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  1. Sorry man, I was just teasing. I could tell it was just a beginning.


    Seems I have been practicing a lot of foot in mouth technique today.


    I know I sound like a broken record, but, you ought to put pictures of your rides along with the roster. It makes it much more interesting for an outside viewer...

  2. Oops forgot about the new RC site.


    Both Dark Storm and Bad Blood have been added to the favorites list. Do yall update them at all?


    S-man, I noticed that on your picture on the front page there are 8 minis showing, yet in your gallery there are only 5. And from your news page, those 8 were done back the beginning of 2003. You paint anything new to put in the gallery?


    Leech, only thing i really saw there was a table roster, so much for 100% he he he

  3. Just kinda wondering how many of you here have or know of any other CAV related websites. Only ones I know about are:

    • Mil-Net - great discussion site
    • Earthwalker's site - has potential to be a good information site if it were finished
    • Sparky's site - part of webring - ok start but hasn't been updated since 2002
    • Demongirls Gothic CAV - has a title on there and that s about it
    • Sanguine Reavers - another webring but strictly personal merc info
    • DragonFang - again personal merc site that hasnt been touched in forever

    Basically, outside of here and Mil-Net, there is nothing that I have been able to find. Just wondering if any of you know of some decent sites (with pictures, battle reports, etc...)

  4. Hey, I know there are some that post in both places. I didn't name anyone from there did I. Sorry if you were thinking i meant you or something. I was just saying it so that people wouldn't include them (NIB or unpurchased minis). That's all.


    I seemd to not ask the question the right way anyway, cause both WG and FTO answered listing everyting they own, not what their largest army is (unless everything they own belongs to the same army)

  5. Of course if I am gonna ask how big an army you have, then I should ask, if you have ever used the entire thing at once before.


    How big was your largest battle to date that you have been involved with.


    Give details:

    Number of players

    points (sections) per player

    size of table

    type of scenario

    how bad did you win/lose

    type of terrain/table

    Time it took to complete


  6. I am a noob and only have a few so far, but I will catch up soon enough.


    But, just cared to see what kind of collections there are around here. Had people on another site boasting about 25,000 point armies. And 25,000 points is a large number indeed. But, that doesn't tell me much.


    25,000 =


    11 sections of un-modified Thunderbirds

    83 sections of unmodified Heavy Infantry


    And then of course there are always those that say they have 25,000, but neglect to say that this is on paper, while in reality half of it is either still in blister, or has not actually been purchased yet, just planned for.


    Anyway, so that led to questions to get more in depth information on the subject...


    So, I figured I would ask the same here. How many are in your largest intact army?

  7. I will admit, I am new to Reaper related minis. I was jut on their site looking at a tutorial, and one of the first things it said was to save the proof of purchase as it can be used to turn around and buy stuff from Reaper....




    Why isn't this displayed more prominently somewhere else???


    I just got through throwing away about 3 dozen empty blisters this past weekend.


    Dang it.


    Just tell me that I can't use them to purchase more minis and I can calm back down... I mean, I don't need a keychain or a hat or anything like that, but if I could have gotten another mini or two with that, man I am gonna be a bit hornstiggled.

  8. Before laying a brush on it, I'd take some pictures.


    First you need to decide: What are all the light sources going to be that will affect your paintjob and try to recreate them. Are you going to paint the character as if it were in a cave and this is the only light source? Possibly there is another light coming from a different lantern behind or beside this one? Maybe there is some form of mystical light source, or directional lighting in the area around this character? etc...


    Anyway, for the lantern, I would use like maybe some christmas lights and try to hold one of the bulbs as close to where the lantern and then take a picture of that, so that you can get a good idea where the highlights and shadows are.


    You might try using a colored light bulb to see if that makes a difference. Or a nightlight, or laserlight. Or depending on the type of light you are looking for, grab a lava lamp, or one of those cool electric globe things that put out the pink lightning when you touch the glass. Again, just depends on the look and situation that you are wanting to put the character in.


    Again, if there are other light sources, make sure to try and recreate them too.


    Last suggestion, make sure the studio or room you are using to take the pictures is dark so that the only light sources are those that you want to be there. And use a tripod to hold the camera steady for its longer shutter time.

  9. I just finished reading all three of the spring, summer, and winter exchange threads.


    Good to see so many people involved. Thats the reason I decided to jump in on the Winter one.


    But, after reading every post in all of those threads, it also became clear that maybe next year, that its kept to only 2 exhanges and not 3-4. As the usual "procrastination" bug has hit many involved. And trying to squeeze that many out (while also trying to paint our normal stuff for our own stuff) looks to be too much for many on here.


    Another observation, is that there were plenty of people that were quick to point out they had not received a "gift" yet. Then I would laugh when they turned around and confessed that they had not sent their "gift" out yet either. Seems kinda radiculous that someone would whine about not getting something before they had even bothered to give themselves.


    Suggestion, if you want to check on you "gift", PM the coordinators so they can get in touch with your giver. That way it keeps the thread clean of such stuff and people look less like whiners. It also keeps the coordinators up to date with the status of things. A little more responsibility, but much more efficient in the long run.


    Ok, off of the soap box.


    Now for the questions I mentioned in my subject line:


    I guess its a two part question...


    1. How many of you involved in the Exchanges actually play the games these minis are associated with, vs. are simply hobbyists that enjoy painting beautifully sculpted minis? Which game (as several of the fantasy games minis look like they could work in the other games)?


    2. Noticing that 90% of the participants lean towards the fantasy side of things, in terms of painting and/or receiving, do you prefer the ghastly beasts, the femanine warriors, the Herculian heros, etc...? When you tab thru www.reapermini.com and browse the store and llok a the new greens, which makes your mouth water more?

  10. Flynn, I am not a part of this one, but just wondered why I am reading that you are painting up a bunch of these... I thought the concept was that everyone paints one up, not you paint one for everyone....


    Did some people not follow thru? I am sure that if that is the case, there would be a few people around here that would help out. How many have you pitched in for?

  11. Well, as I said, I really dont play Warlord. This is ore asking realted to painting one or more miniatures for a friend.


    I saw the skull and had an idea, related to painting it as a lantern and the light effects it would have across him and the rest of the intended diorama.


    The fact that it is intended to be part of a diorama is why I asked who else he would be associated with. The particular poses of the Legionaires with swords, and the new Black orc that is still in GREEN worked well with my intended setup, hence why I asked about them.


    So, thats why I asked all these questions. With the definitive word coming from Mr Bryan, that its an incense burner, well, they really dont produce light, just smoke, and therefore change the whole concept behind my diorama. So, gotta rethink the thing.


    Thank you for all the responses.

  12. I tend to use a combination when taking pics. As my usual setup will have between 2 and 3 lights shining from different angles depending on the mini and the intended contrast. So, I will mix and match bulbs to get a little of both types of light.


    But, in general, I leave the color correcting for Photoshop instead of the camera.

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