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  1. I would rule it this way...


    A model can be summoned or teleported into btb with fearsome without that model having to make a check roll. But, both of those situations are related to a 3rd party (the caster or summoner) creating the situation and there is no movement involved.


    A model with blink, while it does blink with every move, it is still moving itself, and therefore does have to pass a fearsome check (since the intentions of fearsome is that the big ugly thing is so obnoxious that you might be too intimidated to make that move). The end result would still be the same as the book. Failed rolls means the blinking model may blink up to half the distance to the fearsome model and uses up that action. It may not make 100% sense that someone would blink halfway if they cant go all the way, but then again, I would argue that a non-blinking model can see how fearsome and intimidating a big ugly is from 50 yards away and doesnt need to be 5 feet away to discern that. Yet, we still allow them to make that movement too. Maybe we should have had the rules state that failed rolls have to move away from the model X inches instead. But, that is not how it ended up..

  2. Related to #1, think of it more like the idea of teleporting into B2B. In fact, it goes a step further. The one big negative about SA blink is that models with that SA have to use it with every move, so indeed they cannot get the 2 inch bonus of a charge or run action.


    Related to #2, I think you need to give me an example of what you are trying to learn. a model that is flying avoids terrain modifiers and can move past enemy models the same as blink. So, not sure what you are looking for. as far as that charge bonus related to flying goes, I guess I would not argue with either direction. Since flying movement gets its own stat line and SAs, and since it was cast magically on the model, it could be argued that the model could fly rather than blink to the new location. But, at the same time one might argue that it still blinks either way. So, that would be a dice off for me and live with the result.

  3. Overall it was a good tourney I think. Lots of complaints over dice rolls and initiative draws, but very few related to the scenarios or opponents.


    1st: Vince (Shakandara) - Nefsokar

    2nd: Jack (sorry Jack, don't know your handle) - Reptus

    3rd: Kris (Ktyler09) - Koborlas


    Best Painted Army


    1st: Kim Goforth (sorry, don't know your handle) - her Micingstead army (Icingstead using mouslings as proxies

    2nd: Jake Schauer (sorry don't know your handle) - His BSG army. It was not 100% painted, but the 95% that was painted was outstanding.

  4. Kris,


    Unfortunately, you are incorrect, at least until, I can convince the powers that be to add into the actual errata. At this time the answer to both is yes.


    That is one of those things, that as one of the designers, I wish we had read a few more times before it went to print. For the RHQ locals, we have house ruled it for a while now the way that Kris suggested. So, I guess it is up to you and your group currently to either house rule it or place a limit on the number of flying swift attackers you can field in an army.

  5. Very good question. This is one of those grey area answers because technically both are true.


    On the one hand, a model that is the target of a rush attack only gets 1 defensive swing against that particular model (but may use the rest of its swings against any other enemy model in btb with it). This would infer that it may also only use a single swing worth for parry against said target and thus only be able to use that one swing to parry instead.


    On the other hand, re-reading that part in the parenthesis, you can use the rest of your swings, just not against the rush attacking model. So, this might infer that since those other two swings are not being used against the rush attacker they wouldnt count against that 1 swing limit and therefore you could parry full swings.



    I am not the last word on this topic, I will have to defer to Gus (will see if I can get him to come and make a ruling), but I would have to go with the latter ruling. Else, you start getting into a messy soup of a sliding scale depending on the number of attackers ("I can only parry 1 against this guy since he rushed me, but I can parry up an additional 2 more on this other guy since he doesnt have rush attack" = really messy)...


    So, my opinion is that they still get to use up to all their swings for parry against a rush attacker.

  6. Dinoman,


    There is nothing wrong with building a list to a theme. I do it all the time. But, you just have to remember that every model in a faction is created to fill some sort of roll within the faction. So, by making the decision to not include some, you are making the conscious decision to not include those rolls, which leads to being strong in whatever areas that you include and be weak in areas that you leave out. That is probably why people gave suggestions that added or changed your lists a bit... to try and help maximize as many of the different rolls as possible.


    For example, I do remember adding some of the little gobbos to one of your Kargir lists to best take advantage of the Faction Doctrines and provide a better model count for the overall list (since the black orcs themselves are a little more costly).


    But, in the end, there isnt a right or a wrong, just personal preferences and game matchups. IF you play a few games and you notice that your theme list is not matched up well with whoever you are playing against, then you might have to decide whether to stick with your theme or change the list to be a better match up.

  7. By nature of their make up, the all human army is a little more susceptible to shootiness for sure. Their strength lies in their lower cost per model for their offensive output they can do if they can get across the table.


    Half of the soldiers already have rush attack, and the rest can get it via the Incite spell if you take the Ice Witch.


    Or, she can cast Frostbite on the shooters depending on if the situation is right.


    If you are going to go all human, I might also suggest a musician.


    Main suggestion of course is, use your terrain as best you can if it doesnt slow you down too much. But, at the same time, know your opponents. If your opponents have shooters with a barrage caster backing them up, then spread out as you run across and dont let them do more damage than they should for no reason. Same if they have AOE casters. At the same time, you know they are gonna shoot something, so you can always go reverse, and "give" them a small grouping on purpose to shoot at while the rest spread out. In that case it at least lets you decide what you want to be the bait.


    Lastly, I don't take a human list without Kord, or even multiple Kords with his high tough value.


    I have played the all human list a few times. I have had a lot of fun with them, both in victory and in a crushing defeat similar to what it seems you had.

  8. Well, the good thing is, its only 10 points so it might be worth it to see how it goes. Just dont try going after a DV 13 model with him. Focus on the 2 track lower soldiers. Kill one of them and its affectively a tough 3 roll for you.

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  9. Psyber, i dont have my book in front of me, so I dont have the exact wording to read, but I would think that if an entire troop or band can be summoned then none of the models from that troop or band would have to placed at all before the summoning. They would simply start with less cards in the deck. But, and again I dont have my book in front of me, from what I understand, once they are summoned, unless they were a solo model, they immediately become part of the summoning troop, therefore would not add any cards to the deck (unless a solo model). It would just be a huge troop at that point.

  10. This one is a very tough discussion. As everything depends on everything else. For example, in Necropolis, the zombie queen gives good benefits for zombies in her troop, so you will probably stack them up. But, change out leaders and that same stack, while fun, doesnt have the same glow anymore.


    You take a model with lots of tracks then obviously you will have less models, but you pair that one model up with caster that can give him Iron Skin, or heal him, or ressurect him, etc.. and it becomes much more valuable.


    An SA example could be, a two track low DV model that has disable helps to counter that low DV when they disable their opponents (and disable lasts for a full turn) so even if they die they help the overall cause.


    Are the number of DTs important? Yes. But, it all depends on the build and synergy theme that you are building around.

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