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  1. Bryan said that lives and items are just for fun and don't mean anything. I missed that, here is I was hoping to trigger a bunch of speculation and it had already been done. Thank you.
  2. Did anyone else notice that Ms. Bones seems to have lost a "life" in the arcade game? I wonder what, if anything, that indicates.
  3. If nobody else has commented I believe it is a Formorian. While that exact model didn't show up in a search on the site this one did http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/formorian/latest/02685and it has a similar hunched bad but not as deformed legs.
  4. That's great. I'm glad you shared this. I got mine yesterday as well.
  5. And if they have it on hand in case of his needing to take the pi to the face and they don't get that much there is a delicious addition to the cake (unless... you know..)
  6. Just because it is Cher and we expect that doesn't make it any easier.
  7. I always enjoy Reaper's booth at GenCon but I must admit that seeing them at Pax East almost makes up for it. (almost)
  8. Thanks for the introductory reading everyone. That thread from October is great not sure why/how I missed it.
  9. I'm thinking about getting an airbrush to help with painting minis (armies and large things like dragons and cthulhu) but I don't know where to begin the process. The other application I would have for it would be painting terrain for sand tables. Any good links or suggestions for somebody looking to buy in would be great so I can get an idea of how much pressure I should need in a compressor, what nozzle sizes would be good to start with and what to look for in the actual airbrush handle.
  10. I recently received a bit of mad money and thought I'd spend it on some MSPs. A while back I purchased a large set of the first 75 paints in the line. Now I'm looking to fill out the set but there are a lot of choices and at most I can only spring for the 54 additional paints. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. It is a reaper mini the #s before the name are the product number. I got mine at GenCon last year I think.
  12. I;m working on this mini because it seemed so crazy. I didn't get to start it before St. Patrick's day but with luck it will be done before the end of March so at least it will be semi-seasonal. I've put on a base-coat mostly my shadow layer. So he still needs highlights some cleanup and the owl needs to have more don with the eyes. Other pics can be found here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/110866513833228767059/posts/RLo4kfvf2Hg
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