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  1. I have seen a few DYOM items posted recently, but no information on DYOM itself. How do we qualify for it? Where can we see past DYOM winners? Which games are eligible (Warlord, Legends, CAV, etc...)?


    Can someone post links or info regarding please?


    Thank you in advance.

  2. Just wondering if Reapergames.com will indeed launch tomorrow (the 1st) as people have been hinting about for a while.... Or if it will still be the same .........."SOON.."


    I, for one, have been anxiously awaiting to see what they have locked behind the secret door.

  3. Kit,


    Suggestion, if you do indeed have a DNS change to make, make it as you start the process instead of after you have finished the process. This will help cut down the normal amount of waiting for propogation time it takes.


    But, if you are hosting your own site, and assuming you are using NAT, then you probably shouldn't even have to make any changes to the DNS, simply re-route traffic at your Firewall.

  4. Well, sir, not a big fan of dunk painting here. But, at least you took care to use thin paint and end up with a big glob of goop. This one actually turned out pretty darn well for a dunker...


    I would have guessed that you painted it with a silver, then gave it a good wash.


    I agree with the coment that you need to add depth to the cockpit, whether by shading and highlighting or simply throwing a gloss coat on it.

  5. Well, with CAVs I have noticed that a lot fo them are such that their arms hang low and tight to the torso. So, for this reason, I tend to put together the upper body, and put together lower torso (base and such) but not connect them until after painting.

  6. My inspiratioin came straight from the cover of the CAV rulebook. Dont think I got the red quite bright enough but its the 1st time I've gotten red to look good.


    The paint chips are painted.


    What makes you think those are decals Horn? :rolleyes:



    Only cause your decals are the best in the business...

  7. ohh and on a side note, remember were playing in the reaper pro shop..they have cav's there to buy...*grin* In fact may be the best place to pick up new releases.


    Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton

    My brother was there a little while back. He lives just down the street from them and so I asked him to go and see if he could get a few things for me.


    He told me that they basically told him that they were not going to be opening a storefront there at the Reaper HQ as they wanted to promote their business thru the local stores.


    Long story short, they would not let my brother buy anything there.

  8. I will just add one little snippet to SaintRigger's suggestion.


    He talked about getting in with a thin brunsh and doing some detail work in the panel lines.


    I agree with his idea, but will suggest a different way of doing it.


    Go to your hobby store and grab a 0.005 Micron pen. You could use any number of colors, but I guess I would suggest staying with either black or brown.


    If you are not wanting to go back and do an actual wash at this point, the micron pen usually is easier to control and stay in the lines than some inks are.


    I also like Kamut's suggestion of maybe pulling a little grey into it as well. Maybe some of the underside paneling could be grey.


    Lastly, this particular CAV does not have a whole lot in terms of joints, but it does have some (knees, ankles, toes). Maybe use some sort of brushed stel color to set them apart.

  9. I'm going to add some detail. Not a ton more though because of the volume of CAV Figs i have to paint. I'll try and put the finished product up as well.

    Just curious what the volume of CAVs is for.... Gotta a big game coming up?

  10. I'm still pretty new to CAV so I can't comment as to the force make up and its abilities. But, its a nice design.


    Nice range of colors. If anything, I might do more detailing like you did with the cockpit to the other areas of the mini to show off the panel lines a little more.

  11. I really like the contrast of the yellow. And normally I am not much of a fan of the heavy drybrushing, but your "marbled" effect you have going on some areas really comes off strong.


    But, I have to admit, I think this could go so much farther. Like I said I think the yellow looks great, but its actually because the yellow looks good that the rest of it lloks like it isn't finished. Thre needs to be complimentary eyecatchers.


    The joints, gun nozzles, the cockpit, the feet, etc...


    Joints need greasing, gun nozzles need scorch marks, With all the drybrushing giving the mech life and depth and detail, the flatness of the cockpit is kinda blah (love the color, but its blah flat), feet need some mud, scratches, and just general wear and tear.

  12. Well, I have to admit, I am one that likes the comfort of hexes. Comfortable knowing that people have a harder time cheating that extra hex or two movment, or turning too far, or whatnot.


    I'll be the first one to say that it can be much more of a hassle from the creation point of view, especially since i love to do relatively elaborate terrain builds.


    But, from the playing point of view, it just makes everything easier.

  13. Pat, mind giving more details about the 25th? Time? Points? Scenario? Restrictions? etc...


    I have a couple things going that day, but not sure what time yet. I very well might be able to come join, and drag my brother in too.


    So, post any details you have now, and also update as you get them...


    Oh, and EchoFive, its not til Feb. so you have time to get familiar with the game before then, I am hosting a large scenario. Just do a search here on the boards for my CETG event for details.

  14. I admit, I don't care a bit about the Warlord part of it. I am waiting for the CAV induction into it. But, having said that...


    The idea of an "almost real time balance of power map" definitely catches my attention. I guess it would be too much to ask for more details. And ask whether something similar will be included on the CAV side of things...?

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