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  1. The heart of your question seems to be, if you make an RPG, could you use photos of Reaper Models in your rulebook. My non-legal personal opinion would be that you would have to get permission from Reaper to do this since you would be trying to make money using images of their figures rather than simply artwork of ambiguous fantasy characters.


    With that opinion, I am not sure if Reaper would make you sign some for of agreement related to any future minis created for your RPG, pay a royalty for that, require you to put some form of advertisement for Reaper in the captions, or simply give you a full green light saying "its all good".

  2. Koborlas - 1000 points


    Troop 1

    Kainus, War Veteran - Ironhide

    Ragon the Blooded x 2 - Ironhide x 2

    Rageclaw Sentry x 2



    Troop 2

    Aislinn, Shadow Tracker

    Ragon the Blooded x 2 - Ironhide x 2

    Rageclaw Sentry x 2



    2 troops +1 tactician +1 spy

    12 models (40 DTs, 31 MAs)


    This is list that is a huge hit or a huge miss depending on the enemy build. The biggest weakness is against magic. The biggest strength is a bunch of Tough/3 (tough/6 for the first rolls) along with a lot of hitting power behind them.


    They have the speed to get into the enemy quick. Leap to target the more important targets first.


    If the enemy has ranged, then try to use the Sentries high deflect to help get all models across the battlefield.

  3. Even though it opens up opportunities for someone to whine that he would have won a particular scenario "if only" he had played on a different style table, I personally like the visual aspects of a game as much as the tactical and its just not very visually stimulating to have a bunch of cookie cutter tables out there. I am with Warwick on this one. Different terrain to inspire different styles of play.

  4. Avalanche by Jason Pape


    Background: Inside the Temple Niflheim, which itself is hidden in a valley deep within the Draketeeth Peaks, resides a library, who's scrolls within were said to be written by the scribes from the early winter kingdoms. The knowledge conatined would be an invaluable resource. But, the Temple was said to be buried under an avalanche many moons ago, lost and eventually forgotten to the world.


    But, a rare time of warmth has come to be over the past decade and the ice and snow has receded in the Draketeeth valleys. Rumors have drifted into the taverns of a traveller who has stumbled across this ancient temple.


    Your advisors warn you that the time of warmth in the mountains has ended and soon the temple will be lost again. You should not delay any longer, lest you lose out.


    Table Setup: The idea is this takes place in the winter in a valley of a snow capped mountain. So, normal terrain for a wintery mountain valley scene but with possibly more level ungulations to the west side of the table (assuming that the players deploy north and south) to represent the gradual rise starting up the mountain. Place a temple building (size is negotiable by the players but 5x5 square is suggested) along the center line of the table approximately 18 inches from the western table edge.


    Deployment zones:

    Deployment zones are 15x24 instead of the usual 12x24. Otherwise, normal deployment rules.



    Retrieve the scrolls from the temple and evacuate with them safely off the eastern edge of the table.



    Avalanche Gameplay: During the initiative card deck creation before each game turn, include a card of a neutral suit not of either player. Any time this card is drawn, one player rolls a D10 (any die result less than 5 gets multiplied by 2). This is the number of inches that the avalanche will cover. The avalanche will come in from the western edge and gradually cover the table towards the east. Any models covered by the avalanche are considered stuck in the snow and must dig their way out. To successfully dig out a model must both use a specialty action and also succeed a DIS check with a -2 penalty modifier. Models with SA Burrow may ignore the DIS check.


    Hidden footsteps: Even though the snow has receded enough to reveal the temple, it is still a snow covered area with hidden footsteps, where you don't know if you next step will be sure footed or not. Any model that moves further than 5 inches in a single move, run, or charge must make a DIS roll or become stunned at the end of the movement.


    Temple Scrolls: Inside the temple are 10 scrolls of knowledge. Any model in btb with the temple may use a specialty action to try and retreive a scroll. Make a 10+ roll starting with a base value of 6 minus the model's base size (a giant model would have a base roll of 6-3=3). A successful roll means successful extraction of a scroll. Once a scroll has been successfully extracted it is a free action to pick it up from that point forward. Any single model may only carry a single scroll and will drop it immediately if injured. Models may not transfer scrolls to other models. Models must be grounded to be considered in BTB with the temple. Models may not fly or burrow with a scroll in possession.


