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  1. Another option is the ole toothbrush flick method. Prime and paint your base color, then put toothbrush in a myriad of fleck colors and from a few inches away from the mini scraped the bristles of the toothbrush with your finger, as it releases it flicks flecks of paint onto your mini. Use different colors as desired. Just be awhare that it is a slightly messy process so be sure to cover up your surrounding area so as to not ruin the furniture.

  2. Couple of points for me with no playtesting:


    1. When we created 2nd edition we put a cap on movement at 10. There are plenty of models that should be able to go much faster than that (see nefsokar dustdevil, and really just about anything that flies) but we agreed for game purposes 10 was the cap. Especially when the SA mounted allows for an additional 4 inch charge at the end of it. So, my first item for issue is the movement given the dragon riders.


    2. There are several spells and pieces fo equipment that we created that were similar to each other, but for the most part we tried our best to come up with something new for each faction. And believe me, I do know how difficult it can be to come up with something new for the 17-18th factions ... So, having said that, even though I know its a play on the LOTR Frodo getting the elven mail, I would have to argue against the Mithril armor in its current form.


    3. Since there are only like 40 models in the game (out of 450+) and 90% of those 40 are in three factions (gnomes, reven goblins, and kargir goblins), I have a problem with 21 out of 24 models in the faction getting a free +1 DV. I think it needs to be a little more limited. I do understand the argument as to why considering they start with such low average DVs, but it just makes it look like it was done more to make them cheap horde like models and then give them a free boost. Example: When you consider the Border Guard with their Dodge bonus included in almost become Crusader Justicars for 10 points less each just seems a bit out of place.


    4. I like the concept of the wind elemental, but I dont think it depicts "wind" well enough. I think it should be immune to about half of the tomes out there and probably immune to arrows too. Not sure if immune to ranged would be allowed, but if not, then I would add deflect/2 to get as high against arrows as possible. Using the discussion above, I think its movement should be bumped to a 10. I don't know if I see wind being disabling. Lastly, if it is going to have such a low DIS (Personally, I think it should be much higher) then I would at least give it Raider as I don't think anyone would have an easy time of holding wind in place.


    Other opinions after an actual playtest.

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  3. Well, then here you go a quick example of one type of army build. I went and looked at the Crusader's sheet and see they have this really cool spell that I have actually never used, called "Martyr's True Restoration" that looks like it could really give an enemy fits if used effectively. So, then I thought about Mother Kristianna also being able to ressurect stuff as well, again something that always drives opponents crazy. And the list grew from there. Now, I admit Iprobably would go a little different in some of my soldier inclusions, but I read above where you bought a bunch of TKnights and Justicars, so I augmented my list a little to try and use models you just got.


    So, with that, here is the list:


    Crusaders - 997 points


    Troop 1

    Mother Superior Kristianna

    Isarah, Cleric of Shadarzaddi - Familiar

    Saramonde, Chronicler

    Templar Ironspine x 2

    Justicar x 3


    Troop 2

    Sir Malcom, Lightbringer

    Marcus Gideon, Undead Hunter

    Templar Knight x 4

    Ivy Crown Archer x 2


    Troop 3

    Guardian Beast of Aurellius


    Troop 4

    Guardian Beast of Aurellius



    Luck Stone



    4 troops - 1 tactician, 2 spies

    18 models : 48 DTs


    The familiar could go on Kristi or Isarah, but I have it on Isarah cause she is the one I intend to have cast the Martyr spell and I need to make sure she has enough spell points left on turn 3-4 to do it.


    This list has less models and less DTs than I normally play with, but since you can do some healing and resurrecting it should be ok.


    I chose the Marcus over Finari to get the extra divine casting.


    Premise is pretty straight forward, in the beginning, Kristi and Marcus use their divine Vigor spells to pump up the volume of the Guardian kitties of doom. The kitties go scampering into combat and wreak havoc. In the early going you should be able to get away with some regular healing spells, but if when the kitties do start to take a real beating then Isarah can cast the Martyr healing when the time is right. Or if a kitty does go down then Kristi brings it back and then ISarah gives it a little sumpin sumpin.


    Meanwhile, your archers spread way out and target any cripples left by the kitties.


