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  1. Ok, apologies for the long delay in my response.


    The camera I have had a great success with is the Sony CyberShot Exmore 10.2 MPixel camera. I am sure there are more up to date models and such, but if you can find the one that is 10.2 with the Exmore feature set, it is an awesome camera for macro shooting. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions related.

  2. Using the same list, cause I don't have time right now to put in an alternate, but one note I want to add. Snakes are fragile, BUT, with their good dodge ability, the warriors become very effective on offense. Using the Rush Attack SA, are limited to one swing, but the opponent can only get one defensive swing in back as well. And getting only one defensive swing against a DV 12 is no small problem for most soldier models. So, for me, where as I agree that getting to enemy leaders is important, if the opponent is made up of a bunch of soldiers, I will also consider bum rushing all the soldiers first, going for my one hit (with poison) against them, and hope they miss their one swing back on me. Cut their numbers down in size. You just have to plan the retaliation part when you do it. Dont put yourself in a position to be swarmed right after.


    Areas where you have to be careful using that tactic though are when the opponent walls up in tight formations. The rules for Rush attack say a model can only take one defensive swing against the Rush attacker, but it does not say that it cant use any other swings against other models. So, you do have to pay attention in how you charge in such that you dont let their other defensive models outplay your charge. Instead, that is usually the best spot for the spitters or the poison cloud to be targeted.


    Last suggestion, is actually to break away from the list a little bit. I love the dragon turtle. But, in this list what I have found to be extremely effective is a hand full of coautl. With their speed 9, SA hover, and rush attack from the doctrine, they can effectively hit just about anywhere on the board. And if the enemy is not protecting his casters, archers, etc... I love mass hitting those juicy low DV models before they can blink and know what hit them.

  3. I will post up the camera that I use when I get home tonight. When I bought it, the camera was about $350, but that was a couple years ago. I would assume that if you can find a used one on Amazon that it would go much cheaper now. I can tell you that the macro on it is awesome and it has a huge display panel on it to see what your taking a picture of, plus its small and portable well.

  4. Looking good.


    Couple of thoughts...


    I like the spots on the tail.. but due to the coat, there is no cohesion of those spots on the rest of the figure. You might think about adding just a few smaller "transition" spots in the upper legs , lower neck areas.


    The transition to the pink on the tongue might look great in person, but in these from across the table pictures, that pink just looks like the same pink used in the skin, so it tends to blend in and get lost. I might suggest either going more of a hot pink, red, or something to make it stand out. But again, this opinion is based on the small pictures, my opinion might change if I saw it up close in person.


    I agree with you that I really like your coat, color choice and highlighting on it. Course I also think as you said it is huge open area just screaming for some freehand designs.

  5. Vince, I think you left the Hound off your list by accident.


    Here is another possible list with a little different approach:


    Crusaders - 1000 points


    Troop 1

    Sir Brannor, Justicar

    Armor of Courage

    Isarah, Cleric of Shadarzaddi

    Ivy Crown Light Lancer x 2

    Templar Knight x 3

    Templar Ironspine x 2


    Troop 2

    Sister Majeda, Battle Nun

    Auricus, Pegasus Rider

    Ian, Mage Apprentice

    Templar Knight x 3

    Templar Ironspine x 3


    Troop 3

    Uriel, Guardian Angel


    Holy Armor


    Troop 4

    Celestial Lion


    Troop 5

    Luck Stone



    So, with this list, I made sure to include both models that you said you had (Uriel and Ian). I think for this particular list Ian is not as well suited but adding him anyway.


    Basically, I am adding in several casters, both leaders and elites, for their ability to summon in Uriel (and / or the Lion) at a later time. Brannor and Majeda happen to be healing casters as well, so they could at some point during the game use a spell to heal the Angel some.


    Similar to Vince I also have Isarah in the list for her ability to Burst Speed, and also to Iron Skin. Burst of speed gets her and her group across the board quickly, where she can then summon Uriel and the Lion into just the right spot, then run back. I have given Uriel the Holy Armor to give some insurance on the defense.


    I also have included the Pegasus rider to give a bit of air support (along with its great speed and ability to do a hit targets anywhere on the board quickly - 14 inch charge and swift attack)


    I dont have a lot of time right now to describe the rest of my reasons for including different models, but needless to say, it is another option to use to include Uriel in what could be a very affective way.

