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  1. I just added this to the OP.


    EDIT 3-27-2013: You must turn in your 1000 point roster before the start of the first game. As an incentive any player that emails (or private message me here on the boards) me their final roster by Wednesday April 17th at 6 pm CST, will receive a bonus personal Victory point objective card that will give you the opportunity to earn an additional victory point that you can use during any one of your games.

  2. Friday Player List:


    1. Shakandara - Vince H.

    2. JeffyBaby - Jeff S.













    Saturday Player List:



    1. FistofSokar - Jake S.

    2. Wowaboy - Dan R.

    3. CHyde - Chris H

    4. MHyde - Mason H

    5. TGP

    6. Outek







  3. The ReaperCon 2013 Warlord Tournament will be a 3 round tourney, with each round lasting approx 105 minutes (1 hour 45 minutes). Each player will bring a single 1000 point army list and play that same army list for all three rounds. Players will be allowed to choose faction doctrines to be in affect before the start of each round.


    The ReaperCon 2013 Warlord Tournament will be held at the Hotel this year. Some people know that from a different thread, but I am restating it for those that missed this information. Subject to change based on Reaper's needs, the start times (that means deployment time) for each round are currently set at...


    Round 1: 9 am - 11 am

    Round 2: 11 am - 1 pm

    Round 3: 2 pm - 4 pm


    This schedule allows players to get in their three rounds and still be able to go back and enjoy some time over at the main Reaper campus or other offerings at the hotel.


    We know that a majority of people are attending to take painting and sculpting classes, we know that even with having the earlier start time for the tourney it will still conflict with some class times. We try our best to make the tournament available to everyone by offering it twice. That is to say, there will be a tournament on Friday, and a tournament on Saturday. You can choose which day to participate. But, you must be able to participate in all three rounds on the day that you choose.


    At this time, a maximum of 12 people can register per day on a first come first served basis for the tourney for a total of 24 available slots. Consider this thread as the sign up sheet to reserve your spot in the tournament. I will update the list below as people sign up.


    In the spirit of a Dark Circus theme, the style of the tournament this year will be a little different than prior years. Instead of having 3 different known scenarios that each player will play, this year, each round of the tourney will be a straight up kill them all to the last man standing battle. But, of course we will be adding some random circus tricks and traps that also must be accomplished along the way. These items will be random in each game based on a flip of the card, roll of the dice, etc... You might have the enemy right where you want them, lined up in your sites, when the next flipped card gives you 1 turn to accomplish something an unrelated goal in order to earn a victory point. How you are able to handle the commands of the card flips and still destroy your enemy will determine how well you do in the tourney.

    Tournament specific rules for the ReaperCon 2013 Warlord Tournament:

    • 1) All models using the Swift Attack ability must have space to make base to base contact with the enemy model they wish to attack on their action.
    • 2) When using the Summoned (Demon) SA granted by the Gate ability of the Demonic Conclave doctrine for the Darkspawn faction, demons summoned in this manner must be of equal or lesser point value than the summoning model.
    • 3) Sir Broderick, Justicar is allowed to lead Justicar soldiers.
    • 4) The abilities gained by the Howl portion of the Koborlas "Call of the Wild" Doctrine can be used as a free action once per game turn.

    If you have any questions, post them here and I will do my best to answer them promptly.


    EDIT 3-27-2013: You must turn in your 1000 point roster before the start of the first game. As an incentive, any player that emails (or private message me here on boards) me their final roster by Wednesday April 17th at 6 pm CST, will receive a bonus personal Victory point objective card that will give you the opportunity to earn an additional victory point that you can use during any one of your games.

    EDIT 4-1-2013: One thing to note, although there has never been a rule stating that one must field a painted army, last year Ed gave a $75 Reaper credit reward for the best painted army in the tourney. just something to think about....

  4. Yes, there will be another tourney. At this time, we are planning on offering up time slots for both Friday and Saturday just like last year. Three 2 hour rounds on Friday or three 2 hour rounds on Saturday.


    Look for more detailed information related in the next week.

  5. The main reason a "create your own data card" type thing will not be released is because there is not a simple method to do it. I have almost 2000 hours invested in creating the Warlord costing tables. You have to understand that there are almost 400 different formulas involved in the costing of every datacard because I wanted to try and get the game as balanced as I could possibly get it.. It is not as simple as just saying give this model "SA Mighty" so tack on 5 points.


    Its more along the line of , since this model is on a large base, and is 4 tracks, and has a starting DV value of 12, along with an SA like Flyer, using a different algorithm, we expect on average this model shall survive for an average of X number of turns in a game, and therefore will be able to use this SA an average of Y number times during a game. Now take those results and see that this model has 2 swings at a starting MAV 5, and go compare it to another different algorithm that says it will get an average of Z hits per battle situation, so the base cost for this SA on this model is ...., now throw in the fact that this model also has SA swingthru, first strike, shock, or any from a sublist of other SAs that have synerrgy affects, and that also has an affect on how much this SA will finally charge the model.


