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  1. Aetherworks update and still no Bones 5 even in the queue.
  2. Thank you all for your kind words! She is such a wonderful model and she is really great to practice almost everything on - hair, fur, skin, cloth, lots of space for freehand (a little tricky with the folds), eyes, lips, metal. Such a beautiful sculpt! Glad my little experiments with her are well received.
  3. A different take on my second frost giant queen and I tried out some freehand on her skirt and cloak. I wasn't able to take Brice Cocanour's class at RVE but I was able to watch it on youtube and took his technique and tried out my own designs Edit: Forgot to mention she is my trio entry with @Evilhalfling and @Kuroneko. .
  4. Dunno. Reaper said the past two weeks that Aetherworks has it and Aetherworks posts twice a week what they have completed, what is in progress and what is in queue and Bones 5 hasn't appeared on the list.
  5. Right, I know there was a lot of angst over the Canadian thing. I just think they shouldn't keep saying "Australia will ship as soon as it gets there" and "Australia has their stuff so they will begin shipping right away" when that is obviously not happening.
  6. I don't know what is going on in Australia. Reaper keeps saying on Reaperlive (the past 2) that it is here in Australia and that it would ship when it got here but it's still not on Aetherwork's queue list that they post twice a week. I bet they don't want it shipped way before the US ships theirs.
  7. @Cygnwulf Do you have a plastic or metal extruder piece where your guide wheel and stuff are? I was having trouble and it was because it had worn the plastic and was catching my filament not feeding it through properly. Replaced with a metal piece and back in business.
  8. I don't think so. It is winter here and the house is shut up with heater running. I mean, maybe. Like I said, I have no idea since it does it sometimes but not every time.
  9. I have an Ender 5 Plus. I am printing cavern tiles and walls. Sometimes, I am getting a line 1/4 to 1/3 of the way through some of the walls. It is like it forgot to lay down a layer or something. Until today, all of them have still been pretty solid and easily fixable with just a little patch of greenstuff. The one today though snapped in half. You could see that the filament looked like a stringy mess for that layer. I can print the same exact file back to back and it will be perfect one time and goofed up the next. I honestly don't know how to fix something that only happens som
  10. Aetherworks gave their Wednesday update and Bones 5 isn't even in the queue.
  11. Yeah, I found that one but I took the one at RVE and it seemed like she used a different color than the Rcon one and I was wanting to check. I might just be remembering wrong! Thank you!
  12. I can't find Mocha's Multicultural Skin Tones class on the Reaper youtube channel. Did it not get uploaded?
  13. I also love Dullcote but since it became impossible to find, I switched to Vallejo Matt spray and I did find brush on Dullcote. Both of these have worked well for me. Not what you would call "cheap" but I figure I can spray a lot of minis with that big ol' can of Vallejo so in the long run, I feel I get my money's worth. Plus, neither of these have ruined any of my minis.
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