    And the foot soldiers play a little bit defensive to keep the enemy LOS off your casters but aggressive enough that you might have to use your Mass healing spell.


    Like I said nothing extremely cheesey, fairly boring and drab as far as the cheese goes, but just frustrating for your opponent when they spend a long time trying to whittle down your DR felines only to have them get pumped full of go go juice and have to start over.


    I might would change out 1 justicar to get the Holy armor to put on Kristi, in case they do get off a succesful hit against her, you can force them to try again.


    Anyway, cheers and have fun building lists...

  4. Well, let me just say that I know that Tembrithil does not seem to get a lot of play around here. Maybe cause its full of faeries and fawns and not "tuff guy" type models. But, I gotta say that it more than held its own against a pretty potent Darkreach list I threw together.


    Goforth loaded her army up well to take advantage of the King's warlord ability. In the end, between the fruitful branch spells and the familiar regenerations (aka being re-summoned) she probably had 1250 points hit the table that game to take on my 1000 points of Darkreach. I had gotten her to bite on a few feints of mine, but she laughed those ploys off and countered with great timed spell casting that I had not expected.


    We each had a couple of epic fails on some big spells. We both had our heavy hitters whiff at least once. We both had atleast 4 successful tough checks in the game that were considered game changers at the time. She had several DR trees and I had several displaced henchlings to laugh off damage from each other. That is why the game went from the usual hour game to almost 3 1/2 hours.

  5. Glad to be of service. The best advice I can give you is to just tinker... that is, we gave you a few example strategies with your armies. But, obviously you had not fully read thru the special abilities list yet to know exactly how some of those strategies would work. So, now that you have a book, read the various abilities and then go play on Reapergames.com with the army creator and tinker with army lists and how they might synergize with each other.


    I guarantee you that if you spend a little time doing that, you will probably end up with about 12 different lists as you choose what skill, spell, or character to synergize around.


    That and keep in touch and when you get yourself set come back for a weekend and we'll throw down officially and not just in the demos. That is to say, I wont use my "always roll 2s or less" dice.

  6. Warwick, sorry I missed you. I ended up getting to go a little more than I though tI would so I was there both Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Gave a few Warlord demos on Friday night and had an epic 3 1/2 hour game on Saturday. It was a crazy game. Only 1000 points (well 1000 beginning points anyway) Darkreach vs Tembrithil. In the end, Darkreach had Nuranid left standing and the woodies had a Dryad, her familiar, and a fruitful branched sapoling warrior. The woodies walked away with the trophy.

  7. Warlord 2nd edition exists because a few non-employees liked the concept of the game enough that they cared more about the game getting to where it needed to than if they were gonna get paid to do it. That group, including myself, spent almost a combined 6000 unpaid man hours to create the new edition and took it to Reaper and they liked it.


    I cannot speak for Reaper or their employees in terms of what they are doing with it at this point. But, the members of that group for the most part have since gone on to work on other projects. I know Doug and Wedge have been working on their own sci-fi based RPG game called "Chronicles of the Void" that is pretty awesome so far. I know Steve, Tim, and Greg are working on the seemingly never ending project known as RotD. And not totally sure what the others are up to at this point. I was working on an Epic level version for a while and I still have my files, but admittedly, I kinda got burned out there and havent touched it in a while. At some point I will pick it back up and work on it. But, again I am not a Reaper employee, so...


    Having said that, my version of an EPIC scale would use the same models but they would have completely redone data cards and point cost values to better work within an EPIC environment. The ruleset I had been working on up to this point goes with the idea of roughly 4:1 ratio in terms of number of models on the table compared to the 2nd edition skirmish rules. Although that number obviously will vary based on the size and type of model it is.


    Hopefully one of these days it will get to see the light of day.

  8. Well, I can only give suggestion based on my assumptions of who will be there when.


    On Friday the place will probably be fairly empty during the day, except for the artists and sculptors, so you would probably less "to do" overall but get a little more time to hang out with them 1 on 1. Friday night there will be some Warlord players coming (including myself). And I think both the CotV and RotD groups will be having their playtesting sessions at some point either late afternoon or evening happening on Friday. I have no idea if Gus is having his usual Friday night Magic Card Tourney or not.