    I am leaving out another 5-6 calculations that are included in that for the sake of keeping this short and easy to understand.


    And all of that only gives you the final cost for the SA Mighty.


    So, I hope you can understand I have created a hugely invested set of formulas that cannot easily or simply be transported into a do it yourself type of set up. And that is why there will not be a make your own....




    As for some of the other items on your list, well.... stay tuned... :devil:

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  6. I just think the issue is that the green on the gem is the exact same green as the cloak. So, it blends in. But, as you said, since this is only a rank and file soldier, not like a hero, elite or center piece model, I wouldnt worry about it too much. Save the extra effort for the highlight minis. Good efforts here.

  7. May thru August, yes, that is correct.


    But, Feb thru May is much more sporadic. 70s one day, 20s the next, then back in the 70s the following and maybe a day in the 90s a few days later. During spring we get lots of 1-2 day blow thru changes. Sometimes those are cold, sometimes those are hot. I have seen both. Good thing is they never last more than a day or two. Bad thing is you just never know which 1-2 days those are. Spring for us starts in mid January, not March.

  8. As a native Texan... I say "15 minutes" to everything, even if its truly 4 hours..... But, in reality, I think it actually is about 15-20 minutes since it is on the north side of the lake. I live another 15-20 minutes to the south of there and it takes me a little over 30 minutes to get to Reaper (except during traffic times).. the problem is, you never know about traffic. its about as unpredictable as Texas weather.

  9. In the end, since you are working to create something new and different for your personal enjoyment, the best answer I can give you is, have fun tinkering.


    To be honest that is one of the reasons why Warlord 2nd edition is here. There was a group of us hard core players that loved the game, but felt that prior versions had too many problems with them for one reason or another. So, we set upon updating and making it better. We spent the better part of 2 years getting it prepared. When we were finished, Reaper liked what we did and agreed to use it. Whala we have a second edition.


    So, grab your calculators, spreadsheets, and protractors, and get to work seeing what you come up with. Who knows.. You just might come up with something successful...

  10. There is never really a correct forum to post this in.. But, it needs to be posted.


    A friend of mine, Gregory Greer, passed away yesterday.


    Local to the DFW crowd, for the last few years Greg was part of my dice rolling group that got together every couple of weeks. Very boisterous, loud, and overly competitive in game, fairly quiet and reserved away from the dice. I only played Warlord with him, but I know he was also involved in a few different groups. I am not going to pretend to be know everything about him as I only saw him a couple times a month in a good month, but obviously doing that for a couple years, I do feel like I got to know him fairly well. I shared some good times and some tough times with him over the years, and I will miss him.



    He was not really a forums guy, or at least not a poster, I don't even know if he had a forum handle, so there will be plenty here that might not know him.. But, there will be plenty here that have come to one or two of the ReaperCons and met him and know that he is the type that leaves an impression that wont soon forget him (referring to his loud and boisterous in game personality). So, I figured to share the info in case.


    Good bye my friend.



  11. Glen,


    Need to answer this from a couple of different angles...


    First off, yes you can put your models on 40 mm bases and proxy them for any Reptus (or any other faction) models that use the 40mm base. The game does not associate rank with base size tho so that part is not necessarily equivolant. As for playing models that are suppose to be on 25 mm bases on 40 mm bases, I guess that is your choice since you will most likely just be playing with people in your local area and might not be a big deal. But, if you were to play against more experienced players, there actually are several significant differences in how they play in the game that your opponents would take advantage of.


    Now, having said that, 90% of the Reptus faction uses 25mm bases. I believe only the trolls and brood riders use the 40mm bases. So, if you were intending to proxy for Reptus those would be your options with that base size.


    Another option that I have seen used (including myself) is building up a base a little. that is, I tend to make my basing texture out of cork board. so I can put a piece of cork board that will match my model's stance so as to still be able to use the smaller base. i will see if i can post a picture of an example later tonight.

  12. I was there for the beginning of the game, but had to leave early. After all of the 1s and 2s Steve was rolling early on, I figured he would have been icingstead popsicle snacks by the 3rd turn. Glad to see that he was able to make a good comeback even if it wasn't all the way to victory.

  13. Although I guess the wording does not explicitly say it (it does say that it ignores the point), the point of Damage Reduction is, that the point of damage never happened, since the DR soaked it up. Therefore, the requirement for Siphon Soul would not be obtained for the resulting benefit to happen either. At the same time, I can also say that I think if a group played it as if that is legal it probably would not be game breaking either, so my overall answer is, my opinion is that no you could not, but as long as you make an agreement between your play group, then it can be.


