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  1. Welcome Aboard, Hobospider!


    I have been using the Liquitex Gloss Varnish followed up with the Testor's Dullcote for a while now, and it works great.  When I've tried following the Liquitex with another brush-on matte varnish, it does seem like it doesn't kill the shine as easily / well as I'd like.  I have even "rescued" some earlier Bones minis who ended up sticky from when I first starting painting Bones by giving them a spray of Dullcote.


    Don't know if other mattte varnishes work as well, but it's Testor's Dullcote all the way for me!

  2. My exchange is finally on its way!


    I feel like such a bad exchange partner! On one hand, I took on a project that was challenging for me in some ways; on the other hand, I see all the cool things talked about in this thread, and I feel like a total slacker. :-[ Maybe I can be forgiven, since this is my first exchange. ;-)


    Partly because of the aforementioned challenge -- and partly because of some truly ridiculous stuff at work -- I was also late finishing. It does help a little to know I'm not the only one. Next time I try this, I will definitely know to keep in touch with this chatter thread. Got the painting done, but missed out on some great chatter and encouragement darnit!

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  3. I'm giving some miniatures to a friend who has a 1 yr old child.  While there are no particular plans to have the baby eat any of the minis, you know how they can be at that age.  :)  I'd like to be able to re-assure them as to the safety of the materials used.  Is there anyone who can tell me for sure whether Bones minis, Reaper paint, and Reaper Brush-on Sealer are non-toxic?



  4. I've been lurking on this thread, but figured I should throw in my two cents worth now that we're nearing the end.  ("Figured."  Heh.  See what I did there?)


    I LOVE this Kickstarter!  I've backed all three, for more money than was probably wise, and I haven't been disappointed with any of them.  I have all my many bones neatly arranged in labeled drawers in cabinets (don't judge me), and I still enjoy being able to dig out whatever I want / need on a whim.  I'm painting up Narthrax at the moment, and loving every minute of it.  I'm a dragon whore, and am so, so, so happy to have so many awesome dragons available for prices that mean I don't have to stress over whether I'm a good enough painter to make their purchase "worth it."


    Do I want every single mini that's been shown?  No.  But there are also cars, foods, and dogs I don't want to buy, so no biggie.  There are so many minis I DO want -- and so many that I "don't care" are in the core expansion, but which I'm happy to have for PC fodder in future D&D games.


    I have enjoyed every minute of the suspense of stealing peeks at the Kickstarter page while at work, watching for the next stretch goal.  I've loved following the comments and excitement on this forum.  You guys are the best!  (The Reaper forum is easily one of the most pleasant, fun, and entertaining forums I've ever followed.)  Even if I had only spent a $1 (which I didn't, but we don't need to tell my wife that), I would still be deliriously happy with this whole ride.


    So, ReaperBryan and any other Reaper folk out there:  I know how demotivating internet comments can sometimes be.  And I know that people are by nature way more likely to post their disappointments than to post over and over again, "I'm happy!"  But I thought at least somebody should post an unreserved, "I'm happy!" before this was all over.  Just pretend I posted this every day.  Because I thought it.  :)


    Reaper FTW!


    P.S.  Specifically, thank you so much for the lizardmen!  Even if they are too late for a lizardman-heavy part of my campaign.  That said, my players had way more fun making jokes about the "naga exchange student" in my lizardman pack than they would have just getting beat up by lots of cool lizardmen.  Make lemons out of lemonade!  ;)

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  5. These are beautiful!  I now feel inspired to try a diaorama.  :)


    I am also extremely jealous of your fabric work!  I have the darndest time getting a smooth blend between shadow and highlight -- about half the time it comes out well, half the time the skirts / cloaks come out looking striped.  It's great to have the chance to watch your steps doing such beautiful work.

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  6. Like most everyone else, getting paint to the perfect consistency for what I'm doing is an on-going struggle for me.  I've seen people suggesting using the Reaper Brush-on Sealer as a diluting agents a couple of times now.  Doesn't this "dry up" fairly quickly and start to make the paint/sealer mixture sticky?  What kind of working time are we looking at?  In addition, I tend to use a wet pallet.  Is that still feasible while using the sealer as a dilutant?

  7. I love all these devices people have made for paint shaking!  It makes me feel not so weird for having this be something that's been on my mind, now that I know it's considered an issue all of us think about and deal with.  :)


    Thanks for sharing, everybody!  Lots to think about.

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