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  1. Warwick, under those circumstances do not forget to use the Regroup action.


    In the end, when it comes to DR models... You have to over commit SWINGS or you have to use the multi attack type method to bring them down.


    You can also use special abilities to help you. For example, it doesnt kill them, but if you can disable one, then at least you have knocked its abilities to hurt you down. If you stun them, you also take away their punch.


    Sometimes the best way to deal with them is simply to tie them up and make them waste their time on your small fodder models.


    In your case, with Darkreach, you have your own version of DR with Displacement, that can also nullify enemy attacks.

  2. I think the idea of making a dwarven horde is kinda fun. I think your list, while it meets the horde criteria, it might lack some synergy within its ranks. But, I would need a little time to try and figure out some better pairings.


    My point being that for example, just looking at troop 1, you have a couple of models that want to run across the board with rush attack. You have a couple of models that want to try and base up several models at a time with swing thru and you have some models that want to stand back and let the enemy come to them to take advantage of pike. While all three of those can be good and affective, they each are different and dont help or play off each other. I might instead try to see how maybe a mancatcher might work with some of those. Maybe a pairing of a halberd with pathfinder might work better than with a swift axe since the pathfinder is not doing a double move (allowing the reacher to reach) and even when it leaves BTB after a swift attack, it will still be within help range (and might even be able to do it again) and allows the piker to wait to use the pike.


    Just one example. There are more that could be said, but I would need more time to figure it out.

  3. The Hammer is definitely a fun weapon. But, it comes at the cost of models and swings. You have to ask yourself what you are using the hammer for, are you using it for the mighty or for the spell? If you are taking it for the spell, well you have to have more swings to take advantage of the affects, if you are using it for the mighty you dont want to put it on someone who will die fast on defensive swings. Here is my tweak to your list as one possible option:


    Dwarves - 1000 points


    Troop 1

    Logan Battlefury - Mithril Armor, Book of Tactics

    Ivar Silverfist - Familiar

    Durthen, Boarmaster - Hammer of the Mountain God

    Berserker x 4

    Warrior x 4




    Troop 2

    Gargram Heavyhand

    Durgam Deepmug - Hammer of the Mountain God

    Warrior x 3

    Mancatcher x 3



    2 troops (+1 tactician)

    20 models


    I know that it is customary to take Durgram with Logan for his 4 swing provoke, but I chose to use Ivar instead with his possible 3 castings of Flesh to Stone (most likely on Durgam and Durthen, and a berzerker), . I will let the warriors in troop one do the duty of provoking swings away from Logan.


    The main problem with the hammer is that as cool a weapon as it is, you usually end up with the conundrum of the person you put it on can cast or attack but not both in the same activation and you almost always need both. By reducing the list down to 2 hammers, you still can get two well timed castings off (in a 5 round game), and still have enough soldiers swinging to take advantage of the affects.



    I also kinda like the idea of swapping out one of the current elites for Klaus with a hammer. An assassin with 2 swings at mighty would be rather scary.

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  4. I have been putting magnets on the bottom of my minis for about 3 years now. I started out using rare earth magnets, but they were actually too powerful. They kept ripping out of the glue hold I had on them, so I started to green stuff them into my bases. That worked for a while but was a lot of work. Then I found the GF9 magnet bases and have been using them ever since.


    The GF9 magnet bases are the correct size and have enough magnet to hold pretty good on metal surfaces. I can almost turn my metal sheet upside down and have them stay on. There are a few heavier models that won't but most will.


    I usually base my models on their usual bases and then I glue that regular base on top of the GF9 base. But, that is just me.


    IT also is great for me when taking my stuff to the store or tourneys. I bought a small section of sheet metal from Home depot on the cheap and then glued that to the bottom of a 5 inch deep tupperware tub. I just stick whatever figures I am using that day on the sheet and go. Takes 30 seconds to put em on or take em off. Rather than a few minutes for each mini when trying to stuff them into foam trays. I like foam trays but they take to long in store and tourney situations. Plus, it lets passerby people look at my painted stuff and hopefully gets them interested and asking questions..

  5. Anybody get some good photos of the gameboards? I really appreciated all of the details; the sharks, the shipwrecks, and the skeletons hanging in the iron cages from the roof of the entrance to the cove. Oh, and the giant squid. Awesome.