  6. So, the last two pointed out some of the possible negatives. But, there are plenty of positives about Uriel in a list as well. Uriel's spell casting gives plenty of options. Plus, even though it is true that He can be taken down by a swarm of flyers, if the other person did not bring a swarm but rather only a few, or even none, then Uriel becomes a huge bonus in the sky.


    I will see if I can make a couple of decent example lists with explanations later tonight.

  7. I use a tupperware bowl, some folded up paper towel, and the parchment paper. Works fine for me. And when I remember too, I can seal it up with the tupperware lid after.


    I even re-use the paper about 5-6 times before having to change out. just take it out for a minute, crack off the old paint and good to go. I like using the paper as many times as I can cause my only issue I have is the curling edges on new papers.

  8. Overall, I think you have a pretty good list there. Well balanced between speed and power, with some magic and ranged too. But, of course part of the fun of this game is tweaking lists. So, here is just one possible tweak you might think about:


    Dwarves - 998 points


    Troop 1

    Freya Fangbreaker

    Margara Firetongue - Familiar

    Shieldmaiden x 2

    Halberdier x 3

    Piercer x 2


    Troop 2

    Ursula, Bear Rider - Armor of Courage

    Bear Rider x 3


    Troop 3

    Gargram Heavyhand

    Klaus Copperthumb - Mithril Armor, Magic Ranged Weapon

    Warrior x 2

    Halberdier x 3


    Troop 4




    Luck Stone


    The main thing I did was to swap the 2 piercers in troop 3, to an assassin with 3 shots. His range is a little shorter, but with the magic ranged weapon and the pierce he can be very effective as long as you keep him supported. He has stealth to help against enemies with longer ranged weapons.


    I also changed the tactical book in for a leadership pin for Ursula. This one is a wash as both have very helpful benefits. I just leaned towards the free action items that the pin bestows. I also thought about trading the luck stone and book in for a musician. Again, all have good uses. I just went this way this time.

  9. Actually, I think painting those green army guys that don't have a ton of detail is a great way because you can always practice painting the details in. You can practice highlighting and shading and other techniques that are easier on more open areas than they are on tiny fiddly bits. That way you are learning to walk before you learn to run.


    Learn brush control, keeping a good point, paint consistency (what level of wet or watery works best for you), how much paint to put on your brush at once, eye to brush coordination, etc...


    You dont need overtly detailed models to work on those things.

  10. I think the cloak is my favorite part so just goes to show you how we all have different eyes, so just trust your own.


    If I had a critique is that, while the wolf head looks awesome, the face of the shield looks flat. Did all the highlighting and shading on everything else, and even including the nmm trim of the shield, but the face of the shield none, looks off.

  11. Thanks everyone. I am not worried about not getting 10s in CMoN. Heck I don't think its a 10. Not a 6, but not a 10. Its all good. As long as Inarah likes it is all I care about. She wanted a good monster to be used in a dungeon crawl or similar so this one just spoke to me.


    With how little I paint overall, I am very happy with my results. And hey, bonus, I painted this one a little faster than most of my previous paintjobs. And already using this new learning to go more quickly on a couple more that I will be posting some WIPs in the next day or so.


    I also uploaded the same picture (without the Stubbdog label) to the inspiration gallery.

  12. One side note:


    One "house rule" that has unofficially been officially adopted for the official ReaperCon Warlord tourney is that related to the Flying swift attack, the verbage is added that flying models must still have space to put their base to gain the contact with the target model, even if they are flying. Its a minor wording change from what is in the book but does have a significant impact on how the SA is used.


    As it again has unofficially been officially adopted (that is it will be included in all ReaperCon tourneys going forward for the foreseeable future) we suggest that it might also be adopted by players outside of ReaperCon as well.

  13. its sci fi based not fantasy based but what your describing... you should really give Chronicles of the Void a chance. A few of the guys that put in a lot of work in helping write Warlord 2nd edition, are creating this new RPG game. Look em up on Facebook for more info.

  14. So, this was the mini I chose to paint up for the summer 2012 mini exchange. Inarah was my victim er, I mean recipient.








    Its getting killed over on CMoN but then again, I guess that is to be expected as its not female or nekkid. Anyway, I was pretty happy with him, except for my never ending attempts to try to bring the highlights out even more. If you should care to go vote, I am pretty sure the link to my gallery is still in my sig below.


    Thanks for looking.



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