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  1. MC, Based on last year. 90% of the people will be regular street clothes. 10% will be in costume. But, over time and a few more RCons they hope to raise that number up.


    Presumably, more people in costume garner more pictures on the net, that garner more clicks from non Reaper regulars and eventually more interest of others to try and come the next time.... in my opinion, that is how Animefest got so big so fast, all the crazy and sometimes risque' costumes generating almost as much interest as the convention items.

  2. Kargir - 1000 points


    Troop 1

    Toghra the Despoiler


    Goblin Swarmer x 10


    Troop 2

    Yenkrak Boneflail


    Gnoll Reaver x 3


    Troop 3

    Talanka, Ogre Shamaness



    Troop 4

    Mountain Troll


    Troop 5

    Mountain Troll


    5 troops +1 tactician +1 spy

    21 models (48 DTs, 40 MAs)


    3 big uglies to run around. The spell casters can start out using divine spells to add swings and such. Then when needed, can explode something at the right time and even turn around and bring it back. Talanka can either Iron Skin a big stompy or just heal stuff everytime it gets hurt.


    Vampire dogs are always fun and catch the enemy offguard. Use the warbringer to help keep the vampire dogs alive longer.


    Swarmers are there to just get in the way and keep enemies from swarming the big stuff too fast. We like a little swarming (to be able to better use the swing thru), but not too much that brings us down.

  3. Based on the mini that you are starting with, the first thing i see is that the area you have to work with is small and already a bit shrouded from the cloak. I might suggest simply making your "conversion" with paint. If you are going to paint his face in the shadows of the cloak, you can just add some of those changeling features in your color choices.


    Its easy to paint sideburns and eyebrows without actually needing them sculpted.

  4. They are looking good. I especially like the Crossbow over on the far right.


    One thing I will say to keep in mind on your tactics and list building, and I am not saying that you need to change anything, but just keep in mind that in the RCon tourney, the three games that will be played will each usually have a different theme to the scenario. That is, there is usually a kill em all scenario, where you might be able to use the more defensive "wall" that you are describing. But, there usually are also scenarios that require you to move around and acheive something outside of killing the opponent.


    So, when you build your list, ask yourself if the list can be used in both capacities.


    Again, not saying you need to change anything about your list, just saying to keep that in mind.

  5. Obviously its always easier to make suggestions AFTER a game is played. Just looks like a couple of favorable matchups for Jeff this go round. Steve probably would have faired much better had he:


    1. traded a worm for Szerda and some zealots. Then she could blow up another worm right next to the turtled skellies and take out a whole troop with one shot. Or use blood net spell to envelope the turtle and again take out bunches at a time. Or just use Blood Storm to do the same thing (just dont include Deckard in the AOE so that he cannot try to counter it.


    2. traded sgraggers for pulgers and used their pike to take out lots of skellies before they can use their swing (and with spiked gt a second swing on other skellies) so you would be hopefully trading 2 skellies for every one pulger.

  6. Pole,


    That can easily be arranged. Several people have been asking about demos. Looks like I will need to start up a demo sign up list or something.


    Separately, as I am also of the 1 hour local (my group plays in Grapevine every other Friday night), maybe we can arrange to get together before then if you want. Just send me a private message if that works for you.

  7. Karkarius is one of my favorites for sure. And yes, based on the datacard moreso than the sculpt, although I like the sculpt too.


    And no real reason other than he has met or exceeded on the table expectations just about every time he is on the table for me. Obviously, he is not a 200 point dragon, but for his points, he has been extremely effective. With his SAs, he can dish out a whole lot of whoopin. There are very few sub 100 point models that have the potential to do 7-9 points of damage in a single activation. Granted everything would have to go perfect for that to happen, but its still there. He has done 6-7 for me several times.


    His only real downside is that he has just normal speed, he won't be outrunning anyone.

  8. Very nice. Their faces look a little too red, but the overall detail and attention to color is great. Just a continued sign of how the artists over at CoC are always pushing color more than most other sites i see. I appreciate that and keeps me going back to look at more.


    Adrift, they are larger pics, you just have to click on them to open up the lightbox. But, not sure the lightbox webcode for enlarging will work on a phone.

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  9. A friend asked me today about Razig so I came here and realized there are just not nearly enough lists here. So, I made a couple real quick that I thought would be fun to try out. Here is one.