    Here are the two threads for the WIP pics start to finish:


    John's: http://www.terragenesis.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7878

    Jason's: http://www.terragenesis.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7884



    And here are the two threads of the final products:



    Jason's: http://www.terragenesis.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8026

  6. Actually Jeff, that is incorrect. It only means you cannot take more than one band of the same datacard. You can still field the same datacard in its usual way as well (whether that be as a solo, soldier, or whatever).

  7. Agree with Sloth. But, if youend up needing to buy then ...


    For PCs, Vegas is the way to go. Obviously the cheaper version wont give all the bells and whistles but it still does a bunch and there are lots of video based tutorials for how to use all the cool stuff in it.

  8. I just had someone PM and ask me about the oatmeal mixture used to get my texturing. Especially since mine ended up so different than John's. Obviously, I first have to give John full credit for the initial idea. I just took it and experimented with different ingrediants a little...


    So... As far as my version of the mixture, here is the basic principles...


    Your base 50:50 water and glue is going to be mainly for holding your mixture to the table and also give your initial mixture the moisture it needs to spread around the table. Remember that you will be adding in Kitty litter that sucks up moisture so it will be actually a good thing if it starts out a little too wet..


    Your spackle is used mainly for the smoothness and thickness of your ground cover. By the way, I used a spackle from Home Depot that was this "Lightweight" spackle. It was weird at first cause it was my first time using it, but in the end I really liked it. And I was using really big scoops at a time in my mixture. A lot more than I thought I would.


    Your kitty litter has a two part function based on which type of litter it is. But realize that you can use other things other than litter to fulfill the first part if this too. The first thing the litter does is provide your bumpiness and texture. If you use the gravel based litter then obviously you are going for extremely bumpy. I did not use it for this. If you use the sawdust based litter it will really give you a mid level bumpiness. And the good part about the sawdust version is that after it hardens you can "sand it down" a little to get rid of the larger bumps. I didnt sand mine down cause I wanted that look, but John did sand his down a little and worked really well on his for his look he was going for.


    The third type of kitty litter, the crushed nut type, gives a slightly different affect. The sawdust version does it a little but not that much or at least not for me anyway. The second thing that the litter does is... well.. what does kitty litter do? It sucks up the moisture. So, in this case after you have your oatmeal mixture and applied on the table, as it dries it sucks up the moisture causing it to constrict and create a dry cracked soil look. Which is exactly what I was going for.


    It took me a couple of tries at it before i got the exact look i wanted. And the problem is you have to let each batch dry for a day before you can really tell that its doing what you want. But, in the end, I kinda liked having a varied look where some tables were really cracked and others were bumpy and others were smooth.


    So, now that you have your main ingrediants, now you have to play around with how much of each ingrediant to use in the batch. This is a little more difficult for me to tell you. Partly cause I was using little shovels and a broken jar as my measuring devices. But, also cause it partly depends on how big a batch you are making. I hope this helps though give the reasons for using each or even exploring for other ingrediants which might even give a more interesting affect.


    I can only tell you that the ratio I liked the most was 3 parts crushed nut litter to 1 part sawdust litter. The glue and spackle remained consistent in each batch for the most part.

  9. Sometime in February of 2012, Reaper posted their idea of having their 4 pirate faction contest similar to "Harry Potter house wars". This was taking ReaperCon to a whole new level than in past years. To not only have a theme but also make a concious effort to have most if not all of the games in the convention relate to the theme in some way or another. Well, I wanted to have Warlord also follow suit. Vince suggested to me that I ask Reaper about letting us build some tables to match, for the Warlord tourney.


    I won't get into all the details, but by the end of March, it was approved.


    We didn't have long. Only about 6 weeks to complete. But, I was extremely happy with the end results for the time given.


    I hope that all of the players had a good time playing on them.


    If you are interested in seeing how the tables were made, here are links to the FULL WIP from start to finish... (well, my thread will have the final stages filled in tonight).


