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  1. I have heard this advice, as well. And while I know copper is antimicrobial, I have not actually found that doing this in a wet pallet actually helps much. In fairness, I've only tried with (American) pennies. I wonder if the amount of actual copper in pennies is less than it used to be?
  2. How long did you let it dry? I know some primers do better if they cure for 24 hours before you paint over them.
  3. Cloak is fantastic! And I am a sucker for that saturated blue on the robes. 🙂
  4. Another thing that helps: After dispensing paint, upright the bottle and give it a little tap to settle the paint. Then just a gentle little squeeze to "sneeze" air out the tip. If you do it right, you might get a tiny smidge of paint, but you're shooting for just air. You might have to "sneeze" the bottle a second time. Wipe the tip, put the cap back on. The idea is that this makes sure you don't have a plug of paint in the tip, just waiting to dry out after you've put the cap back on. Don't know if it actually helps, but I FEEL like it helps. 😄
  5. There are some very beginner-friendly sculpting putties out there. Green stuff is the usual go-to (and easy to find), but Aves Apoxie is another good one that I like. I encourage you to give a little sculpting on the base a try. I'm am not at all talented in that area, but have discovered that for a lot of really basic things, it's not that hard to do a decent job if you're willing to take your time. And it's very empowering! You really feel like you've reached a new milestone in your hobby when you realize you can create things you want for your mini -- be it treasure or hair or scales to help cover a bad join -- and it will actually look good. Give it a go!
  6. Kobolds! They don't get enough love, and they can make really fun low level baddies. I like to do crazy things with them to make them fun an interesting, since they are so small and weak. So crazy traps, or tactics, or "inventions." (If you're familiar with the MMO Guild Wars, I ran kobolds like skritt before there were skritt. 😁)
  7. Love the rainbow fins! Nicely done!
  8. I really like the water she's standing in. Adds a nice bit of realism without being overdone. Good work!
  9. Tried it. Minus the glue (I didn't care if there were lenses). Seriously -- still too big! At least for what I was looking for. 🙂
  10. Cutting out of blister pack is really clever! For me, though, I found that a huge issue below a certain size is just my physical ability to manipulate the object. I'm not crippled with arthritis or anything like that, but my fingers are still not as dexterous as they were 30 years ago. Add the necessity of using fine tweezers for managing the piece, and nothing pretty happens! 🙂 So I honestly don't think I'd be able to manage the cutting, much less handling the teeny tiny pieces afterward. And I find my frustration tolerance is pretty low for ridonkulously tiny parts that I'll just step on in the carpet later. LOL!
  11. Just an update on my teeny tiny glasses efforts. I was shooting for something semi-realistic -- not steampunk goggles, or big cartoon Velma glasses. I tried every super-thin wire and thread I could get my hands on, only to discover that miniature faces are really small! LOL! I could make something as tiny as I could physically see and handle, only to then bring it to the mini's face and find it was STILL comically too big. I think a sculptor working digitally, where they could zoom in to see, could maybe create a mini that included realistic glasses. But even if it were possible to 3D print something the right size (I'm skeptical), I don't think I could physically handle the end result. Someone else might be more dexterous than I, but I think I'm going to just have to admit defeat on this one. Maybe the paladin stores his glasses in a protective case during combat. He's nearsighted, after all, and fighting melee, so doesn't need them then. Yeah, that's the ticket. 😉
  12. Painting is cool, but I really enjoyed the lore! What great alien culture design. 🙂
  13. That's a great, expressive face. 🙂 It can be hard to take photos of real dogs with all-black faces, so especially nice to see how well you captured this!
  14. My first thought was that the base needed a little more "something." Does it make sense to say the utter plainness of the base draws attention when it shouldn't? I think adding to the base to create an environment for the creature will actually make the aboleth stand out more, especially if you choose colors that make the green on the creature "pop" more. Because the actual paint job on the aboleth is great! 🙂
  15. Honestly, I use crafts paints almost exclusively on stone terrain pieces. As mentioned, it's cheaper, but it also tends to be thicker and so nice for drybrushing bigger pieces (which is mostly what I do for those).
  16. I really like the whole gamut of villagers Reaper has made available. I love the fact the fact that you've made them each distinct, and included some nice color. Inspires me to sit down and do a "paint all the villagers" session. It looks like so much fun. 🙂
  17. Really like the muddy hem of the cloak. The clothing overall looks really appropriate and ratty. Good job!
  18. These are all great suggestions! Thanks, everybody! I'm not planning to try lenses -- I'll be happy enough to just have frames. And they don't need to be particularly visible at table distance. It's good enough that the player can pick him up to see they are there. 🙂 So I think I'll try bending the wire, assuming I can find a gauge small enough. I'll let you know how it goes!
  19. Not really painting related, but wasn't sure where else would be more appropriate to ask this. 🙂 I'm working on minis for the PCs in my current game. One of them is a nearsighted paladin who has recently acquired a pair of spectacles (actually Eyes of Minute Seeing). I'd like to represent that on the mini, if possible, but have discovered that 28mm scale glasses are really, really, really small! LOL! So I was wondering if anyone else had tried this and had some suggestions about how I could proceed. Or, barring that, any suggestions where I might be able to find eyeglasses as an "accessory" (the way we can get weapon or other prop sprues). Thanks, everyone!
  20. Really like the "land dragon" look! I didn't get this dragon because I didn't like the overall look -- but she's a cool terrestrial beast. Now I'm sorry I don't have her! 🙂
  21. This. You can find clear tubing either at a pet store, or sometimes at places like Home Depot. I like that I can cut it to whatever length I want, and get whatever diameter I need for my brushes. And it's cheap!
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