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  1. I will definitely keep this in mind! I can always ask for the stipple pens for Christmas. It would be rude to not use a Christmas gift! I also want to do the acrylic paint pour over canvas where it makes the swirly designs. I want to do all of these cool things that I see and I still have 20 unpainted minis waiting for paint!
  2. The sad face is weeping for my bank account!
  3. Pochi


    These are gorgeous! My guess would be Greek expac because, come on, they are sirens. I also hope they are in the Greek expac because I am already in for that one and I am getting close to my budget and I would have to have these if they were add on so I would be inching ever closer to that STOP mark! They really would go well with several of the expansions.
  4. These are gorgeous! The patterns and the color choices are awesome! Great, now I want to do this too! Thanks a lot! Like my bank account isn't already hemorrhaging with Bones 5!
  5. Pochi

    Bones 4 Scenery

    These look terrifically creepy and scary! Nicely painted!
  6. Pochi

    "The Golden Cheese is Ours!" Mousling Diorama

    Your shading and highlighting on each little mouse is perfect! As someone who also enjoys painting the mouselings, I know how tiny they are! The orb looks great and even the tiny frog! Very cute and beautifully painted!
  7. I like that little bit of red on the raised places. Very creepy. You kept it dark and foreboding but also gave it that little bit of color that draws the eye.
  8. Pochi

    Bones 4 Skeletal Chimera

    Nice and creepy!
  9. Pochi

    80068- Victorians

    I like your color choices and nice job on the faces!
  10. Oh yes, I know. I can be poor for months and months instead of just in one shot! Haha!
  11. They are awesome! I am afraid my budget is going to be doomed!
  12. I am pretty sure @Rainbow Sculptor made some deckhands so I am betting we see those in the expansion. To be honest, I am really hoping they don't put a whole bunch of things in here that I super like..... I am getting close to the top of my budget!
  13. I really like the undead pirates but I don't think I need a whole expansion of them. I really hope the otters aren't in the expansion. I hope they are an add on.
  14. Usually white because I like to paint bright colors and think they pop better over white. I have used black in some situations though like when painting Garghuk. I primed him with black and then did a zenithal highlighting spray with white.
  15. I prime all of my Bones, Bones Black, and the mausoleum and fences with Army Painter rattle can and have never had any issues.