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  1. I also mostly use the Tanned Skin triad for Caucasian skintones, with the Fair triad mostly for highlighting. I find that starting with the Fair triad makes for a really pasty-looking skin. 


    I think the Olive Skin triad does well for duskier skin, and I really like the Dark Skin triad for darker skin tones. It's really pretty, and has given me some very nice results. 


    I am also a "maybe slightly better than middling" painter, so YMMV. 😁

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  2. I think it's some nascent doll house envy from my childhood, but I love scenery (and especially furniture) almost more than the minis in gaming. These look great! Especially love the table with the meal and little cutting board. 😁

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  3. On 10/25/2022 at 3:30 PM, Glitterwolf said:

    Scale 75 has the best metallics imho.

    While I like the coverage and look of the Scale 75 metallics, I find I don't use them much because they separate out in the bottle so thoroughly, and you have to shake them FOREVER to make them usable, even with a vortex mixer. I just find myself sighing and reaching for something that takes less commitment most of the time. 


    I really like the Vallejo Model Air metallics; go on really smoothly, and look nice. The VMA silver and chrome are especially nice. I wish they had a nice, bright gold, though. The only golds I've been able to find in Vallejo metallics tend to have a greenish tinge that I don't care for.

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  4. Just adding to the color discussion: I struggle with choosing complementary colors that then make my mini look like Barney/Superman/a Halloween decoration, too. 😆 I've found this usually happens because I'm focusing on the very basic, saturated versions of the main colors. Try moving into more desaturated versions of the greens and purples, at least for some of the tones, and see if that helps. 

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  5. In your picture, it looks like the bottoms of the paint bottles are fairly flush with the opening. Is that the case? If so, how hard is it to snag one and pull it out?


    This is a great tutorial. I am now eying my chopsaw with interest...

  6. I'm already excited for ReaperCon 2023! I had only just started going (had 2 or 3 years under my belt) when the pandemic hit, and haven't been able to get back since. But wife and I were just chatting yesterday about me going next year. 😁

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  7. When my paint collection has gotten out of hand, I sometimes go through and cull colors that seem to be the same -- or at least close enough to the same that my less-than-perfect eye for color can't tell the difference. 


    I wonder, though, if it's possible to get to the same end color (visually) but with a different mix of pigments. Can it be that two colors LOOK the same, but that the pigments used to create them make them behave differently when more experienced/creative painters than myself do stuff with them?


    I honestly don't know the answer to this. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Bane Of Humanity said:

    Put a penny or piece of copper in it to help keep mold away.

    I have heard this advice, as well. And while I know copper is antimicrobial, I have not actually found that doing this in a wet pallet actually helps much. In fairness, I've only tried with (American) pennies. I wonder if the amount of actual copper in pennies is less than it used to be?

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  9. Another thing that helps: After dispensing paint, upright the bottle and give it a little tap to settle the paint. Then just a gentle little squeeze to "sneeze" air out the tip. If you do it right, you might get a tiny smidge of paint, but you're shooting for just air. You might have to "sneeze" the bottle a second time. Wipe the tip, put the cap back on. 


    The idea is that this makes sure you don't have a plug of paint in the tip, just waiting to dry out after you've put the cap back on. Don't know if it actually helps, but I FEEL like it helps. 😄

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  10. There are some very beginner-friendly sculpting putties out there. Green stuff is the usual go-to (and easy to find), but Aves Apoxie is another good one that I like.


    I encourage you to give a little sculpting on the base a try. I'm am not at all talented in that area, but have discovered that for a lot of really basic things, it's not that hard to do a decent job if you're willing to take your time. And it's very empowering! You really feel like you've reached a new milestone in your hobby when you realize you can create things you want for your mini -- be it treasure or hair or scales to help cover a bad join -- and it will actually look good. Give it a go!

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