    On Saturday you will have more people overall in the building as more weekend painters come up there. So, there will be more fans such as yourself up there on Saturday. Some of the warlord and RotD gang might be coming back (I cannot due to prior commitments) to do some more playtesting. But, I cannot say for sure.


    So, in the end, I guess I would suggest Friday even though there will be less people there during the day.

  9. At this time, unless something changes, I will also be up at ArtistCon for at least the Friday night portion playing some Warlord. I would be happy to talk with you as well as roll some dice and give you a few demos with a few different looks from each of those factions.


    One suggestion though is to look at those faction threads and see some of the devious lists that other players have tried or discussed in the past:


    Crusaders: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/36301-crusaders/


    Overlords: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/36299-overlords/

  10. Every faction is competitive when played the right way. And of course the right way changes based on who and what you are facing off against.


    Crusaders and Mercs are both fun groups to play with. And all factions have been exhaustively playtested to make sure that they can hold their own with other factions on the battlefield.


    Really the main difference between the core book and the expansion book is that the core book factions tend to have more models per faction and thus a bit more variety in their offerings, but they also tend to force a player to use a bit more team work to get the most synergy from those. The Northern expansion book has less models per faction which tends to have each mode type be a little more independent of its faction buddies. Not to say they dont have team synergies, just saying they work with each other a little differently than the original book.

  11. If a player chooses to take advantage of a the "Summoned" special ability, that is if he intends on summoning said model into the game after the play has started, then the model would not be deployed at the beginning of the game at all and not provide its draw card yet either.


    At the point in time when that model is summoned into the game, it can be summoned in burrowed mode.


    Since it is a solo model it does not join the summoning model's troop and therefore it will add a card to the draw deck, but it will not add this card until the end phase (and after it does its one free action upon being summoned it cannot be activated with a draw deck card until the next turn).

  12. We had a great matchup between one of my phase cats against his giant. The battle between them lasted about 4 turns by itself. On the first turn he hit me twice, both cleaves for the kill, but I displaced one hit and remained standing. Meanwhile I hit him a couple of times on the defensive and disabled him. His Railors kept healing him up 1-2 points each turn after that. And since I had him disabled, he could only swing once on me, usually cleaving. But, I kept displacing it. He snuck in another hit or two that I didnt displace, but funny, on those I regenerated. Finally, when his Railors ran out of spells, I was finally able to get him. But, then I promptly failed my displace check and so we both took each other out. He had some regular skeletal swords in the area that could probably have finished me off earlier, but each of those times, his skeletal giant was close enough to his end, that he knew I would have dedicated a few defensive swings towards that and he was trying to keep that giant alive.


    My other cat, well, it did not go as well for him. I had put myself in a position that if the init card went my way I could have moved to a very advantageous defensive spot, but alas his 7 troops.. the init card did not flip my way so instead I was swarmed by 9 swordsmen. And then he rolled like 6 cleaves. So, displacement never even came into the picture. And to top that one off, that is when one of my famous round of rolling 1s came into play. I think I only hit 1 out of 4 of those swords on my defensive swings. All I needed was 2s.


    I had put the Abyssal sword on the Sin-maestro but unfortunately was never really in a good position to be able to use it. Next time I will put it on Zalash. Zalash is a one man wrecking crew. Or..er.. well against DV 8 skellies he is anyway... LOL...

  13. Just wanted to say I like the new sable guard models. Hope we might get a second sculpt where the steed is rearing up and pouncing or something like that, but still this one is nice from what I can see. If Kit or other web mod sees this, the Sisters tags still need to be added to the model so it shows up on their page.



  14. Well, we had a showdown between Necropolis and Darkreach this past Friday. It was a classic horde against a power list with awesome results.


