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  1. Kinda a two part question related to a mini that I am considering purchasing:


    First from the miniature side of things: miniature 14035 - Balthor, the evil Priest. What's that in his left hand? The fantasy Fig finder just says he is a cleric anti-paladin with a mace and a skull. For those of you that already have this mini does it look more like its a lantern or an evil incense burner? If Mr. Klocke happens to lurk, how did you intend it to be?


    Second question comes from the game side: What type(s) of henchlings would Balthor, the evil Priest command?

  2. Sure count me in.


    Someone has probably already suggested this, but maybe there should ba a separate gallery (galleries) set up to show off these gifts. I mean that would be 38+ more minis for us to view, admire, etc.. And it would make it organized and such (2004 spring exchange results gallery, 2004 Winter exchange results gallery, etc...)

  3. I figure that everyone has their a favorite section of units that they like to try and take to battle with them, if the Point spread will allow it. Just curious, and wanted to hear a few of yours out there...


    Not imaginary sections if points were unlimited and all that, I mean be realistic, in your games (assuming here that everyone plays 3000-5000-10000 point battles) what section do you find yourself using together often cause it works well as a group.

  4. Ok, so I am counting:


    18 hard units (14 CAV, 4 tank)

    10 soft units (10 Hvy Inf)


    with a total Point value of 7358.


    I am fairly new to CAV (have not actually played a game yet). So, always trying to gather data and over-analyze it to see how I can use it.


    Can you tell me what size the playing area was?


    Also, if you were not playing double blind, would you have preferred the same forces (I say preferred because I know you use that interesting system for choosing forces).


    Did you deploy all forces from the begining or were there delayed reinforcements?


    How exactly did yall pull off the double blind?

  5. Now as stated above, the primary objective in the first wave is to get the infantry up to the control stations so that they can attempt to disable the landing pads.


    For disabling the landing pads, I have come up with the following way to figure the success. With the idea that each turn is suppose to represent 10 seconds, I figured that it is possible for a stand of men to get lucky the same turn they arrive at the destination point (on a roll of 6 on d6). For each turn they are there trying to figure it out, that roll goes down by two as they try to hurry to get the job done under duress (2nd turn 4 or higher, 3rd turn 2 or higher, 4th turn automatic). Obviously, there are going to be multiple pads and hence multiple destination points. With the idea that there will probably be 4+ pads, and at least 5 attacking players, that means there are going to be roughly 20 or more APCs carrying troops to disable those 4 pads. Odds are that at least a couple of them are gonna get through and have the ability to be rolling for disablement.

  6. the main concept entails a raid on a remote forest outpost with dropship pads. It will be an all Innersphere affair though I have not figured out the actual who yet.


    Basic scenario is:


    The attackers stage a diversion off table that gets the defense to ship out a good portion of the defense to go investigate (dropships transport them off table). Obviously it wont take too long for the defense to realize it is a diversion and they turn around.


    So, the attackers have a limited time to send in a quick strike team of vehics carrying infantry to disable the dropship landing pods. These vehics will be escorted by light and medium speedy mechs.


    The defense will have some troops still on base to try and stop the attackers from acheiving their goal.


    There will be a limited numbr of rounds to achieve the goal. For every successfull disablement, the defense will have to divert their dropship and land off board and hike back in to defend their post. For every failure to disable within the timeframe, the defense gets to land a dropship and have their defensive re-inforcements on hand immediately.


    The attackers will also have their slower re-inforcements following up the raid. They will enter the table at time frames based on their speed (to be explained a little better later).


    So, to sum it up: how, where, and when the reinforcements get on the table all depend on the results of the initial raid.


    Ok, some more details:


    Remember that the table is basically going to be a raised outpost in the middle of the table (raised on some form of plateau) in a clearing surrounded by scattered forest.


    The attackers create a diversion to get a good portion of the defense to go address the issue, and try to attack while they are gone. Due to their preparation in trying to keep covert, they can only send a raid squad first, while the rest of the attack force gets powered on and will follow behind. Obviously, the defense figures out the diversion soon enough and turns around, but not before the 1st wave gets a chance to disable the landing pads.


    1st wave objective is to disable those pads and force the rest of the defense to have to land off table and hike back in, giving the attacking force enough time to get the rest of their troops on the table and ready for the defensive 2nd wave.


    The general idea is that the attacking force will start roughly 70-80 geo-hex sized hexes off the table and due to the forested terrain will move at an average of 0.75 of their MM speed to get to the table. The game actually starts the 1st turn that the attacker actually reaches the table. The 2nd wave of the attack will start their way to the table (from the same 70-80 hexes off table) on the first actual game turn, so their arrival on table also depends on their speed.


    The defense will start with a small force on table, and their 2nd wave will land (on or off table based on the attackers initial success rate) exactly 8 turns after game play has started. For any defensive ships that are forced to land off table, they will land 30-40 hexes off table. Again, they must hike in, but they will be able to follow paths and such that will allow them to travel at their regular MM speed. So, that pretty much all reinforcements for both sides should arrive on the table by turn 12 regardless of the state of the first wave forces.


    I wanted to give the attacking force an advantage in the 1st wave and the defense the advantage in the reinforcements. I also am giving the attacking force a slight edge overall. This is due to the fact that the attacking force vehics and infantry should be focused on the task of disabling the landing pads rather than chasing around the defensive forces. Which partially negates their BV value from the overall totals.


    Rough BV value breaks down like this:


    Attacking player:

    1st wave:

    model BV - 1700

    vehic BV - 1000

    INF BV - 700


    sub-total - 3400


    2nd wave:

    combined BV - 4000


    Total BV - 7400


    Defensive player:

    1st Defense:

    mech BV - 1000

    vehic BV - 500

    INF BV - 700


    sub-total - 2200


    2nd wave:

    combined BV - 5000


    Total BV - 7200

  7. Just wanted to announce my next CETG event to take place in February 2005, at my place in the Texas - DFW area.


    CETG is just what I named my little annual game weekend event that I have hosted the last few years. (Controlled Environment for Tactical Gaming). I admit that up until now my CETG events have all been CBT based weekends.


    Well, I have found the game of CAV and I am very interested in it, so I have decided that this coming Feb, I will include it into my weekend of fun. Saturday, Feb 19th, will be the CBT events, and then on Sunday, the 20th, will be the CAV event.


    As mentioned above, I am a CBT player by history. So, this scenario I have created is based on porting over a CBT scenario. But, I think it still has potential to be a great time for all. I am open for suggestions, if anyone sees any glaring holes with it.


    I wil take the next couple of posts to explain my scenario.


    Please, let me know if you feel like joining in on this game after reading...

  8. You got any pics of your battle? I always enjoy pictures....


    What were the total forces in that game? That's a ton of points there you had in that one section...

  9. i found a really cheap [inexpensive] at Micheal's for $7.00 approx. 2 years ago. don't know if the price changed though.


    i also found directions at TerraGenesis.com for making one. just a thought there, not really a suggestion

    I bought and basically threw away that cheap $7 battery powered wire cutter a year ago... It never got hot enough to do squat. Might cut butter but thats about it.


    I got both the knife and the plug in poewred hot wire cutters. Both work great. Theya re just geared towards different styles.


    I pefer the knife myself. It is great for jagged, rough, and also smooth cuts that need to change angles or directions all the time (like mountainous terrain).


    The hot wire is better for precision cuts, and if you get the optional attachment, it is also great at holding a precise angle for cutting staight edges and the like.

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