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  1. Yes, nudity is fine but please follow the forum rules and host her photos elsewhere and share a link for them to be viewed. Thank you for asking!
  2. Nice to see some new entries in some of the categories! You guys are doing great! Keep up the painting! I bet we're going to have some awesome, stiff competition this year with all of the quarantine painting going on. Stay safe and healthy and keep painting!
  3. How is everyone doing? It's been a rough couple months and could be this way for awhile. Thinking of all of my Reaper forum friends (some of you are familiar names and I think of you as my forum friends) and fellow painters and hope you and your families are handling things the best that you can and staying healthy. I am thinking with the forced home time, maybe some of you are getting in extra hobby/paint time. Maybe we will have the best turnout for the forum contests ever this year! Anyway, I just wanted to check in and let you guys know that we're all in this together and you have someone thinking about you! Hang in there!
  4. I looked at last year's and it looks like people put the giants in the 40-99. The 100+ had dragons, Baba Yaga's hut, Dragon Turtle and the like. So I think you're safe putting him in the 40-99.
  5. I sent you a message on January 13 and you responded on January 19 and gave me your name and email address which I forwarded to Reaper so you would get a gift certificate.
  6. I don't have him but I have 77591 the Frost Giant King in a similar pose who is about 80 mm from his foot to the top of his head excluding the horns. So he is probably over if you count the height of the weapon but if you're going by just the main figure, he is probably under 100mm.
  7. If the PCs are fighting a creature or creatures in their own "home", give it lair actions. That adds another layer to the fight and you can do this with pretty much any level of creature. I also have Tome of Beasts and Creature Codex. I don't especially enjoy combat so I try and choose an interesting variety of creatures as well as try and balance combat and other types of encounters. In my efforts last session, my group fought a drowned maiden and diseased giant rats in a room filled with 3 feet of water and two pillars. That was fun. The next main area was a room with around a foot of water and then they descended into a submerged chamber with locked chests and cabinets. In the upper room, I had dipsas attack them. Not a single one passed the save to notice they were bitten. Each round I had the dipsas deal their damage and take the hide action. It took forever before one of the players was able to beat the dipsas' stealth with either passive perception or rolling perception. I almost killed a level 8 party with dipsas because none had terribly great perception combined with the fact none of them were rolling well! They were able to rid themselves of the dipsas, collect their treasure and continue to the next area where they found the decayed corpses of a party of adventurers. They are convinced the other group succumbed to dipsas! So, there are interesting creatures that do different things, you just have to spend some time looking and sometimes modifying a bit to get more exciting encounters.
  8. I enjoy Critical Role a lot! I put it on while I paint. The story is better than a lot of shows on tv and I don't have to be focused on the visual like a regular show. (Although their expressions and antics can be pretty funny to watch!) My husband started listening on his commute and when he has to go out and make deliveries. I didn't understand how or why anyone would want to watch someone else play D&D until I sat down and put on the first episode of the second campaign and I was hooked. I was laughing within the first couple minutes and have watched both campaigns and look forward to new episodes every week. I think they are also incredibly kind people and talented. The first CR book has lots of cool information and items and such in it and I have preordered the second book. I don't like the Eberron setting but I like the artificer class. Just because someone isn't into CR doesn't mean they couldn't find some value in the books. And if not, that's ok too.
  9. Thank you all! Being an American living in Australia, it's like I get two birthdays! Or maybe it is just one really long birthday! I went and spent birthday money on a Gulper and some paint and some make up brushes for my painting class this weekend. The Gulper is for me, the other stuff is for class! Went to play D&D last night and had churros, cake, and lots of other snacks. I got to facetime with my grandbabies (who are all getting way too big!) So it was a good day! And then this morning I get birthday greetings here! Thanks again! I love this community we have here!
  10. Yes!! It's going to be so good!I can't wait to see what you come up with!
  11. She is just as adorable now as the previous ladies! You got the leg issue fixed and she looks great!
  12. I think you have fixed much of what seemed off with her. It still seems to me as though her calves are larger than her thighs which makes her legs still seem weird looking. The bulge on the back of her right calf is odd looking and draws the eye. Please take this as constructive criticism and not an insult. I adore your sculpts!
  13. Lovely dark skin. She looks very elegant.
  14. So cute! Love the texturing on the fabrics!
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