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  1. Do you have the ability to add a few flowers to the vines growing up the wall. Both for the fact that it is your daughter's birthday and girls usually like flowers, and also that I think a small splash of color will help offset the browns that you are referring to and help them out. We have a vine of orange trumpet flowers that grow along our back fence that I think would look great on this piece.


    Second suggestion, depending on your time you have and ability, would be to grab a second mouse, probably the banjo player, and do a little conversion on him to make him sitting on top of that wall singing away. Would both be cute, and also would give a little more life into the scene. Or maybe a water barrel sitting up against the wall with like a hunk of cheese on it that he is warding off a would be cheese stealer...


    Your idea of painting a fleur de lis sounds pretty good. Or you could paint a wedge of cheese there too.

  2. Real complex example:


    I hit a single track model, that has tough, with a damaging poison hit.


    The model makes his initial tough roll to stay alive. But, this model is still poisoned. At the end of the game turn, that same model must pass the poison check or take a point of damage. He fails it and so takes the point which would kill him. But he gets to make another tough check first. Lets say this time he passes it again. Now it is still alive and no longer poisoned.


    Any model state that the model had at the time when the tough roll was required would still be in affect after a tough roll is passed. In this example, the poison was "used up" to gain the second tough roll and that is why it goes away on the second tough check.



    Going off on the tough tangent, it is possible to have a model make several tough rolls in a single activation. Kill it via spell, ranged attack, and melee. As long as it keeps passing the roll...

  3. I have started two threads in the ReaperCon section asking people to post the days that they intend to play in the tourney. It is not the official list, but it is a start to give me and your fellow players an idea of who is playing when (remembering that there is a max of 20 players per day).

  4. Don't forget to add in the luck stone. Overall looks like a good stout list. A couple of suggestions:


    1. You could swap Gologh for Torg, gaining a spy and enough points to buy Kavorgh the Hide.


    2. It would break up your all orc theme, but I might actually drop the two archers (68 points combined) and pick up 9 swarmers or stickers. They fit in with the faction docterine and give you a much higher model count. If you did want to stay with an archer, again going away from the all orc list, I might again use Venomspite with his sharpshooter, poison, and sniper instead of the orcs archers.

  5. The classes will provide paints, water cups, lighting, etc..


    Usually they will also provide a mini so that you can practice on the same one that the teacher is demonstrating on.


    But, yes you will need to bring your brushes and whatever other items you need to paint with.

  6. Very nice indeed.


    I agree a little about being able to push the highlights more. But, from the opposite point of view...I would bring out the highlights by making some of what you have darker:


    1. the teeth and claws stand out way too much on this dark sinister glowing cat. I think they actually need to be toned down a bit (in shadow so to speak).

    2. The display base is really nice but again, all bright and green, which contradicts the dark shadowy nature of the focus of the piece. Need to darken the display, make lots of shadows. Then bring out the glowing aspects (the purples and blues).



    Now having said all of this, I had started painting my set of kitties a couple of weeks ago and did not take them as far as you have here. I stopped at the purples on the tentacles and did not go with the blue. I think I like your scheme a little more. So, I am going to be using it...

  7. Isn't list building fun?



    Cant really give much for suggestions.. We have already discussed several different paths you could take over these past few weeks. IF I were to make suggetsions, it would just be rehashing some of those other discussions again. We could talk all day long about different synergies that you acn create or maximize.


    The best plans are screwed up with a bad die roll or a bad initiative draw. The guy getting his arse kicked all over the table for the first 3 turns has come back to win many a game based on a few key card flips late in the game.


    I love this game...

  8. I have tried a few times to do this, but its always out of date for sure. And since I cannot import it into the online army builder (something that would be really cool indeedy) I dont look at it as much as I should


    But, you are correct, I need to give it another go at some point.


    Do you separate your database in terms of your:


    1. still in blister

    2. out of blister but not completely asembled

    3. Assembled but not primed

    4. Assembled and primed

    5. Assembled, primed, and painted

  9. Obviously for house rules you can do whatever you want. But, for regular play, if you run them as Merc swords, then you would need to be playing a Merc list overall. Course if you do that, then you could just proxy the bugbears as the samurai dudes or something.. Yep, the beauty of Warlord and the Reaper proxy rules.


