outnumbered him 4:1 on init cards, yet he somehow pulled the first three activations on each of the first two turns to really put his opponent in a tough spot. Yet the gnomes held on to only lose 11-9 in that game. I suspect that cuold have been very different had some of those initial draws been more even. That is what I love about Warlord. Plenty of ways to either brag or make excuses over the outcome of games, just a few card flip differences...

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  15. Chiming in on the auction.. I think it was partly due to the fact that in year's past, they had printed out the RBs and so had like a bazillion worth to hand out to event participants. I remember that my boys only came for the weekend portion last year and still managed to earn over 500 RBs each (they used them to get a box of mouselings and something else, while failing a bidding war with Godfather Vince over some shot glasses - that was a blast of a bidding war by the way).


    This year, while the poker chips were really cool looking, they were seemingly very rare and limited to be handed out. My boys were there about twice as long as last year but only ended up with about 250 each. They got a mousepad and a very cool small glass sculpture (Thank you to GodFather Vince for allowing us small underlings for letting us win the bidding war this time.)



    With less RBs in flow, people had to band together to be able to even win the smaller items, much less try and go for the larger ones. I think whole rows of people banded together to try and get those 10 vampire boxes, which left few to band together on the other big items.


    It was fun, but not quite as much fun as when they were giving out the bazillion RBs in the past.


    Another thing of note... compared to last year's constant reminder's, mini games, challenges, updates, and play on with the 4 pirate factions in the house... I do not believe I heard mention even a single time all weekend any of the 4 factions. People talked up the Carnival aspect, but never had anything to do with the 4 factions.


    Despite the negative vibe that my post is giving due to the particulars in this discussion, myself and kids really did have an awesome time as usual, and cannot wait to do it again next year.

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  16. Even if I do need more players, I would rather not fill a spot with "I doubt I can play but sign me up anyway"...


    Considering that the lists are currently wide open, I will wait until you come back with you know you can play.


    Psyber, This year's tourney is not terrain nor specificly scenario driven, therefore it will allow for us to do a better job of later rounds pairings based on skill and outcomes.

  17. As others have said... Not every game has an epic conclusion, but more of my games have had them than not. Mainly on the epic come from behind types. I have been on plenty of both sides of them. I have been on plenty of huge come from behind only to fail at the last swing too.


    Just a month ago, I played in a game where I made something like 14 tough rolls. My opponent made like 10 himself. and we had huge laughs over the final outcome.


    I love the small strong army against the horde wars too. I am not gonna sit here and say that the small group has a good chance in every one of those battles, but I have seen more than a few that still come down to one model left on each side for the win.


    I will have to add to this thread soon.

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