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  1. So, for whatever reason I was in the mood to try building a list for fun that was all models on large bases or bigger. I think I am gonna do it with a few different factions. Anyways, here is an interesting idea with the dementeds I think.


    Troop 1

    Herald of Blood

    Necklace of Worm Teeth

    Lesser Bloodstone Golem


    Troop 2

    Bata, Lancer Captain

    Glaktu, Lancer Champion

    Bloodstone Weapon

    Beetle Rider Lancer x 3


    Troop 3

    Bata, Lancer Captain

    Beetle Rider Lancer x 3


    Troop 4

    Great Worm


    Troop 5

    Great Worm


    Troop 6

    Great Worm



    Luck Stone


    6 troops -

    14 models (40 DTs)


    Lots of speedy borrowering heat seeking missiles combined with poisoned beetles and exploding warlords... What could be more fun? Sure, there is no magic or ranged, but hey, who am I to argue with a fun list? Obvious weakness is model count. But, there are enough tactical options that it should help against that problem a little.


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  2. BunnyPuncher, get in touch with Luethar. I think that is how he spells it. He is just north of SA and trying to get started as well. Maybe you two can hook up.


    As for collecting all the factions and such, what I might suggest is choosing factions that can be easily proxied for example, there are two different factions of dwarves (Aizen Krahl, Kragmarr), 3 elves (Taltos, Darkreach, Tembrithil), 2 orc-type (Reven, Kargir), etc... Getting models for one of those might be easily proxied for the other making them more flexible.

  3. Recommendations....


    Two part filtering...


    I will try to take pictures tonight of how I do it to better show, but You need to block the direct light from the lamps to the minis. Else you get hotspots all over your pictures. I literally taped a large base onto the end of the lightbulb (tape connects to the lamp, not the bulb, but the base sits against the bulb). Then I also cover the entire thing with a plastic bag from the grocery store.


    Last suggestion, is to use a much darker colored background. Dark gray, blue, or even black. The lights will light it up with a nice glow but not wash out your paintjob.


    Now, between the three lights you still get plenty of light, but not the hotspots.

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  4. A slight variation of your list for your perusal:


    Darkspawn - 998 points


    Troop 1

    Xeldorian, Tyrant of Darkness

    D'Khul, Bathalian

    Bathalian Exarch x 4

    Demon Imp x 2


    Troop 2

    Bathalian Primarch

    Book of Tactics

    Bathalian Exarch x 2

    Demon Imp x 2


    Troop 3

    Devourer of Mashaf


    Troop 4

    Devourer of Mashaf


    4 troops +2 tacticians +2 spies

    16 models

  5. A couple of things to consider...


    The less the upfront cost of the printer, usually means the higher the long run cost of owning it. Lower cost printers tend to use much smaller ink buckets that have to be replaced more frequent and cost more.


    I don't know what you expect the monthly print load to be, but I would do a cost compare at 10,000 pages before making a purchase.


    Also, the same can usually be said laser verses inkjet. Laser tends to have a higher upfront cost but lower overall maintenance and refill cost. But, again it depends on your expected print load.


    Lastly, depending on where you live, you can find places where you can lease printers with refill contracts. And while its not the cheapest route, it tends to be worth it if you can haggle your way into a good deal. Again, thinking the long term cost, not the up front cost. We worked a deal that included the ink refills at an extremely low rate in exchange for an acceptable monthly maintenance contract fee that also replaces our printer with a new one every so often.

  6. Dont discount the skellies. They can be very helpful. So, here is the good/bad of your skellies against Sisters....


    The good:

    1.you can take a ton of them if you want

    2. The sisters overall do not average a very high DV, so even the little skellies can prove successful.

    3. Who cares if the sisters cleave against your skellies.


    The bad:

    1. Tons of cheap easy to kill skellies means tons of earnable luck stones for the sister leadership which you might not care about against skellies but can mean something when used against your other stuff.


    The main thing is realize where your strengths are when possible.


    Give Dauron a Vampiric weapon... its expensive but watch what he does with it... Just make sure to keep a host of skellies with him so he doesnt get swarmed.


    Gauntfield is fun, but realize he is only a 50 point model, not 150. He can be very good, but he is not the same as he was in 1.5.


    I don't know how many troops you are taking, but I like using Railor as leaders in some just so they can use the Necromatic Surge (on Dauron or Grave Horror)


    Love taking at least 2-3 ghasts when I take Moandain, cause they are cheap affective exploding sacrifices for him. Then the skellies follow it up and finish off the mess.

  7. Add a familiar to Moandain to keep him casting big spells, but make sure to take advantage of his Warlord ability as well, it could very well catch your opponent off guard.


    Use your cheap skellies to let your opponent waste his cleaving swings. Heck, use cleavers of your own, have the skellies all be swordsmen. But, be smart about it. If you know that the shadow sisters have 3 swings, then don't take 3 skellies over there just to let a single sister slaughter all three (unless you also take a provoker model).

  8. One thing of note.... Luck stones are Unique to purchase. You may only purchase a single luck stone for any single army build. The only way to get more than one luck stone in a single list is thru Faction Doctrines. Both the Mercs and the Sisterhood currently have doctrines that give them more stones.

  9. Well, based on what I am hearing, it looks like this is the perfect mini to try out some free hand on. Based on its style, looks like a vibrant silk undercolor would be great for some golden yarn embellishments in the fabric. Several different patterns I think would be fitting. Go take a look at a few of Derek's paintjobs from the last year. He has done a few in this genre that I think would be great inspirations to think from.

  10. Not a bad list to start with. Decent mixing of models. Since you have 5 troops already, I might lean towards trying to get a familiar for one of the casters instead of the Book of Tactics. But, it might cause a model change here or there.


    One proxy I have already cemented in for myself is the use of 60028 as my shadow dragon:


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  11. I won't be doing this for all your new designs, but I am in a fun curious mood, so I went ahead and pointed it out to see what it actually would come out as...


    Vince is real close...


    It came out to 70.27 points = 70



    Each item in the data card, from every stat to every SA has almost 10 different formulas being applied to it. None of them are as easy or simple as well SA X should be worth Y number of points no matter what the model is that has it. But rather it is something like, SA A take into account that the model has B number of tracks with C DV (and or MD) so it has a likeliness to survive for D number of rounds in a game. Therefore, since SA A is an offensive SA, and it is a melee one at that, it would most likely have an opportunity to be used E number of times in the game. And since its average MAV is F, and the model has G number of swings, then it has the potential to be affective H percentage of uses for a total of I number of times per round. Now, if the model also has SA J, K, L, or M, then all of those SAs synergize with this SA so take that into account as well. But, if the model has SA N, O, P, or Q then those SAs actually hurt or take away from this SA so take that into account. Now, if the model also has spell casting or ranged attacks ability, compare which they do better and figure out which the player is most likely to use more often, if this SA, then do R or if the other, then adjust by S.....


    And this is just a partial list of the items the formulas go and check for. All sorts of other attributes also affect the total cost. Model rank and size for example, also come into play. And several more.


    Then once it goes thru all of the different formulas, then you just get the final cost for this particular item related to this datacard. You have to repeat the process for each and every stat and SA, and then recalculate them all again at the end with each change in case any new SAs or stat changes affect your value for this individual item.

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