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  1. No, lava is still like fire. That pic shows the effect that cooling has on lava. That is, the lava in that pic has started to form a skin on the top where the air is cooling it and getting darker. but it is also flowing. So the cooling skin in the middle is darker than the edges that is the "under the skin" as it flows down the hill.

  2. Deadlines?


    Basically what it takes is, you have to set the tone first, the group comes second or even third. Go to your local shop and take your painting stuff with you. And paint... Rinse and repeat... You might have to do it 4-5-or maybe 10-15 times on a regular schedule. People will undoubtedly start to at least look over your shoulder once or twice just to see. IF they like what they see they might ask you questions. Then you start asking to see their stuff. As you see other people that have good paintjobs gaming, you go and ASK them questions.. Have them show you how they executed some technique. Get them to show you using your brushes on an extra primed and ready mini that you happen to have with you...


    Always have a few extra brushes and primed ready minis for others.... as anyone asks questions, offer to let them try out a technique on one of those minis.. anything to get them more comfortable with painting there at the store.


    It doesnt happen overnight. Most people paint at their house and go to the store to game, so it does take more time and some effort to get them to change that thought process.


    See if the store has the ability to designate one of their game tables as a painting table one night per week. With extra lights, some demo paint (so people don't have to lug all of their paints up to the store), brushes, etc... I know Reaper has helped out stores in the past getting the demo paint stuff for those type of set ups - they just have to ask.


    The biggest issue is that you will have to know that you will be painting by yourself for a while most likely. You will have to be okay with that until you can get some people to catch on.

  3. I might have read that wrong but couple of things i saw:


    1. "sniper girl shot him in CC" : you cannot do a ranged combat attack against a model in BTB (unless you have SA blow throw)


    2. And along the same lines if a model could make a ranged combat in CC, ranged combat does not provoke melee defensive strikes, it only provokes defensive ranged attacks if the target model has a ranged attack.


    Otherwise, love that he made 4 tough rolls. Those are the rolls that are spoken of for long periods of time.

  4. Its easy to come up with a group of models that people would like to create 'factions' out of. I could name a dozen or more right now that i could see. Some that would use some existing models, and some that I could see opening new places for Reaper to spread to... (giants and lava monsters, ethereals, an ape like race, psionic brainiacs, etc..)


    But, the hard part is coming up with ORIGINAL AND BALANCED abilities, doctrines, and game details for those factions in a way that is not simply another cookie cutter design of something already existing.


    Believe me.. Not saying it cant be done. Just saying it ain't as easy as you think and takes more time than you think.


    But, more than any of that... it comes down to one simple thing... PLAYERS PLAYING THE GAME.... Reaper listens to spent dollars... If enough people spend dollars buying Warlord models then you can bet that they will come back to our group and ask us to polish off another expansion (there were 4 expansions planned when we started). I would love to see more posts on the boards related to people hosting tournaments at their local store, or battle reports, or army lists with paintjobs....

  5. Hey now....


    You got me all into the post with your build up.. You had some pictures (good or bad it still helps) and then you just gave the inferred result.....


    Man, I need some guts to the story...


    Who were the standout models good or bad for the match? Any epic rolls out of no where (like a crossbow hitting the giant in melee, etc...)?

    Any beat downs?


    But, one thing I can very much relate to.. I could spend hours putting together army lists.... hey wait a minute... I DO do that... :)

  6. There are 4-5 world class places if you want to take 4 hour road trips all over Texas. (Zion, Luling, Llano, etc..)


    There are several local places that, while I wouldn't put them on the same level, I will give them the credit of being only one step less...

    Hard Eight BBQ in Coppell (about 20 minutes from Reaper) would be near the top of that list. I really like Tredway for places under 10 minutes from Reaper.


    We have a couple of Brazilian style places around Dallas as well, and a couple of them are pretty good, but they are all $$$ for some unknown reason.

  7. As I am busy working on behind the scenes stuff for RCon, I wont have time to paint anything right now. So, I volunteer to be one of the judges if that is acceptable.


    On another note, (someone more knowledgeable please correct me on this) if the past rules for ReaperCon still apply, and if my poor excuse of memory serves me correctly, then any paintjob submitted into the forum contest would still be elidgible to be entered at ReaperCon. So, anyone that is planning on going to the Con, this could serve as motivation to get them painting for this as well.