    Razig - 1000 points


    Troop 1


    Seahag - Familiar

    Salty Sabre x 5

    Skeletal Chain Ganger x 5

    Zombie Recruit x 5


    Troop 2

    Black Knife Tom

    Skeletal Harpooner x 3

    Zombie Recruit


    Troop 3

    Black Knife Tom

    Skeletal Harpooner x 3

    Zombie Recruit


    Troop 4



    Troop 5




    Luck Stone


    5 troops + spy

    30 models (60 DTs, 59 MAs)


    This list is all about the synergy of cursing and disabling on offense, while having nauseating on defense. The hag has lightning spells as well as the Razig Mezmorize stunning spells. If the enemy gets too close she can shriek (roar) and then cast her spells.


    If I made any changes, it might be to give Razig the armor of courage so that he could do free regroup actions to make his troop bigger to better take advantage of his WL ability.


    The crab might be a little slow as a burrower, but he still dictates the opponents change their strategy based on where you move him.


    Then there is the shark man - K. Has to be one of my favorite solos in the game. Now, you do have to use him wisely as he only has a tough/2. But, is a ton of fun to play with if you use him the right way. With Rage, frenzy, and savage, he has potential to do a LOT of damage.

  10. What you say is true. I think in this case, it was the gnomes that had attacked the Reptus (I just don't see the Reptus initially going down into the gnome tunnels for no reason) and now they have a reason to venture into the dark caverns.


    Steve, I think we will have to play this story out once we finish giving George the demos. Assuming Greg or Jeff shows up next week, you can play a first game with one of them with a different list while I give George a couple of demo games. Then we will tunnelfy up the table and have the Reptus intrude. We can play using the scenario rules from that tunnel scenario from ReaperCon if you want.

  11. As I noted a few posts up in this thread (post #32), the idea of improving a list can only really be determined based on what list your list will be facing. So, its not simply a situation where I can say, swap this for that and you will have more success.


    Having said that, I do agree with your assessment that with your entire list being large and giant based models, you will have a harder time when you face an enemy horde type lists or lists with decent amounts of stunning type magic.


    In terms of integrating humans into the list, the easiest option is to simply replace a frost giant, whether it be one of the soldiers, or the princess. Personally, what I like to try and do is to have 1-2 standard based models for every large based model I have in my list. But, again its not always as cut and dry as that. The main thing is to look at their synergies. For example, trading in a warrior for 5 axemen would allow you to have a cheap 14 inch attack ranged model that could be used to get quick hits on an enemy flank or run around the first line to hit something juicy behind it. Plus it would be 10 DTs the enemy would have to account for instead of just 4. But, on the downside, they are cheap and therefore wont survive as long, especially if you run them across the table all by themselves. But, if you need the quick hit, they can be affective.


    Another option would be to try and make a play off of the giants with SA Reach. This would require a bit more transformation of your list tho. Something like:

    Icingstead - 996 points


    Troop 1

    Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver

    Frost Giant Spearman x 3

    Barbarian Berserker x 4


    Troop 2

    Dorog Frostclaw, Yeti Chieftain

    Oga Snowpelt, Yeti Shaman


    Yeti Warrior x 2

    Ice Toad


    Troop 3

    Frost Wyrm


    Troop 4

    Luck Stone

    So, you would be dropping the Princess and two sword warriors for more giant spearmen along with a few other changes. The concept of this list would be that you can have your 4 giants swing over the top of the 4 barbarians. If you used axemen, it would not work as well since the axemen's strength is to use their rush attack to both move fast and limit the opponent's defensive swings. They would be running away from the spearmen and you would lose their synergy purpose. Meanwhile, the berzerkers strength is in their number of swings. And since they wont be outrunning the giant spearmen, they make a better pairing.


    I tossed on a familiar for the shaman and had enough points left over to add a toad. But, obvisouly several other options could happen here instead. You could go for a book of tactics to help with intiative. You could go for more humans. Etc.. I added the familiar to the list to allow your shaman to sit back and focus to maxmize his spell casting potential as well as the familiar's ability to regenerate spell points, thus letting the shaman cast more spells. I put in the toad, cause, well, I just love the toad. Anytime you can stun your opponent where they cannot defend themselves or come attack you, helps you control the battlefield and I like controlling the battlefield.

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  12. Well, in this case the only reason he had regen was because of the troll hide. But, yes, a valid point.


    We like having story lines and creating scenarios and such. Our problem is that we enjoy playing too many different factions and therefore havent played the same factions enough to really be able to do it.

