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  1. I'm planning on driving, so I expect to show up in Denton sometime in the early afternoon on Friday. I'll be leaving CS on Thursday afternoon, and probably stopping overnight around Amarillo or something. I'll be doing the same on the way back sunday night.

    From my doorstep in Ft. Worth to downtown Denver is almost exactly 13 hours. I have made that drive many times. But, then again, I made that drive pre-marraige and pre-kids. I have no idea what it would equate to now-a-days.



    So figuring, what about an hour and a half less starting from CS instead of Denver, and another half hour less for the idea that you are only going to Denton, means you should be able to make it in about 11 hours (again not counting any family related pitstops).


    Just make sure to stop at the store before heading out and grabbing some of those "sour-tart taffy" types and some Mountain Dew for when you get a little tired.

  2. Personally, I think that is pretty darn AWESOME...


    I hope you don't mind, but I immediately saw a vision in that picture. So, I had to tinker a little.


    First I put it in photo shop to enhance the details a bit:





    And next I had to draw what I saw. Now I haven't seriously picked up a pencil in about 2-3 years, so its very rusty, but I think I got the idea across, so that some better artist could pick up the ball from here.


    I think it would make a pretty darn cool mini, and even more cool to say that it was originally thought of by a 3 year old.


    Here is my 20 minute render:



  3. What do you want them for? A cheap alternative? Try Litko Aerosystems. They will make custom bases in bulk orders but they are wood or metal. Great prices though. Sorry I don't have a link.

    I'll have to check this out too, but I know a guy that plays CBT that is working on creating a nice sized, easy to wok with Hex base. He's not quite done yet working his processes out, but his results so far have been pretty good.


    I'll ask him for an update and will let you know what he says.

  4. Restrictions and Errata

    • Each PLAYER may have a total of 1 ACE level skillset and have up to 2 Elite skillsets (but not on the same unit)
    • Being an open scenario, and with the idea that all of the players will be fielding Merc forces, there will be no UCOR or faction restrictions on units for each side.
    • CAV and vehics may upgrade/change move, repair, ARM, and pods, but not the actual weapon payload
    • Infantry may change weapon payloads, but in this scenario no infantry may carry pod items

  5. Well, i don't really have the street cred around here, but from what I have seen, I have noticed that there is not a ton of variety.


    Before you roll your eyes, what I mean by that is for example monsters... I have only seen about a dozen or so monsters, now I might get 10 different poses for that monster (ex. zombie, orc, werebeasts, etc..) but still just the dozen or so monsters.


    Then second item would be poses. I wouldnt go so far as to say I'd like to see more dynamic poses, but rather more useable poses. Many of the minis (especialy the women) are currently posed like they are trying to seduce a camera-man. Give me more active poses that would be seen in a diorama or even the table top. (I don't see many women beating a monster by trying to charm it).


    Don't get me wrong, I have seen lots of great sculpts from Reaper. Just giving my observations as an outsider.

  6. *sigh*



    I really want to go but we just can't afford it. While we could afford the tickets (so long as Thomas was allowed to be free since he wouldn't do anything but look cute and distract people) we couldn't afford lodging and food and travel (even though we're in Austin).



    You got a place to stay if you want it, even if I don't end up participating.


    I've got the guest room. As long as you can handle a couple of short pups and a couple of toddlers.


    I live about 20-25 minutes from Reaper.

  7. DChihorn, I think the problem is that most of us are not the artist that do the actual character models from reaper. So naturally we are not all in a hurry to post our paint jobs, even when we are happy with what we have. But if you are ever in the Topeka area, stop by and I will gladly show you my entire army.



    There is a BT group that I fly up and game with about once a year, in the suburbs of Kansas City. Like my annual CETG event, it usually ends up being a huge grand affiar with people coming in from all over the place to participate.


    I know that some of them play CAV too.


    Maybe we can talk them into doing something similar to what I plan on doing with my CETG this coming Feb and reserve the second day for a CAV event next year and you could come out.


    Or, if you feel like hitching a ride to Texas in Feb, I know of at least 4 guys that are coming to my CETG event from Kansas. One day of BT and one day of CAV.




    As far as the minis are concerned, I understand not everyone can or even wants to paint up all their minis like pieces of art. But, at the same time, when it is like pulling teeth to find any pictures out there on the net, it also makes the game look weak. Heck, I shouldn't even go there, I'll just stick with, I love looking and getting ideas from other people's work. It usually doesnt matter how their paintjob comes out, its seeing the color combos, decal placement, techniques used, and such.