    If the temple becomes buried by the avalanche, no more scrolls can be obtained from it.


    Scenario Points: At the end of the game, gain 1 point for each scroll in possession. Also gain 1 additional point for every scroll that is safely evacuated off the eastern edge of the table. Any unearned points left over at the end of the game get split equally between both players with any odd points going to the player with more points worth of enemy kills.

  5. Those Damn Berries! by Tim Peaslee and Jason Pape


    All those ripe berries were irresistible to your hungry army as they marched. Now that the battle is joined, they

    are paying the price. Fighting a battle while your digestive system is in turmoil beyond the abilities of some

    soldiers. The more exertion our soldiers make, the more those damned berries are causing havoc among them.

    Your scouts have told you that they have found a remedy. But, question is, can you get to it in time?



    Eliminate as much of your opponent's army as possible while keeping your own army intact.


    Table Set up and Deployments:

    Normal deployment rules. Along the center line of the table between the two players, 6 inches in from each table

    edge place a single standard base. These represent magical urns described below.


    Special Rules/Notes:

    At the BEGINNING of each game turn, including the first, each player must apply damage to his own army equal to

    whatever game turn it is. 1 point on turn 1, 5 points on turn 5, etc.. No more than one hit may be assigned to a

    model per turn. Each player decides where to place the hits on his own army. This damage ignores any SA that

    prevents it, such as Damage Reduction or Displacement. If a player does not have as many models on the table as

    the amount of damage they should receive, ignore any extra points and follow the max per model of 1 point.


    During its activation, a model in base to base with a magical urn may use a free action to heal itself a single

    point as long as the Urns have points left to heal. Only a single model per activation may do this. The Urns only produce the same

    number of healing points per turn as the turn number. 1 point on turn 1, 5 points on turn 5, but only 1 per activation.

    The Urns cannot be moved. Models must be grounded (not flying or burrowed) to be able to be in BTB contact with an Urn.


    Scenario Points:

    At the end of the game, each player divides the total number of points worth of enemy models killed by 100,

    rounding to the nearest whole number, to find out the number of Scenario Points earned for kills (max 10). If all

    enemy models were killed, but their army did not add up to a complete 1000 points, you still receive the full 10

    Scenario Points for this section.

    At the end of the game, each player divides the total number of points worth of friendly models that survived by

    100, rounding to the nearest whole number, to find out the number of Scenario Points earned for survivors (max

    10). If all friendly models survived, but your army did not add up to a complete 1000 points, you still receive the

    full 10 Scenario Points for this section.


    A total of 20 scenario points may be earned.

  6. The Obelisk by Jason Pape


    It appeared out of nowhere, a large ominous black obelisk. Where it came from, why, or from who is unknown.

    But, what is obvious is that there are enormous magical properties emanating from this massive edifice. You need

    to obtain it, if for no other reason than simply to keep your enemies from getting it..



    Get in BTB with the obelisk and control the surrounding area while keeping your opponent from doing the same.

    Set up and Deployment:

    Troops will be deployed normally.

    Place A Giant Base Size object at the very center point of the table to represent the Obelisk. Add one card into the

    draw deck that does not match either player’s cards. This will be for the Obelisk.


    Aura of the Obelisk:

    The Obelisk will have 2 items of action each game turn. It will activate when its card is drawn during the turn, and

    it will also activate last each turn after all player activations have been finished.


    During its card drawn activation, the Obelisk casts the equivalent of a Whirlwind CP 8 with itself as the target

    point. The obelisk is not affected by the spell, but all within the AOE are. The obelisk cannot focus for this casting

    and is subject to counter spell from players' casters.


    During its last activation of the game turn the Obelisk awards points to those in BTB. Add up the total size points

    worth of bases in BTB contact with the Obelisk for each player and consult the table below. (Size 1 base = 1 pt,

    Size 2 base = 2 pts, Size 3 base = 3 pts – that is one giant based model is the same as 3 standard based models)


    4 scenario points for having only your bases in B2B

    3 scenario points for having more base size points in B2B

    2 scenario points to each side for same number of base size points in B2B

    1 scenario point for having less base size points in B2B

    0 scenario points for having no bases in B2B


    NOTE 1: Models must be grounded (not flying or burrowed) to be considered in BTB with the obelisk.