  13. My list:

    Reptus - 999 points


    Troop 1

    Broodmaster, Dragon Rider - Troll Hide

    T'Kay, Reptus Cleric

    Spikeshell Warrior x 4

    Nagendra Venomspitter x 3


    Troop 2


    Pakpao, Clutchling Caster

    Nagendra Warrior x 6


    Troop 3

    Nakaraat, Hydra


    Troop 4



    4 troops +1 tactician

    19 models


    My opponent's list:

    Bloodstone - 995 points


    Troop 1

    Kordtok the Gutter

    Scragger x 5


    Troop 2


    Scragger x 3


    Troop 3


    Scragger x 3


    Troop 4


    Scragger x 3


    Troop 5


    Scragger x 3


    Troop 6


    Scragger x 3


    Troop 7

    Great Worm


    Troop 8

    Great Worm


    Troop 9

    Great Worm


    Troop 10

    Great Worm


    Troop 11

    Great Worm


    Troop 12

    Great Worm


    12 troops

    36 models


    Deployment saw all the worms start out burrowed, while my Warlord was flying. Since my opponent did not have any ranged models or casters I did not have to worry about spreading my stuff out. In fact, since he had those heat seeking missiles of his, that only had 1 attack, the opposite was true, I wanted to stay close together so that I could try and swarm him as soon as he surfaced.


    I started out with both of my casters being surrounded by soldiers to at least force him to use two worms to come get each.


    AFter I found out who my opponent was, my strategy had to change from my original script. I knew the casters wouldnt live long so I would not be able to wait to cast their spells.


    Obviously, with that many beads in the bag, my opponent went at least first, second, and third for the first 3 turns. With the first turn, he sent his waves of soldiers across the field. Again, I didnt want to throw the Krungbeast out that early in the game, but I knew his time was limited and all those gnomes were lined up just right so, I raced across and trampled about 5 of them right away. I then tossed out a firestorm from Pakpao that charred another 3-4. And used my faction ability to add rush attack to my snakes warriors and had them take out another 3-4 scraggers.


    The worms all raced out and got within striking range of all my casters and bigs (other than my still flying Warlord). Originally, TKay would have waited til later in the game to cast it, but knowing that my opponent's overwhelming odds in terms of beads in the bag, I knew TKay would never see another turn. so I went ahead and had him cast Ironskin on Nakarat.. But, he FAILED even on a focused roll.


    Turn two had my opponent focus on my krungbeast first. It took two worms to claim him, and I was able to hit one in defense, but whiffed on the second defensive swing. His scraggers started swarming and taking out my snake warriors that had charged last turn. I think I lost 4-5 snakes and took 8-10 scraggers with me. Next, with Pakpao still having more spell points, his worms hit one of my shielding spikeshells and then took out Pakpao before he could cast again. At leat the spikeshell got a lucky hit on defense. But, since he went against Pakpao first, I actually did get another activation with TKay and I successfully blessed my primary troop.


    My spitters succesfully focused and hit a couple of worms. The spikeshells hit a couple of naklaks. And my warlord finally joined the party coming down and taking out the worm that had killed Pakpao.


    Next turn saw a troop of scraggers successfully swarm and attack the Broodmaster even with the fearsome and hide. Luckily, they only managed a single hit while getting pasted in return. I think at this point, my opponent was down to about 1-2 scraggers and 2-3 Naklaks, along with 5 worms left. I was down to the Broodmaster, Nakarat, 2 spikeshells, and a spitter.


    Its a litte fuzzy how it all played out from here. I do remember that he kept using his rush attacks with his worms to negate all my swings. He was able to take out Nakarat but I got a few good poison hits on him in return. my spitters and spikeshells traded off with his remaining naklaks.


    So, now we are on turn 5 and I have my broodmaster and he has like 4 worms left. First strike was failing for me left and right. And again since he was using rush attack against me, it was limiting my swings at first. Course, then I pointed out it only limits my defensie swings against that particular charging model, I could still take the rest of my deensive swings against other models already in BTB with me. So, his first two worms charge me and bite my head off, both getting their 3 point hammer hits on me. But, I make my tough roll and able to slice and dice them in return. His third worm fails his nauseating roll so he cant attack me. But, that also means that it negates my first strike. So, finally in comes the 4th worm. He whiffs on me. But, again my first strike fails and I whiff on him too. The 4th worm comes barreling in and hits me. I hit both of his models. We all make our tough rolls.


    So, my activation finally comes up. Here is where we had a small discussion. I could have made a fairly easy break roll and flown up to regenerate back up to full strength (with the troll hide) before returning to the fight. Or I could have done a break and backed out to force him to charge me again where I could use my first strike to hopefully finish him off before he ever got another swing. But, I decided that was just not in the spirit of this battle. This was just a good time to have an epic ending one way or another... so, I focused up and swang away. Everyone hit. Everyone failed their tough rolls.


    All that could be heard afterwards, was the rustling of proud flags flickering in the breeze. For all on the battlefield had gone down.