    Necropolis - 1000 points


    Troop 1

    Sir Gauren the Wrathful

    Skeletal Swordman x 11

    Crypt Bat


    Troop 2

    Railor of the Unbodied

    Skeletal Swordman x 10


    Troop 3

    Railor of the Unbodied

    Skeletal Swordman x 10


    Troop 4

    Railor of the Unbodied

    Skeletal Swordman x 10


    Troop 5

    Railor of the Unbodied

    Skeletal Swordman x 10


    Troop 6

    Skeletal Giant


    Troop 7

    Skeletal Giant



    Totem of Battle

    Luck Stone


    7 troops - 59 models - 73 DTs




    Darkreach - 1000 points


    Troop 1

    Sinisthreax - Abyssal Weapon

    Zalash, Assassin

    Shiver Spike x 2

    Shade Beast x 4


    Troop 2

    Mornenion, Drake Captain

    Darkrime Drake x 5


    Troop 3

    Phase Cat


    Troop 4

    Phase Cat


    4 troops - 1 Tactician - 1 spy - 16 models - 46 DTs



    We played the game out rather than stopping at 5 turns. I want to say the game lasted probably 9 turns total. The game came down to Zalash against 2 Railors. Zalash parried up, Railors got one hit but needed two. Zalash assassinated them in return. Darkreach victory.


    Now obviously, there was a lot of stuff happened before that climactic ending. And at this point I cant remember all the exacts. But, was an extremely fun battle that both sides stayed equal for most of it. Those pesky Railors stood back and kept casting their dark energy healing spells on the skeletal giants. But, my darkreach kept making their displacement and tough rolls. We both rolled an inordinate amount of "1's" at the most inopportune times which was frustrating, but at least it was frustrating for both of us and made the ending that much more climactic.

  15. Welcome and good gaming to you. A big suggestion is to make sure you paint your minis. Reaper has a bunch of awesome sculptors and the minis look great even with just primer on them, but people from across the room dont come over to a table to see bare minis or minis with just primer on them. But, they will come across the room to see minis with paint on them.

  16. Here is another option:


    Icingstead - 499 points


    Troop 1

    Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver

    Oga Snowpelt, Yeti Shaman


    Luck Stone

    Yeti Warrior x 4

    Winter Wolf


    This one is more based around Oga using the 3 point faction only spell of Immense Might in conjunction with the yeti warriors. You can only cast it on one per turn, but turning their three swings into mighty swings against standard based models sounds pretty darn fun.

  17. Since, it is not a one size fits all type of question, it is difficult to straight up answer your question about the value of any single model in a list. But, I can give you a couple of guidelines.


    It is to be expected that the more points a model is worth, the more it should be able to achieve on the battle field. But, the equalizer is that no matter how big the model is, it still only has a finite number of attacks it can make. So, with that in mind, the question becomes are you able to whittle down your opponents such that they no longer have the firepower to bring down your big ugly, or will the little guys figure out a way to get your big guy in a situation where they can swarm you and use their benefit of numbers to take you out. And that is what leads us to ask what models you bring with it. IT could be spell casters that stun or slow down the enemies, or buff your big guy to have him live thru a swarm. It could be a bunch of little things of your own that are there simply to tie up his models enough to let you do that whittling. Maybe it is more than one big guy such that he expends enough resources to bring one down that you still have enough with your second to finish the job. There are plenty of variables to consider. And now you see why it is difficult to answer. Another factor not even discussed is the base line of the game initiative system. You could bring the perfect list, but lose cause of a few key card flips.


    HAving said all of that, here is a list that at least looks fun to play at 500 points.


    Icingstead - 495 points


    Troop 1

    Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver

    Oga Snowpelt, Yeti Shaman

    Frost Giant Warrior

    Ice Warrior x 3

    Luck Stone


    Oga could be used both as a buffer or as an offensive caster. And with it being a low point game, she could even use the not oft used Scrye to good measure as well. The ice warriors would be used to runblock the enemy numbers, prefering to only play defense. But, you still cannot just run the big B right up the gut, you still have to take into account what your opponent brings and how their spells or other are going to affect your strategies.

  18. Ok, I am creating your parameters:


    2 games...


    1st : 1000 points. Must include the most expensive solo in the faction (does not include Warlords that can be taken as solos). Limit of only one caster in the list.


    2nd : 1500 points (I know the OK guys like to play bigger games). Must include the faction's most expensive soldier somewhere in the list. And only one troop is allowed to contain less than the maximum number of soldiers in it.

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