    Mediterranean style pirate island:




    Darker bleaker style pirate island:



  10. I agree. I needed some dead trees in there. But, time was my enemy. I only had 5-6 weeks to finish the table. Hopefully, Reaper will have us do it again for next year. If so, we will make sure to start sooner and make them even better. Course, the hard part is going to be how to tie Warlord into the theme for next year, "Dark Carnival" without it getting cheesy (Warlord meets Mardi Gras?). I have lots of great ideas for mini-games and scenarios like Castlebuilder runs, (fighting in a mirrored funhouse, escher-like adventure, floors dropping out from under you, etc...) but admit I am at this moment in time still drawing some blanks when it comes to how to fit the theme to the more serious Taltos conquering world of the Warlord tourney.


    Plus, we need to wait and see if Reaper decides to do their whole "create 4 Dark Carnival Factions" thing that worked so well with the Pirates.. Of course if they do that, then they really need to make 4 factions that can be continued on in future Cons so they can continue their "Harry Potter Houses annual winner of the Golden Lion" aspect. I just don't see the Karkarians fitting in with Dark Carnival...


    If anyone gets an idea, please PM me.


    Only thing I have at this point is that "Murphy's Scenario" will probably be included in some form. I think it would fit well.

  11. I would consider myself to be a 7 on the painters scale. Not bad. Not with the greats. I admit that I have tried the pearl white a few times and have never really had it work for me yet. But, that is probably a problem of the painter, not the paint.


    I am actually going to go on a different direction and suggest that this would be a great opportunity for you to try a "pearl" version of NMM, using white, ghost white, maybe indigo, and a light khaki.

  12. Well, what you have is not bad at all (although it is 1037 points, not 998) but it does not try to take advantage of the abilities you have at your disposal. That is, the Warlord ability of Senet. Here is a tweak of your list that gets you under the points, but admittedly does cost a little more money since horses tend to be more expensive models.


    Nefsokar - 999 points


    Troop 1

    Senet Net'merew

    Fatima - Staff of Sokar, Familiar

    Atifa - Canopic Jar

    Khamsin Lancer x 4

    Luck Stone


    Troop 2


    Ammat Devourer x 3

    Anubis Guard x 2


    Troop 3


    Anubis Guard x 2

    Daughter of Sekhmet x 2


    Troop 4

    Giant Scorpion


    Troop 5

    Giant Scorpion


    Now with this list you have both some power units and some speed units. And the speed units get to take advantage of the Warlord ability of Senet. Being able to do swift attacks from 14 inches away can be huge. Also, by splitting up the construct soldiers between the other 2 troops, they are better able to synergize themselves as team mates.


    I went back and forth between which caster I think would be more affective with this list. I love Atifa's chain lightnings. She can ride fast and cast it with great mobility. But, I also really enjoy taking Netikerti with her ability to cast exploding sacrifice (probably on one of the scorpions right after it pops up in the middle of the enemy force) and then have Fatima bring it back.


    Use the burrowed scorpions at full speed to control the battle field and make your opponent change their set up.


    Hope this helps at least spring ideas even if you cannot play it right now.

  13. I will give the results of the top 3 here on the boards. Most of the participants have already come to me to find out where they finished. But, if anyone has not and wants to know, feel free to post or PM me.


    We had 18 total players this year. We had the following factions represented:


    Crusaders: 1

    Darkspawn: 1

    Dwarves: 2

    Elves: 2

    Icingstead: 1

    Kargir: 1

    Koborlas: 2

    Necropolis: 1

    Nefsokar: 1

    Razig: 1

    Reptus: 1

    Reven: 1

    Sisterhood: 2

    Tembrithil: 1


    Each player played 3 rounds with 20 points per round possible to earn, for a total of 60 points possible for the tourney.


    In 1st place with 45 points we had a tie:


    Outek - Koborlas - $75 prize

    PsyberWolfe1 - Darkspawn - $75 prize


    In 2nd place with 40 points we also had a tie:


    Shakandara - Razig - $50 prize

    Wowaboy - Necropolis - $50 prize


    In 3rd place with 37 points was:


    MiniCannuck - Icinginstead



    We also had a painting contest amongst the players that they might not have even known about. We had a few third party non-gamers come and casually watch and judge during the games.


    In 1st place:


    Wowaboy - Necropolis - $75 prize


    In 2nd place:


    Fruggs - Crusaders - $50 prize


    For best sportsmanship award, we had:


    Kuro Cleanbrush - $25 prize



    Congratulations and thank you to all of the participants and winners!!!!

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