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  1. Skulls on the armor make you emo. He's so emo that his hair cuts itself!
  2. The muted color palette really helps to draw the eyes to the excellent OSL and NMM work. Great job!
  3. I wish my best quality eyes came out as good as your tabletop quality eyes.
  4. Very nice job! Also, stalking you from the Penny Arcade forums!
  5. To me, it depends on the amount of work required to rework a model. The feedback I received on my entries was and is great, and I am already incorporating those and other ideas into new models. However, trying to rework much of my Kaladrax to give him more contrast and directional lightning is at least a 20+ hour job, and not worth the investment at this time. On the other hand, some of the comments about my Conquest can be incorporated in a few hours, and he's a centerpiece in my Khador army. So he will probably be worth the time investment later this year. Right now, I have a deluge of shinies I want to work on, and new models will show my skill progression better.
  6. Unpainted minis like bones go on a my shelf of shame, taunting me with their whiteness. Unpainted minis that require assembly stay in the package until I am ready for them. Packages are sorted by size and type. Semi-finished projects go into old packaging. Paints I keep in a couple of fingernail polish racks screwed to the wall, so I can snag what I want. Tools other than brushes go into a tackle box (drawered). Brushes into a couple of clear plastic cans that screw in half I got with some like $4 cheapo brushes for dry brushing. The cans have lasted far longer than the brushes did. I'm super OCD about the physical stuff, but I find that I don't need to keep track of things in a spreadsheet. I always need more paints, and Minis I have I know by heart. I know this because at ReaperCon my wife kept saying "That looks cool!" and my response was mostly "I got that with Bones" or Bones II as was appropriate. If only I could paint as fast as Reaper can make new Bones miniatures.
  7. I drove to ReaperCon, so I just brought everything in a couple of large boxes, with my brushes in a plastic stand-up container I bought as part of a cheap nylon brush set at Michaels. Then when I wanted a particular color set for a model, I pulled the model, paints, palette, etc and put them on a serving tray to carry downstairs. Next year I will probably use a smaller cookie sheet, but we just moved so I haven't found my old cookie sheet. This is how I paint at home also, paints in storage and I can sit with the wife while she watches TV, or in her sewing room while she quilts, and I paint. I love the portability of it. To those at the con, I was the guy painting on Khanjira.
  8. Thank you very much for the compliment!
  9. Here's what I posted to another forum: ReaperCon was awesome, and I totally recommend anyone with a love of miniatures to go if you get the chance. My wife, whom I've never been able to get interested in painting, took five classes with me and now is wanting to start painting some herself. I took one additional advanced class on NMM. I took home two bronze medals. In the painters category: https://reapercon.com/pages/mspopen_image.php?file=1133a.jpg&size=detail In the ordnance category: https://reapercon.com/pages/mspopen_image.php?file=1134a.jpg&size=detail The classes we took together were a basic painting class, how not to suck, painting skin and flesh, converting the bones skeletal giant, and converting bones NPCs. Each class is two hours long. For the basic painting class, we were given six paints, a brush, and a bones dwarf mini. The first hour walked through painting basics (paints, tools, base coating, washes, dry brushing, etc). The second hour was hands on trying out the different techniques. In addition, five more paints were available for use. The class had five folks, my wife and I, a father and daughter, and one other gentlemen. At the end, we were told that since there were three sets of the five paints, each "couple" could keep a set. So in dollar value alone for this class we came ahead. How not to suck was a lecture format going that focused on how to layer/blend well using feathering and glazing, and highlight/shadow placement. I learned some really good tips (always feather paint perpendicular to your shade direction). The painting flesh and faces class focused on using blending techniques and highlight placement to get realistic skin tones. This really brought together the stuff from the lecture for my wife. Additionally, she's been poking fun at me all weekend because her flesh golem turned out almost as well as mine (and I've been painting for about 5 years now). For both of the conversion classes, my wife had a blast. She came up with very interesting, freaky models that would work together to make a diorama. Her models may not be fully detailed or have the nice joints, etc that mine did, but she definitely won based on how interesting her work was. In the giants class, they had a set of farmyard animals and pumpkins available, so she made two monsters fighting over the animals in the pumpkin patch. One of her monsters is even biting the head off of a cow. I'm amazed at her creativity. In addition to this, we each won a door prize at one of the dinners. So I have a sci-fi mouseling set and she has a limited edition resin model (#2 of 100). I will take pictures of the haul tomorrow, but just for attending at the gold level together we got: Lunches every day. Dinners every day (except Sunday, they wrap up at 4pm). Eighteen limited edition paints. Ten limited edition models. $100 in reaper gift certificates. Basically, the swag alone almost paid for the cost of the Con. I'm super excited for next year's con, and super energized to paint again.
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