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  1. I'm painting my first Drow for a friend's gaming character, and am finding the hair challenging. This is the old "how do you highlight white" thing, with the added complication that it's totally NOT ok to end up with a beige/yellowish result. Anybody have a recipe that has worked for them? Or suggestions for how to approach base color and shading so I don't end up with either gray or ivory hair? Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Painting Dog

    Cool Mini or Not Videos

    The Jessica Rich DVD is still one of my favorites. I'm less concerned with the specific paints she uses, and more with her clear explanations and demonstrations. Even if the techniques are "out-of-date," they are ones I still haven't mastered, so are still worth working on for me! Likewise, the Darksword DVD with Anne Forster and Jen Haley is also fantastic for it's clear explanations and examples. Although obviously aimed at more beginner painters, the information is great and well worth the price.
  3. Painting Dog

    Roll Call for Con

    Wed to early-Monday here! :D
  4. Painting Dog

    Diorama Advice

    Thanks so much for your input! Not planning to add a lot more, figure-wise -- just knowing this seems about right gives me a better idea what I'm looking for. You guys are the best!
  5. Painting Dog

    Diorama Advice

    Great! Does that look to be closer to the size I want?
  6. Painting Dog

    Diorama Advice

    OK, take two on finding the right sized base for my diorama! I like this shape -- kind of a fat teardrop. The little fremen guy who is currently standing on a holder for painting would be on the top of a sand dune that's standing a little taller than the other sand dunes that will be on the base. This is a more traditional square base. The winged kitty (borrowed from my wife's chotchki shelf) is standing in for a possible second fremen figure, who would be standing near the thumper. I think there's also room to add him to the first base above. Thoughts? (And, as usual, thanks so much for your help and comments. )
  7. Painting Dog

    Diorama Advice

    @Pragma -- That was actually my first instinct (to have him staring at the fremen). Maybe I'll revisit that. Thanks!
  8. Painting Dog

    Reshaping Wings on Bones Mini

    Indeed! Let the experimentation begin!
  9. Painting Dog

    Reshaping Wings on Bones Mini

    I thought about pinning -- not sure I have the skill to do it. This is the mini in question. He already has a bend at the joint, and I don't know how I'd get a pin past that. Maybe try inserting a pin from either end? I've actually got insulated gloves that allow me to keep my hands in the hot water. Maybe I'll give this a try and report back on how it works.
  10. Painting Dog

    Diorama Advice

    Thanks, @Heisler -- that's exactly the kind of feedback I need! It's not that I WANT this particular base; this is part of where I dont have a feel for what really fits. One of the things talked about when I was learning about composition at ReaperCon was giving the minis "room to move." In other words, space to give the impression that things moved into / out of the scene instead of just being stuck there. My thought on this was to have some evidence of a wake in the sand to show the worm's passage to this point. @Clearman, while part of me likes the image of lassoing a sandworm, it doesn't really fit the lore I'm trying to stay with. This is great feedback, you guys! Let me put together a different base set up, and I'll get back to you.
  11. I'm familiar with the practice of boiling / cooling a Bones mini that has a part (spears, swords, legs, etc.) bent out of shape due to packing or whathaveyou. But has anyone tried reshaping a pair of wings into a shape different than their original cast? I'm trying to re-contour a pair of wings for a gryphon, to give them a more natural-looking sweep (as opposed to just sticking straight out). While I've gotten a very nice shape following boiling, and they hold that shape for a while after cooling, by the next morning they have settled back into their straight-as-a-board original shape. Do I need to heat them longer? Cool them faster? Has anyone successfully re-shaped wings like this?
  12. Painting Dog

    Diorama Advice

    Inspired by @giyomuSan and all the great information generated on his diorama thread, I thought I'd appeal to the Forum Groupmind for advice on a diorama I'm hoping to bring to ReaperCon in August. I'm trying to depict a fremen (from Frank Herbert's Dune) calling a Maker. I'm using Goremaw for the sandworm, and one of the Reaper Nefsokar minis (a little modified) for the fremen. This is the first diorama I've tried to construct after actually learning something about how to design one at last year's ReaperCon! So while I'm trying to use some of that information, I still don't really have a "feel" for what I'm doing. This my basic mock-up: I've stacked the cork to give an idea of the height / placement of the fremen; for the final piece, I want to have the rockface sweep around to the left behind the sandworm a little, yet sort of disappearing off the edge to represent a length of cliff of which this is just one end. Maybe also angling down on the right to meet the sand. The base itself will be sand dunes (Vallejo Sand Texture paste). The sandworm will be coming up out of that (not on his current base, which was just there for the painting). I will probably shift him a little more toward the front, so there isn't so much open space. The paint pot is standing in for the thumper (which I'm still constructing). I want the focus to be the fremen, and the front of the sandworm. With that in mind, I'm trying to arrange angles and such to "point" that way. Am I on the right track? Thanks for any input.
  13. Painting Dog

    Shai Hulud!

    I'm back! Not because I necessarily think anybody is dying to see how I'm progressing with my (now) ReaperCon 2018 diorama, but because I feel really stupid having a WIP hanging out there without a conclusion. So here we go! When last we left our hero (i.e., our Giant Sandworm aka The Tootsie Roll), it had some very basic blocking-in of highlights and a base coat on teeth / spines. I ended up going back and trying to lay in more dark in the areas I expected to be shadowed by its own body, including segments of the tummy. I also got the first round of color on the interior of the maw, where I was trying to capture the impression of a furnace (fueled by spice!) deep down inside. From there, I felt like I needed to punch up the highlights more. Then darken the shadows more. Then punch up the highlights... There was a lot of back-and-forth going on. Also got some additional glazes / shading on the inside of the mouth. I ended up pretty happy with the final color. You can also see here where I started work on staining the teeth. I did multiple glazes of GW Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade, with glazes of Reaper Yellowed Bone to soften things together every now and then. I used pretty much the same technique on the spines down the back. While I'm really happy with how it turned out, it apparently doesn't photograph particularly clearly! This is probably the biggest model I've worked on (not having been brave enough to tackle some of the really huge dragons yet), and it was challenging in more ways than one. Yes, I got tired of working on it. But it also just felt like no part of it was ever finished! No matter what I did, I'd come back and look at it, only to find I'd managed to miss / mess-up / overlook something really obvious. I finally cracked down and committed to finishing the thing over these past couple weeks. And I'm glad I did. I told my wife when I showed it to her, "I'm not saying there's nothing more to be done with it -- I'm not even saying I won't touch up stuff between now and ReaperCon. What I am saying is that it's done." On to the Fremen! (He was already mostly painted before last ReaperCon, but there's plenty of touch-up, etc. to do on him yet.) Now I just have to worry about diorama design... (Which I'll stick in another threat, in the interest of minimizing clutter.) Thanks for listening! P.S. I'm going to to try to figure out how to hide all the pictures behind a cut, at which point I'll come back and do that. Just wanted to let anyone who peeked in before that was done know that it was something I was working on. :)
  14. Painting Dog

    My Super Power

    My Super Power (which is really only a super power in very select circumstances) is that I don't have a sense of smell. At work, we refer to it as the Zookeeper Super Power, because I can scrap ANY raptor enclosure, clean up ANY mummified and rotten mice, and hose poop all day. So in zookeeping, it's crazy useful. Around the house, where gas leaks and fires are sometimes an issue, not so much...
  15. Painting Dog

    Bones Sea Lion

    That basing / posing is AWESOME! Really dynamic!