    NOTE 2: the Obelisk initiative card can be affected by normal game and Special Ability rules.


    Scenario Points:

    Up to 20 Scenario Points can be earned via the Aura of the Obelisk described above.


    At the end of the game, any unearned points left over are split evenly between the players with any odd points

    going to the player with the higher kill points earned.

  7. General Murphy by Bob Norris


    Nothing ever goes right. Yesterday was the perfect example. The march started late and there were constant

    delays. The Warlord wasn’t at all happy with our progress, so we kept marching long after it got dark. Only after

    the fog got so thick that you couldn’t see the guy in front of you did we finally stop. Everybody pretty much just

    dropped where they stopped and immediately went to sleep. Now the fog is gone and the sun is coming up way

    too soon. The faint light of dawn is revealing a terrible surprise. We made camp among the enemy! As always,

    General Murphy is in total control!!



    Eliminate as many of the opponent’s models as possible while preventing your own models from being eliminated.


    Troops will be deployed randomly from the center of the board. Set up the initiative deck for deployment as

    normal. When a player’s card is drawn, he will roll three D10 (If possible use one odd colored die). One of the die

    (odd color) will designate the direction from the center of the board based on the direction it is pointing. The total

    of all three dice is the number of inches from the center that the troop’s leader/solo/band member is placed. If

    the edge of the board is reached, the troop is placed there. If the troop has more than one model, remaining

    models are placed within 1’’ of any other member of the same troop. If a player brings a Totem of battle with his

    army list, treat it as a model that must be placed with a leader led troop.


    You may not deploy within 6’’ of an enemy model. If the deployment location is within 6’’ of an enemy troop,

    move 6’’ away form the closest enemy model while keeping the same distance from the center of the board. If

    this is not possible, re-roll the deployment die for this troop.


    Any troops or models that are not deployed during regular deployment due to opponent’s faction doctrines

    (Nefsokar, Razig, etc..) join the battle in the same fashion, with a random roll from center for deployment.

    Any troops or models that are not deployed during regular deployment due to their own faction doctrine (BSG,

    etc) play their faction doctrine as normal.


    Short Sighted Spy: If a troop contains a model with the Spy SA they may re-roll their deployment position for that

    troop only after all other troops have been deployed. This may be used only once per army regardless of how

    many Spies they have. If both players have a Spy they wish to use in this manner, players will roll a dice to

    determine which Spy is used first.


    Tactical Sleeper: Any troop with a Tactician in it can add or subtract 6 from their total deployment dice rolls,

    meaning the can move 6" closer or farther away from the center of the board - No more, no less. This may be used

    only once per army regardless of how many Tacticians they have.


    Scenario Points:

    At the end of the game, (assuming 1000 point game) each player divides the total number of points worth of enemy models killed by 100,

    rounding to the nearest whole number, to find out the number of Scenario Points earned for kills (max 10). If all

    enemy models were killed, but their army did not add up to a complete 1000 points, you still receive the full 10

    Scenario Points for this section.



    At the end of the game, each player divides the total number of points worth of friendly models that survived by

    100, rounding to the nearest whole number, to find out the number of Scenario Points earned for survivors (max

    10). If all friendly models survived, but your army did not add up to a complete 1000 points, you still receive the

    full 10 Scenario Points for this section.


    A total of 20 points can be earned by this scenario.

  8. Ok, I have a few minutes while I wait for something on my server to finish installing, so I figured I would start this topic for people to post scenarios for others to use if they so wish. Maybe the Mods will Pin it to the top.


    PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS FORUM WITH COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS, we can create another thread for that, this one should only be for posting scenarios. People can always edit their scenario posts if they need to to address any questions or suggestions made in other threads.

  9. In this particular case, that of building a small pointed list using several big pointed models, it would seem that the benefit of the SA synergies would give more than the extra troop activation. That is, if you want to keep the three frost giants, I would suggest dropping the chief and making it all one troop. Here is one possible list option that still resembles your overall objective:


    Icingstead - 498 points


    Troop 1

    Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver

    Frost Giant Spearman

    Frost Giant Warrior

    Ice Toad

    Yeti Warrior x 2

    Luck Stone

  10. Yes and yes.


    If, after the fight actions and damage are resolved player A has models still activated that have actions left, then they may take them. Another option could have been to have that model that was already in BTB use its first action to FOCUS (giving it a bonus to its fight action rolls during its second action). Of course if it did this, then it would not be able to move after the fight as both actions would have been used.