    Second question. Yes, if a model has leap, fly, burrow, hover, etc... it may break BTB contact by using that ability. The success roll would still be necessary though.

  14. Josh,


    The goblin riders are some of my favorite cavalry in the game personally. They have some of the best bang for the buck I think as they are less than half the cost of the "big" cavalry out there but they still have the same speed and can team up while not breaking the bank on a flank of them. Toss in a bless and a battle totem and they become extremely effective. Then to top it off, their swift attack is an extreme advantage during scenario games where they can run in and hit their opponent and still get going towards the objective. Lead them with Gronkelfibbets


    I also love the beastmen woodcutters. Cheap but fast and affective diversions. Able to get in the face of the enemy quickly. Again, with bless and battle totems, they can be hitting at 8s on a raged charge. For only 12 points, that is some good hitting. And if they die, well at 12 points, its not much loss.


    The key model to an effective Reven build is the little 30 point non-unique Gonda. You will fall in love with Gonda for bless and divine Vigor. And with Gonda being non-unique you will want one in every troop. Sometimes that is a smart move, sometimes its not. Thats the balancing act that takes time to figure out as each build will be different on what is effective. But, when it comes to Reven, at least for me, Gonda is a never leave home without her type of model.

  15. Adrift,


    Very good first attempt. I do remember haveing lots of the same frustrations on my first attempts.


    Take these as learning critiques...


    Main think I see is that your horizon line simply went perpendicular to the object rather than go based on the actual angle of the object to the ground. The sword is at an angle, yet the horizon line of the nmm did not adjust to that angle. Or maybe its that it did adjust to the angle rather than staying with the ground.


    Similarly, on her wristband piece, her arm is at an angle downward, which means a lot more of the piece of metal would be facing down reflecting the ground, rather than up reflecting the sky. Yours has it 50/50 right in the middle.


    Lastly, your base has lots of greenery in it. Yet, your nmm is all browns, no green.

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  16. I have already written emails to the guys in my regular group, but figured to also do a post up here in case...


    Looks like my weekend has opened up a little bit and I want to roll some dice. Looking to see if anyone is interested in joining me on Saturday either up at Reaper HQ or at the new and improved larger Area 51 in Grapevine.


    Unless something changes, I will be available pretty much anytime after about 4 pm on Saturday.

  17. And of course, after reading the Blood Craze spell again, it made me want to build a list around it. So, here is one idea to focus on that one..


    Bloodstone - 1000 points


    Troop 1

    Kordtok the Gutter

    Shaerdra, Bloodstone Matron

    Pulger x 4

    Scragger x 4

    Hok x 4


    Troop 2

    Kordtok the Gutter

    Shaerdra, Bloodstone Matron

    Pulger x 4

    Scragger x 4

    Hok x 4


    Troop 3

    Kordtok the Gutter

    Shaerdra, Bloodstone Matron

    Pulger x 4

    Scragger x 4

    Hok x 4


    Troop 4

    Kordtok the Gutter

    Shaerdra, Bloodstone Matron

    Pulger x 3

    Scragger x 4

    Hok x 2


    Troop 5

    Great Worm



    Obviously, this list is not built around the beetles although I am sure you could adapt it to include them. But, with 54 models in it, it looks like it would be some fun.


    List is built around using the casters beguile and blood craze spells. Use the lock shields to get across the field as safe as possible and then swarm. Pretty straight forward. Hoks for offense, Pulgers for defense, Scraggers for provoking. Blood craze the scraggers and swing away, to keep the hoks alive a little longer. Win by attrition.


    Use the worm, to do its job and head hunt the enemy casters.

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  18. Ok, so here is another option to fielding those beetles..


    Bloodstone - 997 points


    Troop 1

    Bata, Lancer Captain

    Glaktu, Lancer Champion

    Beetle Rider Lancer x 8


    Troop 2


    Shaerdra, Bloodstone Matron

    Coloti x 6

    Scragger x 5


    Troop 3

    Chalcerax, Guard Sergeant

    Pulger x 3

    Pinner x 3


    Troop 4

    Charnel Grub



    Luck Stone



    So, this is kinda the Demented version of the Reptus Snake list. Lots of poison.


    We have the quick hitting beetles with their 20 inch poisoned rush attack.

    We have a nauseating bug with lots of poisoned swings.

    We have burrowing poison shock troops, with their provoking sidekicks.

    We have ranked shooters standing behind the locked shields spiked picket fence.


    Secrets to pull out of the hat are Shaerdra's spells. The combination of Beguile and Blood Craze would work well here.

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