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  1. Re: releasing previously "limited edition" models are part of Kickstarters -- It doesn't bother me. At least in the case of the dragon bust, the original was a very nice resin piece, so that "premiere" version of it is still limited. And, frankly, I wanted more copies of this bust so badly that I don't mind having a Bones version available.
  2. I was lucky enough to get that bust at ReaperCon, but love it intensely. I'm on board for getting another one (or two)! :D
  3. Just stopping back in to report that the tutorial on Massive Voodoo was exactly what I needed. My cases are now nicely modded, and appear to be staying dust-free. Thanks again! As a bonus, I found some YouTube videos that also showed how to use cable clamps to add additional shelves. Hello, double the mini storage!
  4. I'm not at all sure that this is where I should put this topic, but since it involves storage of minis, I thought this might be OK? I've been displaying my painted minis in the tall, glass Detolf cases from Ikea (recommended by some of the other painters here). My goal with putting the minis into a glass case was to protect them, at least somewhat, from dust. Unfortunately, that is not happening. I'm still getting quite a bit of dust on the shelves and the minis, only it's even more difficult to clean things off now that they're all stuffed into a case together. Has anybody tackled modding these shelves in such a way that they are at least a little more impervious to dust? Or do I have to be a trail blazer here??
  5. Well, no luck with painted buntings, but still had a great time birding with @Corporea, @TaleSpinner and family, and Derek. Thank you SO MUCH, @ladystorm for the suggestion of visiting Clear Creek! I can see why that's a favorite spot -- I went back on my own later and spent two very peaceful hours just wandering around. Also got to see ALL the flycatchers! LOL! You can be sure I'll be visiting there again next year. So what do you guys think? Worth trying for painted buntings again next year?
  6. Welcome to the forum! And to ReaperCon, and to the Reaper madness in general. This really is the nicest group of folks on the internet.
  7. Birders are always birding, my friend! I noted black vultures, great egrets, blue heron and a couple different types of pigeons just driving from the airport. Meanwhile, the great-tailed grackles who are all around the hotel are a never-ending source of amusement for me -- especially the juveniles, who all either have no tail, or just one single tail feather sticking out of their butt!
  8. Sitting at the airport in Pittsburgh, waiting for my flight to ReaperCon! Andy, I'm on board with Friday after 5 -- Maybe not as noisy as in the AM, but it's not like all the birds go to another dimension after sunrise. Should I stop by your artist station to finalize details? (Or we can do it via text, if that's easier for you. ) I'm also up for going out on a morning with anyone who's interested. Let me know!
  9. I have been looking on eBird for nearby painted bunting sightings. There was one is a smallish park area really close to the hotel, but more recent sightings at the Clear Creek center mentioned above. That looks to be about 20-30 minutes away (I assume without rush hour traffic). Do we want to plan on Saturday or Sunday? Anybody have a preference? If we don't want to do crack of dawn, we could shoot for more midday on one of the weekdays.
  10. Also, am I the only one who is amused that a bunch of people who paint miniatures are going out to find painted buntings?
  11. OMG, I can't believe I will get to be the painted bunting sherpa! I will now make it my mission to find the best possible place to see them within close proximity to the convention center.
  12. Good to keep in mind that we don't need to be there at the crack of dawn. We could get there around 7:00 and still get in some good birding.
  13. Whee! Fellow birders! If you want to pick up the buntings, @TaleSpinner, dawn is going to be a better chance than evening. Although there are other, different things possible in the evening. I've managed to do OK just going out mid-afternoons on my previous visits. Let the coordinating begin! :D
  14. Oooo! Painted Buntings! I have actually only ever seen one once, so would love another chance! I was lucky enough to get some really good views of a Roadrunner when at the San Diego Birding Festival this spring -- he was up on a fence post, just hanging around in plain sight for a good 10 minutes. Very un-roadrunner-like. I'll have to check my notes to see if the Denton Nature Heritage Center is one of the ones I found. There was a park with a really nice lake that I found the first time I was there. Then last year I found the LLELA Nature Preserve and had a really good time there. Thanks for the recommendation!
  15. If you aren't a bird watcher, you can stop reading now. . But if you ARE a bird watcher... I'm coming to ReaperCon from Pennsylvania. And if you're a birder, you know that any trip is also an excuse to pick up birds for the life list that you can't see at home. My first ReaperCon, I got a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher in my hotel parking lot, and was absolutely chuffed. This will be my third ReaperCon, and in previous years I've found a couple of pretty nice nearby patches for birding. I usually go out at least once when I'm between classes, just to see what I can see. I've got a rental car, and would be more than happy to have company, if there are any other birders at the con who are interested in a nature break. Any takers?
  16. I'm painting my first Drow for a friend's gaming character, and am finding the hair challenging. This is the old "how do you highlight white" thing, with the added complication that it's totally NOT ok to end up with a beige/yellowish result. Anybody have a recipe that has worked for them? Or suggestions for how to approach base color and shading so I don't end up with either gray or ivory hair? Thanks for any suggestions.
  17. The Jessica Rich DVD is still one of my favorites. I'm less concerned with the specific paints she uses, and more with her clear explanations and demonstrations. Even if the techniques are "out-of-date," they are ones I still haven't mastered, so are still worth working on for me! Likewise, the Darksword DVD with Anne Forster and Jen Haley is also fantastic for it's clear explanations and examples. Although obviously aimed at more beginner painters, the information is great and well worth the price.
  18. Thanks so much for your input! Not planning to add a lot more, figure-wise -- just knowing this seems about right gives me a better idea what I'm looking for. You guys are the best!
  19. Great! Does that look to be closer to the size I want?
  20. OK, take two on finding the right sized base for my diorama! I like this shape -- kind of a fat teardrop. The little fremen guy who is currently standing on a holder for painting would be on the top of a sand dune that's standing a little taller than the other sand dunes that will be on the base. This is a more traditional square base. The winged kitty (borrowed from my wife's chotchki shelf) is standing in for a possible second fremen figure, who would be standing near the thumper. I think there's also room to add him to the first base above. Thoughts? (And, as usual, thanks so much for your help and comments. )
  21. @Pragma -- That was actually my first instinct (to have him staring at the fremen). Maybe I'll revisit that. Thanks!
  22. I thought about pinning -- not sure I have the skill to do it. This is the mini in question. He already has a bend at the joint, and I don't know how I'd get a pin past that. Maybe try inserting a pin from either end? I've actually got insulated gloves that allow me to keep my hands in the hot water. Maybe I'll give this a try and report back on how it works.
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