  8. We kept the build rules fairly easy:


    1. Leaders can only lead troops that are the same or less cost than themselves. This rule only applies to troops, not elites.

    2. If your army has more than 2 leader led troops then one of those troops must be led by a captain or higher rank officer.

    3. You cannot have more solos than you have leaders.

    4. There can ever only be one Warlord ranked model in an army build.


    That's about it.



    As far as mix and match.. well, like Vince said, it really comes down to what you want that troop to do. But, yes you are allowed to mix and match. And on top of that, there are no cohesion rules so they do not have to stay packed together in a mob on the table.. Each model acts individually and can do whatever it needs to do on its own. Just like the mix and match part, sometimes it will be beneficial to keep them in tight formation, and other times it will behoove you more to spread them all across the table accomplishing separate goals.


    As far as small sided games go, again as Vince said, the game was most heavily playtested for 1000 points, but it works at other levels just fine with a few standouts... Special abilities like Damage Reduction, Displacement, and Tough and other abilities that are designed to help keep a model alive longer tend to have greater return on points spent in smaller games just by nature of what they do.

  9. WLee,


    Here is what I would suggest...


    Now that you have chosen a few factions that "look" good to you, now its time to...


    First, let us know what area of the world you are located so hopefully there will be someone on here that is in your neck of the woods to give you a demo or two.


    Second, As others have said, just about every faction can play multiple styles. All factions have their own version of brute force, finesse, combined arms, magic, etc... They each just have a slightly different take on how they achieve those tactics. This is mainly accomplished thru slightly different degrees of special abilities within each faction, the spellbooks used within, the faction doctrines, etc... so..... with Reaper's great proxy rules, I would suggest that you play a few games with those 3 that you have chosen, literally using your battletech minis or any fantasy based minis that you do have, to get a feel for the game, learn the special abilities, and the spellbooks, so that you can get a better idea of how each faction might play out.


    Third, now with a few games under your belt, now you have an educated base to make your decision on with which to use to spend the money...

  10. @EM, No, players can only play Friday or Saturday, not both. We thought about letting players play both days if they feel so inclined, but in the end, we felt it in the best interest of fairness for everyone that players only play one day. We just try to give the most flexibility we can related to taking classes by offering it both days...


    @MC and K, I will also be around to give demos and whatnot Wednesday and Thursday...

  11. @EM, Each player will play 3 different scenarios over your 3 rounds of the tourney. Each round will garner a player between 1-20 points based on the given senario associated with each game. After the two days of the tourney, the players with the 3 highest totals will win the 1st thru 3rd prizes. There will also be awards for beset painted armies, and a few other awards that I can't discuss yet.


    As far as pairings go, all three rounds of each day will have a bit of randomness to the pairings. No player will play the same scenario or opponent twice.


    In future RCon tourneys where we can make it more of a culmination of year long local tourneys with player rankings and such we can change the format up, but for now, the random draw is the system we will be going.

  12. Oh, forgot one question... MC, no, paint is not required to play int he tourney. There will be awards given to best painted army, but it is not a requirement to roll dice. There have been people that have literally walked in the door, purchased their entire army onsite, sticky tacked them to bases and played in the tourney before.

  13. I editted the OP to try and answer the technical questions. But will answer the 'opinion' questions here...


    Other than early morning classes, I would not register for a class on the day you participate in the tourney. That is why we have the tourney running two days. So, if a class you really wanted to take is one day, you can still participate on the other day.


    As for how serious the tourney is, my best answer is that there were a good variety of players involved last year. We had 36 players last year and I would guestimate that roughly half were similar to how you describe yourself. I think you will hear several of the other newer players that participated last year to say that the power gamers they faced off against actually took the time to help them during the tourney. Power gamers will go tooth to nail against other power gamers but will relax and help the newer players. Or at least that has been the case so far. In the end though, it is a tourney, so I am sure there will be at least a few that will min max the best they can while they are being nice to you.

  14. ReaperCon 2012 Warlord Tournament: Isla del Tesoro


    War may be hell, but it is also expensive. As hostilities never seem to stop in Taltos, every faction is always in need of funds for their coffers to feed the machine of War. Taxation and the spoils of battle are never enough, and that makes an opportunity like this one too tempting.