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  14. Make sure you do a layer of sealer between paint sessions. I can see where your paint on your elbows are starting to rub off. Sealing it between paint sessions can help against that. Just make sure that your paint is dry before you seal.


    One other suggestion is that you start working the reds in your smoke back up to a brighter intensity. Not a ton but there is such a difference between your facial hair being very bright and intense, and the smoke where it is very dim so to speak. It throws everything off. One or the other needs to come towards the other to make the piece as a whole work better. And since I personally like the intense face, I vote for bringing the intensity of the smoke up a little. Again, not all the way up to the face, but about half way (more and more as you get closer to the face)

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  15. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me, although GW has come out with a lot of cool sculpts over the last year or two, I personally still like Reaper's sculpts more overall. Sure, there are always exceptions in both directions. There are some Reaper sculpts I dont care for and some GW ones that are awesome. But, by and large I like the Reaper sculpts more.


    Also, after having been to the last 4-5-6 ReaperCons, I have built up a relationship with the sculptors themselves. And I admit that definitely influences my opinions. They talk and laugh with me. They listen to my suggestions. Even had a few of my ideas turn into metal. AND I am not special when it comes to that. The sculptors have made themselves available to many RCon goers.


    Lastly, I am a gamer, and I play the Reaper Warlord game. So, I tend to buy the Reaper minis to play that game. Do I wish the Warlord game were as widely popular as the GW games? Sure I do. But, in the end regardless, I still enjoy playing it and still find myself buying more models for it.


    If I played the GW games then I would probably answer that I bought GW stuff more. But, I am not. hence...

  16. I'm so used to elites and heroes being able to stand up and fight. Nagendra elites are tissue paper. They hit hard, but they don't last much longer than a normal Nagendra Ranger. That's were my tactics fall apart. I charge a unit of Bear Riders with Crimson Knights or Merc Ronin and at least I kill as many as I lose. Snakes...don't like bears.


    Ok, well lets compare there, shall we? Bear Riders and Crimson knights are 61 and 65 point models. Snake Warriors and rangers are 28 and 31 points. Obviously a one to one battle is going to favor those higher pointed models.


    The Snake elite is 53 points. It shouldn't mow down a flank of bears but it will go toe to toe matched 1 to 1. With its dodge taking Tasanee up to DV13. And actually, if you can manage it, if you use rush attack then you can do one +1 poison damage, while the bear can only do a single swing in return. If you can do that a couple of times, you can whittle down the enemy fairly good. A DV13 with only single defensive swing coming back at you is nothing to scoff at.


    The captain Somchai, again with dodge is DV 13. For only 52 points, he can hit with MAV 7 (using rage) with his poison.


    Just don't see how you can complain about those kind of numbers.


    I agree with one part, and that is the fact that the soldiers being single track, they can be tricky to play sometimes if you expect them to stay alive as they take out the enemy. But, again, if you are trying to match up a snake warrior against a bear rider, of course the bear rider is going to have the advantage. But, try this one on. If (and it is an "if" considering the bears have DV 12 and the snake warriors have MAV 4) you can run up with a single snake into btb with 2 bears, and happen to get a single hit on each. Then have them both fail their poison roll., then a second snake (from a later activation) could come in and finish both off against the new lower DV of the bears. I would say that it would normal to expect an average 3 snakes to kill 2 bears using that method which is still a good trade off in points. But, yes, you would also have to accept that you would be trading those snakes for the bears not surviving after most likely.

  17. The thing about the ssssnakes is, it just depends on if you are playing againssst undead or consstruct heavy armiessss, as their poisonss have no affect on either. Those games are sssstill winnable, but obviousssly more difficult.


    The other assspect of the snakesss is to realize the game percentages... That is, the typical grunt will hit another grunt 50% of the time. So, with that in mind, a MA2 model swinging against a 1 track snake is going to get that 1 hit most of the time just based on the percentages. That is where the disable and poison part come into play so important. The poison says that if both models hit each other one time, then it can still be an equal trade if the poison does its thing. Meanwhile, if you are the attacker and get the disable on them, then that 50% chance of the hit coming back goes down to 25%, so you are more likely to survive the encounter. Basically, you will be more successful when you can be on offense than when you are in defense, so several smaller troops with more init cards seem to work well with the snakes.


    And dont forget the doctrine benefits paired up with the Warlord's benefit. I don't like his sculpt all that much, but I love what he can do on the table. Just make sure to use him as a caster first. Earthquakes and similar can be very effective at helping your snakes stay alive.


    Personally, I do like matching the snakes up with trolls, turtles, Hydra, and Krungstomper. But, I have played it without those others plenty of times too.

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