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  1. Well, I have seen art, greens, and whites for basically every Darkreach model except this one. So apologies but, I have no idea on this one.


    At ArtistCon, Weibe was working on Zeshin. And man was he extremely cool looking! Early in the process still, but based on the start, I am highly looking forward to seeing how that one finishes out!

  2. I love how Warwick and Wildbill have been creating a good storyline out of their game. I want to try that too, but I will try to come up with a good "storyline" next time. For now, just having me post about the battle will have to do..


    I decided to bring a lot of solos this time around. Here was my list:


    Darkreach - 999 points


    Troop 1


    Shiver Spike x 3


    Troop 2

    Evshyvandra Duskwidow

    Nightshade Warrior x 3


    Troop 3

    Evshyvandra Duskwidow

    Shadowstep Warrior x 2

    Darkshade Raider


    Troop 4

    Tierdeleira, Priestess

    Shadowstep Warrior x 3


    Troop 5

    Aazhaleek, Shadow Dragon


    Troop 6

    Phase Cat


    Troop 7

    Phase Cat


    Troop 8

    Phase Cat



    Luck Stone


    While my opponent brought his extreme hammer list:


    Koborlas - 1000 points


    Troop 1

    Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha

    Ragon the Blooded x 3

    Warg x 2


    Troop 2

    Aislinn, Shadow Tracker

    Ragon the Blooded x 2

    Warg x 2



    Luck Stone

    Totem of Battle


    The strength of my list rests with my solos ability to displace damage. But, that ability's weakness is when I fight against models with lots of swings. Ragons have lots of swings. And powerful swings at that. So, my main battle plan was to try and nickel and dime him with my soldiers, using them as roadblocks, and then hope that they got enough scratches that when my solos did come into the fray that I could survive. But, I also knew with as many swings as Ragon had, I needed to spread out and not allow my opponent to wipe out whole troops at a time.


    So, my deployment was spread wide, and I played conservative on the first turn. My opponent charged across the board with his speed. I obviously had a huge init card advantage 9:3 (after tacticians) but I knew that if I went first then I did not have the speed to get to him, I could only put myself in a place for him to get me. So, I tried to move my guys to a point that was just outside of his charge range (or where I guessed his charge range to be). And then I waited.


    Oh, but I did take a few pot shots with my crossbows, scratching him a little.


    Turn 2, my bead comes up first and I take another pot shot or two, this time missing. My bead again, I have one of my cats sit and do nothing. It was too far away to the side to do anything anyway. Then both of his beads came up right in a row.


    My opponent surprised me with his tactics. It turns out he was within charge range of my front line soldiers. And I figured he would run at them to whittle me down. With my troops being so small, if he took out a soldier or two from each troop, then I would not really be able to "swarm"any of his big uglies. But, he didnt do this. Instead he made a bee line for my warlord, who at the time was sitting on the back edge of the table just outside of his charge range. He did kinda a circle the wagons move in my deployment zone to take advantage of his faction ability of being immune to support while based together.


    So, now he is in the middle of my deploy zone and I still have 6 troops to go. Of course, I had spread out so only 4 troops were really within range to do anything. I had my troop of Nightshade warriors swarm Vasyl. even with his immunity to support, and me needing straight tens to hit, with 9 swings, they got 2 hits. And then crazy, their sergeant, got another 2 hits. So, very first combat and I had put 4 hits on Vasyl. Those soldiers earned their death that day. Next, I had Tierdeliera walk up and cast Freezing burst on a couple of Ragons. Success against both. Her soldiers were able to bring Ragon#1 to its last track. Next, I had the dragon swoop down and land in the middle of it and finish off stunned Ragon #2.. But, that particular Ragon made his 1st of what would end up being like 4 successful tough checks.


    Due to all the tough checks that he successfully made, I cant quite remember exactly how the middle turns played out and when things actually died. But, Vasyl and the Dragon killed each other. My quickstrike soldiers were able to kill one of the Ragons using quickstrike (negating his tough). The crossbows and wargs for the most part killed each other off. I kept sending waves of troops at more Ragons, and I indeed did whittle him down, but he kept making his tough checks.