  8. Spire,


    Anyway you can snap a few pics and share?

    Pics of what, the whole thing or the variant units?

    Well, I would prefer to enjoy nice mods, paintjobs.


    So, I guess pics of individual minis over a group shot.


    As far as which ones, really any and all you care to share. It comes down to this:


    In this one thread people have boasted and bragged and listed well over 1000 CAV minis combined as being painted. Yet, between this board, the Reaper gallery, Mil-Net, and the less than a dozen or so sites that I have found anything related to CAV, I would estimate maybe 30-40 total paintjobs found.

  9. so D when are we going to see yer website dedicated to CAV ::P:

    I have been a BT player for 20+ years. I have been a player of CAV for, ..., well I actually havent played a game yet. I will be joining up with Mad Pat next weekend though.


    I have purchased and primed up a bunch over the past few weeks though. When I get them painted, I will defintely put them on my site and let you know.

  10. And Even More Updated Goodness!


    Here it is, LMK what you think!!!






    P.S. Still hoping Someone has a List of all the BL Sites!

    I Will Be Posting a new Links Page Up soon!!

    As I said in my original post, I think its a good informational website.


    Suggestion: on the main page where you declare new updates, make sure to include the date (and dont forget to update that too when you do updates).


    I am sure that as I am still learning this game, I will check your info here and there to get myself more familiar with the pros and cons of different designs.

  11. My thoughts from the two perspectives (gameplay, minis):


    1. Gameplay - Being a 20+ year player of CBT. The thing that still to this day continues to cause the most arguments is the fact that some people like to try and make the GAME as realistic to real life as possible, especially when it comes to gun ranges, true sense of damage, etc..


    Its a game, and people have to somehow accept it for that. and as a game there are some things that have to be sacrificed in order to make it playable.


    I am not saying that the issues cannot be addressed in the game, just saying that don't expect it to fit to scale and all that as RL.



    2. Minis - Have to agree and disagree with you Bachelor. I agree there needs to be more than just soldiers (technicians, medics, spies, communications, mercs, etc..) but I will disagree with your reasoning.


    If I were Reaper. Then I care about making minis for my game. I couln't care less about supplying you minis so that you can go play somebody else's game.


    I am more in agreement with Spartan's assessment of the minis. Variety of poses. Give me a squad of soldiers, where one is standing, one crouching, one laying down, maybe one running. Then make slightly different poses for each faction, nation or whatever. '


    But, having said that, don't make the poses so dynamic or whatnot that they are only show pieces and cant be used on a game table.

  12. I think it looks great. But, if you don't mind my unskilled critique, I think you could push this paintjob a little further.


    I know I have not posted a mini yet so I don't have much street cred around here. So, I hope you take my critique in the right light.


    In your hat and pants you do a great job of going deep colors, but very little highlight. In the tattered robe, you do a pretty good job of doing highlights but not really the deep color. The wood of the reaper handle is a good mid tone, but no real depth or highlight. And the reaper blade itself only has the highlight sheen to it. It doesn't "fit" with the old tattered look of the skeleton. Maybe needs some rust or "wear and tear from useage" added.


    Your face is excellent. You pushed both the highlights and the shadows and made it really standout.


    Again, I think its a great start, just think you can go further with it.

  13. I have played CBT for almost 21 years.


    And to be honest, that is the biggest difference. CBT has that kind of time behind it to grow and develop. CAV is pretty fresh. And we are already starting to see its first evolution (hopefully shoring up some of those gaps in the rules mentioned above) with the expected CAV 2.0.


    As for the minis, I guess everyone will have their own tastes. I have seen CBT minis for so long that I really enjoy the change of feel with the CAV minis. I will agree that there are a few that I dont care for (name a game where that is not true) but overall, and especially with the newer sculpts, I think they are very well done.


    From the way you ask, it sounds as if you are familiar with both games but are relatively new to both... If that is the case, feel free to ask any questions you want.

  14. I lucked out and had a Michael's that was being bought out by Joanne's Fabrics, last year. I literally bought the entire rack of Testors Acrylics paints (including the rack) for about $100. I think I have about 75-100 jars from that purchase.


    Of course, I have since fallen in love with Vallejo, and only use the Testors stuff every now and then.

  15. BTW.... forgot to mention that I've been considering adjusting the initiative card system a bit for this format. Instead of 1 card per section (4 units), I would like to see how 1 card PER UNIT would work.

    Don't thin kit would work, because of things like Chainlock, defensive fire, etc..

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