    Yes all friendly models in BTB, regardless of whether they are actually participating in the combat, count towards the SUPPORT bonuses. That is also the reason that they are also valid targets for the defensive strikes. That is, the defensive model of Player B in this case could choose to take its defensive swigns against one of those models in BTB that did not even attack.

  11. Here is a fun little list:


    Nefsokar - 999 points


    Troop 1


    Sokar's Prophets - Staff of Sokar

    Anubis Guard x 6

    Ammat Devourer x 2


    Troop 2



    Anubis Guard x 6


    Troop 3



    Anubis Guard x 5


    Troop 4

    Avatar of Sekhmet


    4 troops + 1 spy

    26 models (56 DTs, 52 MAs)


    This list is built around The Hand of Sokar Doctrine and its ability to heal the constructs. Its a fairly straight forward list.


    There are 6 non constructs and all of them are eligible to heal a friendly construct near them. So, make sure they are near a construct when they die. That is 6 free healing points for you.


    One fun possible strategy is to run the Avatar out right into the enemy and then have Neti blow him up. Followed by Fati resurrecting him. The Prophet will be spending his free casting (via the staff) either with vigor or with the stealth on fati (depending on the enemy list and situation).


    The rest is simply duking it out with DR1.

  12. Very simple straight forward list...


    Darkreach - 998 points


    Troop 1


    Liela Mordollwen, Sorceress

    Nanuranidd, Sorcerer

    Shade Beast x 11


    Troop 2

    Evshyvandra Duskwidow

    Zalash, Assassin

    Nightshade Warrior x 5


    Troop 3

    Phase Cat



    Luck Stone


    3 troops +1 tactician, 1 spy

    23 models (50 DTs) - 62 MAs


    Main thing behind this list is simply number of swings brought to the table.


    First thing, dont forget ranger moves if you want to use them.


    Liela casts Adrenaline on her troop and they will race across the board using their displace to survive the trip, then charge stuff and use their rage to try to pull off the WL special ability of poisoning on well placed hits. So, their targets will die either outright or via poison at the end of the turn. Either way, they then try to disengage and do another raged charge against another target the next turn.


    Liela can then teleport the Sinmeister across to an unsuspecting victim or give him iron skin depending on the need. Cool part is, then Sinmeister can attack the target and then use the faction ability to swap out with the phase cat if the situation dictates it.


    Nightshade warriors are the mop up the wounded crew to finish off what the shadebeasts started. Use parry to survive on defense then focus and swing away on offense.


    Phase cat does his usual of garnering the main attention of the enemy and use that to my advantage to pull enemy models away from other areas of the battle.


    Nanur-nanur has several options depending on the opponent, ranging from poison clouds to beguiling stuns to domination...


    If I made any changes it would be drop 1 shade beast for: book of tactics, familiar for liela, and Abyssal weapon for Zalash

  13. Crusaders - 998 points


    Troop 1

    Mother Superior Kristianna - Familiar

    Halbarad, Priest of Aurellius

    Almaran the Gold - Holy Armor

    Justicar x 2

    Templar Ironspine x 3


    Troop 2

    Sir Broderick, Justicar

    Valandil, Archmage

    Finari, Justicar

    Templar Knight x 4


    Troop 3

    Hound of Judgment


    Troop 4

    Guardian Beast of Aurellius


    4 troops + 1 tactician

    17 models (48 DTs)

  14. well, I wouldnt worry about it too much. you have a good base group of stuff. Plenty ways to go for a regular weeknight game to keep your opponents guessing what you will bring next time. Everyone will have their own preferences on what works for them. I like to tinker non stop with lists. Just cause my lists I created strayed away a little from what you have doesnt mean that what you have cant work. You don't have any horses otherwise I would build a horse heavy list too. You do have lots of the better elites and solos. And that is a good thing.


    Like you could swap the nuns in list two for just regular knights and be just fine as their higher defense will keep them alive longer than the nuns. The nuns work well in games when not many people bring archers. But, put a few archers on the table and those nuns become useless. So, its all relative.