    I think finally on turn five, I had Sinisthreax, 2 cats, 1 Nightshade, and 1 shiverspike left, while my opponent had 3 Ragons all on their last track. Ragon#1 and a cat traded lives. the shiverspike whiffed. The nightshade and Ragon#2 traded lives. cat #2 hit Ragon#3, but again he toughed up. Sinisthreax finally was able to bring him down, and Ragon #3 only hit him back enough to put him on his last track.


    So, game over, I had Sinisthreax, 1 cat, and a shiverspike left.


    I think the difference in this game was the start of turn two when my opponent decided to do a double move and circle up near me, instead of going ahead and working in pairs to whittle me down and prevent me from being able to swarm him.

  3. I will take it one step farther cause I know the questions are coming....


    The main reasin for the P-65 line is that, for some of the more larger models in Reapers broad catalog, the price point of their regular metal formula can make it prohibitive to purchase and they realize that. So, they have tried to come up with another metal mixture that allows them to drop the price a little while still giving you a quality product.


    P-65 has not been around that long, only a year or two compared to the normal lines obviously a lot longer.


    P-65 lines carry a little more lead content in the mixture than the regular lines. Not enough to be dangerous, but enough that there is a difference and Reaper is making sure they play by all the legal rules of disclosure related.


    So, people that know that there is no danger there will buy the P-65 version and save money, while those that read the words "contains lead" and get spooked can still purchase the more expensive version.

  4. See what you are making me do here? Man, the ideas just keep on rolling....


    Idea 5:


    Reptus - 298 points


    Troop 1


    Krungbeast x 2

    Couatl x 8


    Again using the whole change a solo into an elite... Krungs run around trampling all of the hordies... While the Couatls use their speed and hover to grab and run with gold..

  5. Idea 4:


    Koborlas - 298 points


    Troop 1

    Takhi, Frostfang Shaman - Eye of the Ancestors

    Frostfang Hunter x 3

    Rageclaw Line Breaker


    This is the list that says, "you cant carry any gold if you are not alive..." Only 5 models, lots of speed, maneuverability, and bite when it gets there.

  6. Idea 3:


    Sisterhood - 300 points


    Troop 1

    Kassandra of the Blade

    Siellendria, Spell Sister - Familiar

    Sable Guard x 6


    For any scenario that requires models to try and do two things at once or be in two different places at the same time, there is no better SA than swift attack. And the ladies have a model made for this scenario cause their version does not cost and arm and a leg, yet also have the speed to get around. And with the cleave they can hold their own in battle. only issue is the model count.


    Basically, this list is made to run at the opponent, give them a good right hook, and then scamper to the gold while the opponent is trying to recover from the hit. Then outrun the opponent afterwards.

  7. Idea 2:


    Nefsokar - 299 points


    Troop 1


    Netikerti - Canopic Jar

    Awakened Mummy x 9


    The idea here is to survive and use Part Death River to teleport either to the gold or to teleport the gold back to the deployment zone. This one is not so much offensive as to out "sneak" your opponent if you can. Take advantage of the "delay" your opponent the first turn if you can.

  8. Here is idea 1:


    Bloodstone - 300 points


    Troop 1


    Great Worm

    Pulger x 11

    Stone Zealot




    Luck Stone


    Obviously, the main idea is simply having lots of models to do the work Pulgers have Pike and Spiked to help be defensive when others attack them.


    Using your rule of being able to take a solo as an elite, the Worm is the heat seeking missile that can torpedo around the board burrowed and blowing up key opponents. It is the distraction causer, with the speed to get all over the place.

  9. HEY DUDE!!! Awesome to see VP still checking in the forums!!!


    well, just house rule either :


    1. that first strike cannot be used while flying (or flying models attacking ground models).


    2. that you have to have space for your base to be able to do a flying swift attack.



  10. obviously a horde would allow for the most models to try and do both tasks (send some at the enemy and have some left to pick stuff up).


    What are the rules in terms of moving while carrying stuff? actions to pick up, transfer, etc..? max a model can carry? restrictions of being so close to your cart? etc...

