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  1. I would suggest one of two things..


    1. Although you are using the straight line down the join edge, most of the weight will happen on the edges of the table, and those two Ts dont reach very far towards each end. I would suggest using two more long straights going perpendicular to the join edge.




    2. Change out your current straight flat brackets for joint hinges. That way you can fold the thing up between game sessions.


    Oh, and last.. even though you already have the red and it will work, I actually suggest replacing the red with either green or tan, simply because it is more natural coloring and easy to stick terrain features on top of and have it blend in. With the red, you will probably find yourself buying green or tan anyway and putting it on top of the red.

  2. In the end, the game is a tabletop war game just like warhammer. The main things that set this game apart are:


    1. The initiative system. It is not a you go I go set up, but rather a random order based on the number of troops you take which results where each game can have a totally different outcome based solely on that aspect.


    2. Soldiers dont travel around in blocks. Each model is its own man so to speak. You can spread them out, pack them in, both, whatever works for you in the given scenario or game.


    3. Also, on soldiers, you can mix and match soldiers within a given troop. You don't have to have all soldiers the same, so again they can use their synergies to help each other out and you can change them based on the needed task or scenario.


    4. Lots of time and energy was taken to make sure that the newest faction is balanced with the oldest faction. This is not a game where you have to have the newest thing to win.


    5. The game takes about 15 minutes to learn the mechanics and game sequences. What takes a while, is the learning the different special abilities and the synergies you can create within them.

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  3. Not exactly sure what you are looking for in terms of suggestions. So, I can only say that for my inspiration for painting all of my reptus, I watched the movie "Avatar" and went with a myriad of color patterns similar to their flying creatures and less of the real life olive green colors of a real turtle. But that is just me. I will see if I can get a picture of some this weekend.

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  4. One of the things we went out of our way to try and make sure we did when working on this game was to give each faction multiple play styles available to them. So, to ask if one faction is easier to learn than the others, the answer is yes and no for every faction, just depending on the mix and match you choose to use within it.


    We made it to where the game itself, the mechanics of the game that is, probably takes about 30 minutes to fully learn and master. But, the depth of the game is in the special abilities and the synergies that you can create. That part can take a lot longer to master as you tinker with your lists (and your opponent is doing the same in return). And then we added the element of randomness to throw it all into chaos. The initiative system helps to balance out players as you can play the same game 5-6 times with the same models and come out with totally different results simply because of a card flip here or there that was right for one player at the right time. I have done that. I have pounded a friend before with a good list, then we played the same armies again and he pounded me, simply cause of the card flips (and well of course dice rolling too).


    I know this doesnt necessarily help you try o decide on a faction, but I hope it does help with your overall thought process.


    In the end, you should pick a faction based on the models that appeal to you, and then start reading their abilities and the synergies you can unlock within them.

  5. Well Marilith is actually a model in the Darkspawn faction. But, obviously, that would not preclude you from proxying it for something of the snakey origin.


    I haven't posted a new list in a while, but I still play these bad boys all the time (well all the time being they are included in my rotation of factions I throw down with). Thats the problem with Warlord.. there are just too many fun builds to make to stick with just one.

  6. if they can do golems.. they can do cavalry... come on next reveal... Bryan's gonna make me wait to the very end for cavalry...


    I am telling you, they would sell well in plastic since the cost would be so much better. Lion Lancers and Chevaliers. Heck Skeletal riders or Gnome Beetle riders...

  7. Overall, the game related information in those faction books is no longer relevant with the release of Warlord 2.0


    But, some people still try and get the books for the fluff part. Actually, I think I will see what the possibles are of converting it to electronic form and getting it added to the reapergames site (if its not there already).

  8. Heisler, one way to think about it is... Somebody has to support Reaper AFTER the KS is over. You will just be in that mix. Everyone that is upping their pledges left and right are making a great buy now for sure, but Reaper has to figure that they can expect less purchases over the next month or two as people recover from this.

  9. Heck...


    I will even go and say that for every person that does give this a shot (and stays thru level 10), I will up my kickstarter bid by $10.


    That means if I can get 19 people doing it, I will up my kickstarter by $190.


    My wife will shoot me, but I would rather spend the $190 here than on the game. I prefer we all played the game for free and get the bonuses by the invite..

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