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  1. Ok, this is interesting. I just opened up the actual merlin.CAV file to look at the settings within.


    And it shows Total Points=140


    Yet, when I open CAV-RC and throw up a Merlin it still shows up 130.


    How odd is that?


    Anyone else experience this?

  2. Just wondering what the correct points for the base Merlin is.


    I have CAV-RC. And when you click ADD UNIT and it brings up that list of all the units, it shows "Merlin (140)". But, when you actually add a Merlin and look at it, it shows as being 130.


    So, I was just wanting to verify...

  3. Well, I only made it there for about 2 hours of the thing. Cause of some issues on the home front, I didn't get there until about 8:00 pm.


    But, still had a great time and it was worth it.


    I did not really get a chance to have all the great conversations that everyone else did, but I did get to talk with several great painters and even got Jester to do an airbrush demo for me.


    And I can't leave out the party bag with all the paint.


    I just wish I could have been there a little longer so that I could have soaked up more from the people there.

  4. Bob: "Hmmm, wonder what that is over there in that 30 foot tall bush over there? Looks kinda like an Ogre, but, nah couln't be, not picking up anything on radar... Must be my imagination...."


    Frank: "I know what you mean, I coulda sworn that i saw a Rhino parked between the Mercedes and the Volvo, but my screen wouldn't confirm it. I gotta get my systems checked out..."



    Sorry, just teasing, but I couldn't resist.

  5. I thought I remember someone saying that they were going to be releasing like 2 or 4 new CAV based minis per month til it finished out the current JORs.


    And I know that the T-Bird and StarHawk VI came out with the announcement.


    In September, the Wolf and Centipede were announced.


    But, so far no annoucnement for October.





    Actually I just went back and looked in history, and the StarHawk VI and T-Bird were released back in late June. So, that means that there have been a total of 4 minis released in the past 4 1/2 months.


    So, hopefully, they will be able to atleast announce 1 per month til they finish out.

  6. Just a quick heads up to say I edited the Restrictions post above related to skillsets. Being a newb I am still kinda feeling my way along on this one. And after preparing for the MilNet PBEM game, I guess I felt like I was allowing for a little bit too much ability to have a bunch of Uber CAVs running around the table, so I needed to lower those numbers just a tad, not much but a tad. That way all of the units on the table can have fun and not just the Jaggernauts.


    Hope all that are on the list are still planning on playing.


    I should have some preliminary pics of the table soon.

  7. More details:


    Normally I am one to state that you have to have the right mini, no proxying. But, in this case, there are still a very high number of minis that have not been produced yet. So, proxying will be allowed, as long as they are well marked to show what the true identity is (whether by taping, glueing, stapling, whatever...

  8. I guess looking at it from both points of view. They are both valid.


    The suggestion for next time, is simply ask the question to ask teh question, don't link it to an outside store.


    Ask "when is it coming out", not "when is it coming out becaus I want to buy it elsewhere".


    It just sounds like things have gotten out of hand because the more you try to defend yourself, the more you are agreeing with their thinking that you just wanted to use them to get information. Don't get me wrong, I am not condoning their responses, but sounds as if both sides jumped to too many conclusions too fast.

  9. I guess for me on that one depends on the time and situation.


    For example, for a regular group or game that plays every so often, then that is probably fine. Because everyone works at different paces and has a different sized collection that they have aquired over different periods of time.


    But, if it is a special game, tourney, or the like, then I'd hope that you would do your best to have them done up. I am going to be hosting a big CAV game in Feb 2005. I have announced it here and elsewhere, with plenty of time (I think 6 months should be enough time) for people to plan, orgnaize, and paint up their force. So far, I have people coming from 4-5 different states to play in the game. So, again, my thought process is, if they are willing to make that kind of a sacrifice and investment to come and participate, I ought to have an atmosphere worth their investment to come, which means people should take a little more pride and having amatching force.


    This is not to say that I would kick you out for not bringing museum quality stuff, just saying that a situation like that would deem more appropriate for people to put a little effort into it, than your regular weekly or monthly gathering.

  10. Ok, went in and looked in the contest gallery of past winners. Shows me for not looking around more thoroughly before posting.


    Anyway, another question...


    From looking at the past winners, it is not readily apparent what it is that the DYOM jusges are looking for. There are several cases where a figure that did not even place in the regular popular voting won the DYOM area of the contest. I have to admit that in a couple of those cases I also felt the regular popular vote winners were better.. but that is based on the paintjob itself point of view, maybe the DYOM judges were looking for something different that time around.


    Since the contests are over, why are the winners names not included, so that we can know who to congratulate?


    I wonder if a CAV figs, that really requires a completely different style to paint than fantasy figs, even stand a chance in these contests.

  11. could possibly be trying to do the auction now with the idea of not sending it out to the person until after it does come out...


    But a little confused cause if you look closer at teh feedback, there are really only 2 negatives, not 16, just the same two people giving negative feedback over and over.


    So, with that in mind, the seller does look to be a trustworthy person overall. So, not sure why they would risk it, if the mini is not even out yet.

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