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Status Updates posted by Stubbdog

  1. Set a course for sector 970

  2. Who stole my mojo?

  3. Math is good....

  4. dang... can't even do a comment without a typo

  5. Just keep saying it, there's no place like hime, there's no place like home, there's.....

  6. Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot, and I will climb out of the rabbit and...

  7. Great guy to game against

  8. Love your web comic... waiting with anticpation for the next episode...

  9. Totaly cool artist, my friend. Let me know if you ever want help building a website to show it off.

  10. You are in my top 3 sculptors. Love your stuff.

  11. Queen of Hirst...

  12. You have a cute butpsycho!!!

  13. MMMMmmmm Bar-b-que....

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