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  1. I feel for you guys. I live in Australia and we get free shipping at $100 AUD. So yeah, I've never been able to do the 12 Days of Christmas or even really get in on monthly orders. I save up for when the mini of the month is too awesome to miss and/or go in on big orders with other people to meet the minimum. You would think with globalism, it would be easier/cheaper to get things but nope! It sucks!
  2. Pochi

    Reapermini New Site Layout

  3. Pochi

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    Oh yeah, the forums leave me logged in. It is the store that doesn't. It's not a huge big deal but I think I am logged in and start looking at stuff and can't add to wishlist and the currency is wrong.
  4. Pochi

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    Just gave that a shot. It does not work. If I go away from the page and go back or look in a new tab, I am logged out even though I click the "Leave me logged in" button. It's not the end of the world but it's annoying.
  5. Pochi

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    I still am unable to purchase an online gift certificate. Also, am I the only one who the site won't leave logged in even though I click the "Leave me logged in box"?
  6. Pochi

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    @kit The link to purchase a digital gift certificate goes to a 404 page not found.
  7. Hey, everyone! Entries are looking great! I need to get in gear and get some things painted. Just a reminder to please be sure and read the rules. All of the categories are for large models. This tripped me up last year and I don't want anyone else to make that mistake. So, that's the end of my public service announcement. I now return you to your regularly scheduled painting!
  8. Pochi

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    No more Inspiration Gallery? No more painted examples on the individual mini pages? The few who have studio painted pictures, the artists aren't credited on all but one that I saw. I liked having painted figures to see as it helped me determine sometimes what things are on the minis. Many times I found a mini uninteresting until I saw a painted one and then bought one for myself. Glad to hear we will be able to eventually see our past orders again. The wishlist is nice.
  9. Pochi

    2018 Secret Sophie

    Did I miss sign ups for the Spring Exchange?
  10. Well.....I could blame a lack of coffee. I could blame that I have lived in Australia long enough that I have started adding Rs to words that don't need them (they don't pronounce the Rs that are already in words but will add them to words that don't require them.) I could blame fat fingers or too long of fingernails. Or I could say, whoops, sorry, I typed too fast and didn't notice I stuck a spare letter in there!
  11. Oh, yes. It was definitely responding to both lexomatic and Ratmaster. I guess I should have hit the quotes button to make that more clear! Thanks, Glitterworlf!
  12. Pochi

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    My doggies arrived down under today. They are super cute! The packaging is a bit much but they are the nicest packaged minis I think I have ever purchased. Not sure which to paint to first!
  13. I would think if you started it last year but it wasn't finished, and in the case of a diorama, if the bulk of it was unfinished, it would be ok. I mean especially if you haven't posted photos all over. If you pulled something off your shelf of shame and finished painting it, it would be finished this year, right? Finish painting those minis and assembling those dioramas! Have fun!
  14. I think the main point is to encourage new projects for the year.
  15. Pochi

    77235: Toghra, Gnoll Leader

    My players are going to come across a village that has been having citizens go missing...mainly children but also the adults who went looking for them. It is going to be gnolls. I am also going to be using the badger wolf that I first saw when you painted one! They are fascinating and work with gnolls. This is going to be a very tough encounter for the players but very fun for me! (I hope fun for them too!) Thank you everyone! I really hated how they were looking at first but doing some back and forth on the fur/shading/highlighting and they came together. I do think they resemble World of Warcraft gnolls which was my goal so I am pretty happy and can't wait to throw them on the table and see what the players have to say!