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  1. That's a great, expressive face. 🙂 It can be hard to take photos of real dogs with all-black faces, so especially nice to see how well you captured this!
  2. My first thought was that the base needed a little more "something." Does it make sense to say the utter plainness of the base draws attention when it shouldn't? I think adding to the base to create an environment for the creature will actually make the aboleth stand out more, especially if you choose colors that make the green on the creature "pop" more. Because the actual paint job on the aboleth is great! 🙂
  3. Honestly, I use crafts paints almost exclusively on stone terrain pieces. As mentioned, it's cheaper, but it also tends to be thicker and so nice for drybrushing bigger pieces (which is mostly what I do for those).
  4. I really like the whole gamut of villagers Reaper has made available. I love the fact the fact that you've made them each distinct, and included some nice color. Inspires me to sit down and do a "paint all the villagers" session. It looks like so much fun. 🙂
  5. Really like the muddy hem of the cloak. The clothing overall looks really appropriate and ratty. Good job!
  6. These are all great suggestions! Thanks, everybody! I'm not planning to try lenses -- I'll be happy enough to just have frames. And they don't need to be particularly visible at table distance. It's good enough that the player can pick him up to see they are there. 🙂 So I think I'll try bending the wire, assuming I can find a gauge small enough. I'll let you know how it goes!
  7. Not really painting related, but wasn't sure where else would be more appropriate to ask this. 🙂 I'm working on minis for the PCs in my current game. One of them is a nearsighted paladin who has recently acquired a pair of spectacles (actually Eyes of Minute Seeing). I'd like to represent that on the mini, if possible, but have discovered that 28mm scale glasses are really, really, really small! LOL! So I was wondering if anyone else had tried this and had some suggestions about how I could proceed. Or, barring that, any suggestions where I might be able to find eyeglasses as an "accessory" (the way we can get weapon or other prop sprues). Thanks, everyone!
  8. Really like the "land dragon" look! I didn't get this dragon because I didn't like the overall look -- but she's a cool terrestrial beast. Now I'm sorry I don't have her! 🙂
  9. This. You can find clear tubing either at a pet store, or sometimes at places like Home Depot. I like that I can cut it to whatever length I want, and get whatever diameter I need for my brushes. And it's cheap!
  10. You are absolutely NOT the only person who prefers anatomically "realistic" dragons! The beauty of Julie Guthrie's dragons has always been her ability to include the little touches of musculature and anatomy that make you believe this thing could really exist somewhere. (I don't mean to imply that Julie is the only one who sculpts beautiful dragons, but I do tend to like her sculpts quite a lot.) Like you, I see "partial" wing structure on a creature and I think, "Oh no! Poor baby! Get him to a rehabber!!"
  11. This is blasphemy! One does not get "bored" of dragons, sir! 😉
  12. LOL! The bane of being a biologist when playing with fantasy! Don't get me started on the environmental biology of zombies... 😄 Sanjay, I almost said, "The giant holds back the invaders as the Canada Geese make their escape!" 🙂
  13. This ^^ 🙂 Part of what jams me up is the impulse to paint everything to display quality. I'm trying to learn to be content with an awesome tabletop quality paint job where appropriate. Those kobold are gonna be on the table for 30 minutes, then go back into monster storage. It doesn't make sense that I spend as many hours on them as I do a PC. Since I'm the only one in the group who paints, though, I know that each session will involve the players going "Ooo!" and picking up the minis for a quick look (because they all believe painting tiny things is black magic, and are fascinated when first confronted with new ones). So I want them to look decent on a quick "close" inspection, but they don't all need to be Reaper Master Series Open ready. I think the players are just impressed that I can stay "inside the lines." LOL!
  14. I have Teflon tape on all the threaded connections on the airhose (hose-to-compressor and hose-to-airbrush). Helps a lot with air leaks. Although I haven't had problems with air leaking up by the tip assembly on my Badger Patriot, it's a persistent problem for me with my Vex airbrush. It seems like I have to seat the nozzle hood (sorry, can dredge up the technical name) just perfectly when screwing things back together. Haven't tried Teflon tape on that bit, but maybe I should. As far as cleaning: I tend to rinse / run cleaner through between each color, and sometimes pull out the needle and wipe it between each color. That may be a little obsessive, but it does seem to help me not have to do a complete teardown during any individual painting session.
  15. I recently had this same question, as my players just chose their minis and a couple have requested weapon / shield swaps. I was able to find a number of sellers on Etsy offering a variety of weapons and other bits, usually in resin. There are some talented digital sculptors on Etsy! So that's somewhere worth checking out, especially if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary.
  16. The luminous OSL is really effective! Well done!
  17. I'll add my voice to the "It Seems to be Personal Preference" crowd. I tried SO HARD to like W&N. But I never had one that didn't start to "scorpion tail" after just a couple uses. I come and go with Davinci -- sometimes it seems like the larger 1 or 2 works well for me, sometimes it seems like I can't keep a point no matter what I do. In the end, I've been really happy with my Rosemary & Co brushes, and they tend to be my go-to "good" brushes. I know, it's frustrating to not be able to just learn, "This is a good brush for everyone!" And I honestly have no idea why different people have such different experiences. It feels like a well-constructes brush just ought to work the same for everyone! But it doesn't. The goods news is that this means there likely IS some brush brand out there that will suit you. But, yeah, even I wish there was a way to find out what brand that is rather than through random testing. :)
  18. At least for the thin leg part of the pin, try holding the pin in a pliers and heating it up (over a candle, or a burner if you have a gas stove), then just pushing the hot pin into the leg. It'll make its own hole, then seal itself in when it cools, so you don't have to try and drill such a tiny piece.
  19. Could be cool to have him as an old, battle-scarred veteran. He hates him some adventurers, and is eternally in search of the one who took his leg! Argh!
  20. Wow. Didn't realize that purging was so rare! I'm also an intermittent purger. I tend to do the same as you -- hang onto / collect things that just seem too potentially useful to pitch. Then, every now and then, I look around and get frustrated by the lack or organization / space, and go through and purge. (I do this with stuff besides painting supplies -- just seems to be how I work.) Perhaps more in the spirit of pruning rather than purging: I have backed all five Bones Kickstarters. That's a lot of minis! A while ago I got a bunch of storage boxes and sorted all my Bones into labeled bins -- "Good Guys," "Bad Guys," "Animals," "Terrain," etc. Within each bin, things are further sorted into ziploc bags -- "Evil Magic Users," "Female Fighters," etc. (My friend made fun of me because, as a biologist, I have the animals divided into bags of like "Ungulates," "Crocodilians," "Canids (including Demonic Hounds.") When I did this, I looked at each mini and honestly assessed whether a given mini was something I was actually at all interested in painting. That led to a smallish box of cast-offs (which anyone is welcome to claim, if they want). This still left me with a lot of boxes. So my personal rule is that, whenever a Bones Kickstarter delivers, I have to discard enough minis (old or new) to maintain the same number of boxes. This has generally meant culling older, softer Bones for the nicer grey models as they come in. It has kept my painting loft from getting overrun by kobolds and ogres, however.
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