    In the first list, again I put the unforgiven in there to balance out the low model count, but that doesnt mean you have to use that particular model. The same with the dogs, just model filler to harrass the enemy. But, doesnt mean you have to go with them.


    I had Hern in the second list simply because I wanted to be able to take advantage of his one time leader ability (via the hands doctrine) to run from one end of the board to the other and still heal one of the beast kitties when he gets there. So, you see, you're other models you have would work just fine filling in those same slots, as long as you can picture in your mind how you will use them. Finari for example is an awesome swordhand. I use her all the time as well. Just cause I didnt put her in these lists doesnt mean that I dont like her.



    I am ALWAYS comig up with lists for models that I dont have either..... heck I would say that I probably play with 25%-50% proxy just about every game I play.... cause its a lot of fun to try out new combos all the time... but its also one of the reasons i dont take a lot of pictures (cause ti leads to lots of mismatched stuff on the table that wouldnt look good for pics)

  15. Here is a list that would require a little more proxy or borrow than the other list but uses the Justicars as a shield wall around Kristianna:


    Crusaders - 994 points


    Troop 1

    Mother Superior Kristianna - Book of Tactics, Holy Armor, familiar

    Halbarad, Priest of Aurellius

    Justicar x 3

    Templar Ironspine x 3


    Troop 2

    Herne, Light Lancer

    Marcus Gideon, Undead Hunter

    Battle Nun x 5


    Troop 3

    Guardian Beast of Aurellius


    Troop 4

    Guardian Beast of Aurellius



    Luck Stone


    4 troops + 1 tactician

    17 models (49 DTs)


    Concept of this army is fairly simple. Use the two beast kitty hammers to beat stuff up, and then when they die use Kristianna's spell to bring them back from the grave.


    Nuns parry on defense and then get the 3 swing at 6 martyr (with a MG blessing on top) on offense.


    Justicars hang around to protect Kristianna. Then she can use her Holy Burst or Mass Cure to keep them all kicking.


    Halbarand does divine vigors until its time for him to use the true restoration on one of the beast kitties.


    If there was a swap out, it would probably be to trade one beast kitty for a Hound of J and Valandil. Then Valandil uses his chain lightnings on anyone surrounding the beast kitties (or Kristianna's walking shield circle)...

  16. Justicars can work just fine. I just find that I like to mix my lists with both some "power" modesl and also some "number fillers". I would consider the justicars power models. In this case, I just used different power models instead. But, I have seen plenty of justicar based lists that had success on the table.

  17. There are lots of ways to go with what you have. Here is one possible way of going. This would be using 85% your stuff and either proxying or borrowing a few items. Both Wildbill and myself should be able to fill in any holes you have.


    Crusaders - 998 points


    Troop 1

    Duke Gerard

    Halbarad, Priest of Aurellius - Familiar

    Valandil, Archmage

    Templar Knight x 3

    Templar Ironspine x 3

    War Dog x 3


    Troop 2

    Sir Broderick, Justicar

    Templar Unforgiven x 5


    Troop 3

    Guardian Beast of Aurellius


    Troop 4

    Uriel, Guardian Angel


    4 troops + 2 tactician

    20 models (50 DTs)


    There are several ways to use this list, but the main concept is take advatnage of Gerard's WL ability to have the knights and spines run around in pairs. Dogs can either help them or help Gerard, but take advantage of their rush attack, no need to walk them up at the beginning with their low DV.


    Halbarand sits in the back and takes advantage of the Divine Restoration portion of the Paladins of Light Doctrine to heal things for cheaper. Or cast divine vigors.


    Beast kitty is the hammer, but still have to be smart with it. Will probably be one of Halbarands main healing targets.


    Troop two is the harrassers, hoping to get off cleaves while tying up as many enemies as possible.


    Don't forget the Merciful Hands portion of the doctrine. Used at the right time can be very frustrating for your opponent.


    Angel is the wildcard of the build. With its ability to just fly and cast divine vigors all game long until its time to enter the fray, or it can be Halbarands shield if needed. Can Divine Might someone or depending on the enemy shaken a whole area making it easier for those Unforgiven cleavers to do their job. Simply flying him to places on the battle field that makes the enemy change their strategy can be huge.


    Or i think you can swap out the Angel for one of the hounds, Finari, and Almaran.

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