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  1. It is Monday "after" afternoon and I am just now starting to get caught up in the office enough to try posting here.


    THANK YOU ALL for an awesome tourney. I was very pleased with how it went.


    I will get all of the specifics posted up later but here are the highlight items:


    Of the 19 official factions available, 14 were represented in the tourney!


    We had a tie for 1st. We also had a tie for 2nd. (For $250 worth of total prizes handed out)


    We had armies win $125 worth of prizes for paint jobs.


    I hope that everyone that participated posts at least one EPIC high or low they experienced in the tourney. That is where the memories are!


    Again all the specific details on who got the prizes will get posted tonight...

  2. Pharos,


    I am not sure if I am reading your question the right way.


    If I am reading that you want to play the game using the Warlord rules, including army build structure, and whatnot, but you simply want to proxy your own non-Reaper models in place of Reaper models, then as Joshus said, the answer is yes you can (except for in official tourneys).


    If I am reading that you want to make up your own factions all together then the answer is "kinda"... For example, I know someone who really wanted to play a faction of Fire Giants, of which there is no Fire Giant faction currently in the game. So, He took the Icingstead faction data cards and he simply swapped out the word ice with the word fire. Again, He cannot do that in an official tourney, but he can do it at home or his local store all he wants. Of course, if this is your intention, then I would also make sure it is ok with your opponent.

  3. They look great!


    One of the ways I try to combat that (getting bored building all same colored units) is instead of saying the whole model has to be the same colors, I tend to pick a single unifying color and saying each model has to have at least one item with that color in it somewhere. So, in this case, it might be red. The red on the shield, red in the berries in the basket, and red in the armor plate or something like that

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  4. I like the grave horror. But, for this particular list I might suggest making a few slight adjustments... First, I look at what spells Malek and Railor can cast and see how I can best maximize them. Their best two spells are Ice Shard and Necromatic Surge. For the Surge you will want a couple of big models to aim at. You could use the horror for sure, and it would be very affective to say the least. But, I also like the idea of two targets instead of just one.


    Also, I noted that you had a bunch of different troop types in your troops that dont necessarily have lots of synergy together. So, I streamlined a little in my suggestion. I traded a lot of the skellies and some of the other stuff for for better zombies. With their natural tough plus Rhasia's bonus they will stand back up more often and give you more benefit than the cheaper skellies.


    Made a few other similar tweaks and here is my suggested list...


    Necropolis - 1000 points


    Troop 1

    Rhasia, Zombie Queen

    Burrowing Zombie x 5

    Zombie x 6

    Skeletal Archer x 2

    Skeletal Spearman x 2


    Troop 2

    Graverot, Ghast

    Malek, the Hated

    Ghast x 2

    Ghoul x 2


    Troop 3

    Railor of the Unbodied

    Malek, the Hated

    Deathrider x 4


    Troop 4

    Skeletal Giant


    Troop 5

    Skeletal Giant

  5. You would be correct in in your assessment.


    The only thing that I would add to your statement is that unless the spell says otherwise, you would still need LOS to the target point on the ground.


    That faction ability helps against a lot of spells, but indeed it does not protect them against all spells.

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  6. Glad you are enjoying it.


    Since you mentioned elves, I will mention one thing that a lot of people say the first time they try elves under the new rules. A lot of people come away unimpressed with the elves blaming it on the soldier archers low RAV. I will be the first one to tell you that indeed they do seem low at the beginning if you play them with the idea that elven archers (including soldiers) should be mowing down the field like machine guns. But, I can tell you that a lot of time was spent balancing out archers in this game. We wanted archers to have a purpose and value on the table but did not want to have archers wiping out everything. So, indeed we did change how they play to a degree. But as some of the elf players around here can tell you, they still have plenty of options and the value of the archers is still there, you will just have to use them differently than in previous versions.


    What you will need to do is use synergy to maximize the archers. Remember the Focus action. Put them in the same troop as Peruhain for blessing. Put them in the troop with one of the Arcane casters with barrage. Use the kitty cats as road blocks that they can shoot over. Etc..


    There are all sorts of things that can be done to increase their effenciency.


    But, the main thing is use them for what they were intended to be used for. They are not heavy soldier killers or warlord killers. They are light soldier killers and mop up duty specialists. The archer elites are the heavy killers, not the archer soldiers..


    Go into it with that frame of mind and I think you can find yourself enjoying the elves a lot.

  7. By all means, you can ask about Reven stuff here. Or you can start a new thread dedicated to your stuff over in Warlord general.


    In terms of identifying models, possible army builds, and such, we can help, but you can also use the army creator over at www.reapergames.com as it will give you the datacards and pictures as well.

  8. As long as you play within the rules given, yes all sorts of strategies and tactics could be used. Teleporters, summoned, flying, hovering, burrowing, etc.. would not be forced to use the skiffs if they did not want to.

  9. Psyberwolfe: Although I will disagree about the end result of our "errata rule" if you will related to the demon enclave, I do appreciate your frustration related and will try to do a better job of making the announcements out sooner next time.



    I think all three questions can be responded to with the same answer: A troop may not leave the deployment area til all of its members are accounted for. So, in either case, where a troop has more than 10 or a troop is lareger than the initial 600, then it simply means they all have to sit around in the deployment zone until the rest of their troop comes ashore.


    All pieces of equipment and items have value or size and can be included in calculations easy enough.


    As to the unearned points, well just for example, in scenario 3 there are 3 control spots to earn points from each turn. Well, if no one is on a spot to control it on any particular turn then those points for that turn went unearned. So, at the end of the game those unearned points would get split evenly between the two players, unless those points were an odd number of points, in which case the one extra point would go to the player with a higher kill amount.

  10. Use the army creator feature over on www.reapergames.com to play around with your lists and see how you can synergize your army. But, based on your current list, you have two good leaders grouped with lesser soldiers. Good for their purpose, but lesser soldiers all the same. So, I would suggest adding some power to your current troops rather than adding adding more troops. Maybe a spellcaster, maybe a melee hero or just some bigger soldiers.

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