  11. At some point all models go into the removed from distribution list, based on sales. Reptus have been out for a long time now, so their sales I guess have finally dropped to the point where they fit the bill. That does not mean that the faction is going away, nor does it meant that you cannot get those models. It just means that you will probably have to get those models directly thru Reaper (or have your store special order it for you).

  12. Wildger, Icingstead has a doctrine that allows some models to be fielded as solos, which I see you took advantage of. But, they still have to follow the rule of cannot have more solos than leader led troops. So, Oga would have to go in either Deathsleet's or Svetlana's troop. Minor difference, but just saying...

  13. I can use the BSG as a good example. One of my typical lists for BSG would be to field like 5-6 Worms. At 93 points each, they are definitely not small models. But, to fit that many solos in, I would also have to jam in 5-6 troops of lesser pointed gnomes to be able to get all those worms.


    The idea of this is not necessarily to see the least number of models you can fit in a list, nor is it about trying to get the biggest baddest model in the faction into the list. Its just about building a list where everyone in it can typically hold their own, building to 984 points and then trying to fit in that one 16 point model into the crack.


    Bloodstone - 1000 points


    Troop 1

    Herald of Blood

    Lesser Bloodstone Golem x 2


    Troop 2

    Bata, Lancer Captain - Necklace of Worm Teeth

    Glaktu, Lancer Champion - Bloodstone Weapon

    Beetle Rider Lancer x 6


    Troop 3

    Chalcerax, Guard Sergeant

    Szerda, Priestess of the Stone

    Guard x 2

    Tunnel Knight x 3



    Luck Stone


    3 troops

    18 models (41 DTs)

  14. My first one:


    Darkspawn - 994 points


    Troop 1

    Witch Queen - Crescent of Bile

    D'Khul, Bathalian

    Isiri Archer

    Isiri Arachnid Warrior x 3


    Troop 2

    Rahl, Duke of Pain

    Jhorxia, Succubus

    Isiri Arachnid Warrior x 2

    Ice Demon x 2


    Troop 3

    Devourer of Mashaf


    Troop 4




    Luck Stone


    4 troops +1 spy +1 tactician

    14 models (46 DTs)

  15. Ok, well I didnt get a ton of participation on my Lone Assassin thread, but that's ok. Maybe not very many people like to use the solo assassins. But, I am not giving up. I like to make all kinds of lists. But, I noticed recently that I have been fielding more and more hordes. And well, I want to get away from that, at least for a while. Its getting too predictable (even if I do change the faction involved).


    So, at first I was gonna do a challenge where i made lists where it had to contain at least 3 models of 100+ points in it. But, then I realized, that while fun, it would still end up being a few big uglies surrounded by a horde of tiny things. So, instead now I am thinking lets set this boundary instead.... a 1000 pt list, where all models must be at least 30 points or more. 30 is not a huge number and so it should still allow for plenty of soldier options. But, it does guarantee no horde like lists chalk full fodder and roadblocks.


    So, there you go your challenge. Let's see if anyone steps up to this one..


    NOTE: Familiars and equipment less than 30 points are ok.

  16. Looks good. Like the colors involved.


    Three suggestions:


    Kuro is right that the way to help the "glow" effect is to not only brighten up what is glowing, but also darken areas that are not to help make it actually look glowing... Not only on the power lines, but also back side of the pole, further away areas on the hill, the ground actually goes kinda the opposite, it is usually the darkest just outside of the glow and actually tends to get lighter back to a neutral the further away you get (because that ground might be gaining light from other sources like the moon or lightpole).


    For the diorama end of things, the electric pole looks great, but also looks lonely on that table. Maybe add some other objects scattered around, rusted barrels standing or toppled, maybe a pile of old tires (depending on your time line), etc..



    If you are going to use it with gaming at all, then I would suggest some form of transition between the uphill and the downhill, whether that simply be add some more hill in there, a wooden stair case, old wooden bridge, etc.. Something that allows play to flow on both and between both.

  17. I think it was based on the fact that any future books, they didnt want to have to go back and also playtest that doctrine again each time for every new faction. But... in your house, you can easily house rule that the mercs temporarily paid off the clerk at the door and allow them inside.

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