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  1. It did. https://www.facebook.com/ReaperMini/posts/pfbid02xxUfZ1FYFarRYYwigxYhu23hvvvxsgXcYmYqsS1kcEN2tMZxD2pVv7RiuFQwfVB4l
  2. Their website says "We also offer a free shipping option for orders over €60, £50 and $100 AUD." I guess this probably means from Aetherworks, which as you noted, are horrible and have inflated prices (beyond the "Aussie tax"), no selection, terrible service, and you don't get the free minis advertised by Reaper, plus you will wait forever for them to ship your order.. Several months ago when many of us from Oz/NZ emailed asking what the situation was with the store and if we were being forced into buying from Aetherworks, Ed wrote back and said he would raise the free shipping if we were trying to purchase from the US store and make it $300 for free shipping to Oz/NZ from the Texas store. I just loaded the cart with over $300 worth of stuff and it still would not give free shipping. I mean, $300 for free shipping is ridiculous anyway but it apparently wasn't even true. I decided when I received that email that they were not interested in my business anymore. You might try Tabletop Empires. They are in Australia, he is a nice guy with reasonable prices and he tries to keep a decent selection of Reaper minis and paints.
  3. These look wonderful, as usual!
  4. No. They only announced the winners from Q1 yesterday. The winner will need to choose the mini for Q2. I don't know when it will start but hopefully soon.
  5. Sounds like the Reaper Diorama category. As long as you have at least one large Reaper mini, it is fine to have non-Reaper as well.
  6. They did it once. I personally think it was less visible. It was harder to share, people had to sign up for a Reaper account to vote, there was some issues with the format and layout. I mean, no matter where the contest is, there will be people who don't use that platform whether it is discord, twitter, or whatever. The quarterly contest has been on facebook for years.
  7. Thank you! I painted the earth scion. Maybe I didn't post photos here. For skintone, if you are having trouble with darker skin turning out too light, make sure you are choosing darker, richer colors for the skin. After highlighting, I go back with either my midtone or my first shadow color and glaze over the whole skin. It really helps smooth the blends and ties all of your skin colors together. Do a light glaze so you don't totally kill your highlights or muddy it up. You can always glaze more if needed.
  8. Thank you! Yes, the scales threw me and I wasn't sure what to do with them. So I just chose a color and went with it!
  9. Cool mini to paint. I think he has a Jason Mamoa vibe going on.
  10. I get if they want to change "Dancing Girl" to "Human Bard". Ok, fine. But changing Nemesra to Nesmera, just why? I wonder if that is what it is on the card now or if it is a mistake on the store. Every online shop I checked when I googled, has the metal one listed still as "Nemesra". As mentioned above, some consistency needs to be maintained in names and keywords because you just about can't find things on the store unless you know the exact name or sku. Keep changing the names and nobody will find anything.
  11. The bases are 3d printed. The design is on the base, you just have to try to color between the lines! I discovered that if I was very careful, the aqua color is ink and it would just flow into the cracks. Painting the white first and then carefully applying ink to where I wanted the aqua worked great! Any mistakes though, ugh! Had to wait for the ink to dry and then try to get the white paint to cover!
  12. These are wonderful! Great job!
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