    It has long been rumored that there is an island where generations of pirates buried their plunder. The stories tell that the legendary pirate king Caine the Crimson was the last pirate to know the location of the island. He and the crew of his ship, the Dark Phoenix, disappeared some 50 years ago, and some say the island was there destination. They were never seen or heard from again… that is, until Caine’s charts showed up in Port Gangrel. News of the charts spread like wildfire, and it wasn’t long before a ship was under way to find the island. All of the factions of Taltos set out in pursuit, each with the same goal: to find and seize the gold from La Isla del Tesoro!


    The tournament is a story arc, although unfortunately not all participants will be able to play the three scenarios in order due to logistical issues. The terrain for the tournament is composed of 2 islands. Each island is broken down into 3 connected tables of terrain: a beachhead at the western end, an elevated ruins section in the middle, and a rocky cove at the eastern end. Each scenario is keyed to a specific part of the island’s terrain, and each section has special rules that apply to it.


    In the first of the three scenarios, All Ashore, the players will compete to rendezvous with their shore party while attempting to prevent their opponent from doing the same. This scenario takes place on the beachhead on the western end of the island. In the second scenario, Pieces of Eight, the players will compete to find the most buried treasure. This scenario will take place on the elevated ruins of the middle section of the fractured island. In the third scenario, The Phoenix Rises, the players will race to seize control of the legendary pirate ship, the Dark Phoenix, and sail away with their booty.


    Tournament specific rules for the ReaperCon 2012 Warlord Tournament:

    • 1) All models using the Swift Attack ability must have space to make base to base contact with the enemy model they wish to attack on their action.
    • 2) When using the Summoned (Demon) SA granted by the Gate ability of the Demonic Conclave doctrine for the Darkspawn faction, demons summoned in this manner must be of equal or lesser point value than the summoning model.
    • 3) Sir Broderick, Justicar is allowed to lead Justicar soldiers.
    • 4) The spells Flaming Arrows and Barrage do not stack. If a model has both cast on it, the player must chose which spell is in effect for each Shoot Action.
    • 5) The abilities gained by the Howl portion of the Koborlas "Call of the Wild" Doctrine can be used as a free action once per game turn.

    It will be similar to 2011, where the tourney will be run across both Friday and Saturday. So, you can play on either day (one or the other). A maximum of 12 people can register per day on a first come first served basis for the tourney for a total of 24 available slots. This is to try and help all people to take classes and still participate in the tourney.


    The tourney itself will be a 3 round tourney, with each round lasting approx 90 minutes. Each player will bring a single 1000 point army list and play that same army list for all three rounds. Players will be allowed to choose faction doctrines to be in affect before the start of each round. the actual round times are still to be determined, but I imagine it to be similar to last year where we had one late morning round, a break for lunch, and then two after noon rounds. (ex.11am, 2pm, 4pm).


    LINK TO THE SCENARIOS: http://www.stubbdog....RCON2012_WL.pdf



    If you have any questions, post them here and I will do my best to answer them promptly.





    Oh, and go ahead and consider this thread to be a sign up sheet as well to claim spots... I will update this list as people claim spots.



    1. Shakandara - Vince

    2. Kuro Cleanbrush - Ian

    3. MiniCanuck

    4. Fruggs - Angela

    5. JeffyBaby - Jeff

    6. HerzogBrian - Brian

    7. Psyberwolfe

    8. Don Rodolfo Graziani - a.k.a. Thirsty Steve - Steve

    9. TGP







    1. Evil Monkey

    2. Wowaboy - Dan

    3. HumanSquish - Jeff

    4. Vutpakdi - Ron

    5. Outek

    6. Johanathon

    7. Jolt






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  15. Martin, I like most of your store paintjobs, but not particularly with this one. Course i really dont like the owl idea to begin with, but that aside, i think its the white of the the under wings is a different white than the snow leopard is just looking like they dont and shouldnt go together. The wings are vanilla white while the cat is cold white. then the what looks to be a dark blue armor piece with more white trimming just really throws it off even more. Oh well. If I got this mini I would have to chop the head off and replace it with a hawk or eagle head.

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