    I only ask that you keep your opponent in mind when you do. If you throw out 20 different mix and match proxied models on the table, that are hard to keep track of, then it will aggrivate your opponent and most likely either result in them not wanting to play you again or make them want to do the same back. Proxies are good as long as you keep the models used consistent to the datacard being played (sword and board, verses archers, verses casters, etc..)...

  10. Well, the good thing is that you have more than enough to make a legal 1000 point army with just your list here. In fact, your current list is 1340 points worth (I was able to make a 9 troop 1340 point list out of it). So, I am sure we can trim it down in a few different ways to get you a few different 1000 point variations. Here is just one:


    Nefsokar - 996 points


    Troop 1


    Ammat Devourer x 3

    Khamsin Archer


    Troop 2




    Tomb Guard x 3

    Awakened Mummy x 6


    Troop 3


    Khamsin Herdsman x 5


    Troop 4

    Avatar of Sekhmet


    Troop 5

    Giant Scorpion


    Troop 6

    Dust Devil



    Luck Stone


    6 troops +3 spies

    26 models (51 DTs)



    As for getting a few more while at ReaperCon, obviously the more models to choose from the more flexibility you have in your list. I am sure we will be glad to help take this where ever you need us to.

  11. Well, assuming you are wanting to field them with the Reven, then you really are between two choices... you either run them "light" and field them as orcs, or you run them as heavier and field them as bull orcs.


    I guess it depends on which weapon load you give them as to which way I would go personally. If you indeed grab sword and board minis then I would probably go light with them and make them reegular orcs. This is because the bull orc warriors and the bugbear warriors both fill the same point sink and roll. By running these as lighter orcs, you give yourself more options.


    If you choose spear toting minis, then I would consider fielding them as the heavier bull orc hunters. That 3rd DT and higher MAV on the hunter make it worth considering.

  12. So far I have only had a couple of demos while it was still early in the process, and I can say I had a great time. I will have to see if I can work in a round if you have it going before or after the Warlord tourney.

  13. Any object is affected by both direct light and reflected light. As artists we tend to try and magnify some of these lights to make our paintjobs look more dramatic. In real life, very rarely are you going to be standing under a spot light so to speak. But, for a miniature paint job this spot light look makes the mini pop and can be very eye catching.


    Here is an easy way to "cheat" so to speak.


    Take your mini that you intend to paint (preferably while it is still unprimed but even primed will work) and stick it under a desk light. Take a picture of it.


    Now look at the picture. You now see all of your highlight areas and main shadow areas. In real life there would be more light sources on the object thru the reflected light from other objects around, but for terms of painting miniatures, this is one of the better ways to help make your mini pop.


    Keep the picture around as you paint the model cause sometimes as you paint you get caught up with your paint and forget the highlight and just how bright they can get in different areas.


    Hope that helps.

  14. As much as I would like to give each game an unlimited time frame to make sure they get their 5 turn game in, we do have that luxury. For the rounds that end in a lunch break, or similar, we can be a bit lenient for any slower games. But, overall the games will need to finish within that given time frame.


    By the way, a few more tweaks have been made to the scenarios in an ongoing effort to give you a good fair and level set of games.

  15. Cant say that I would expect to see that, at least from the point of view of doing it as part of the Merc army using a Change of Heart. When you field a Merc army with that doctrine, usually you are going to use the ability to pull in models that help shore up a deficiancy, like flyers, burrowers, or SA specialty model, not just a model cause it looks cool.


    Now, having said that, you could see someone do it from say an all proxy army, just to have the models fit the theme you are looking for.

  16. Hey Leuther,


    Welcome aboard. Hope you have a great time while you are here.


    Are bears a problem in TX in that area?

    Only the kind with big beer bellies and jacked up pick up trucks.


    But, seriously, I have noticed more Coyote sightings lately.

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