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  1. I bought some Vallejo Matte spray and some Dullcote brush on and tried them both out on some resin and some Bones. I found I needed to do 2 coats with both to hit missed spots (that's on me not the product) but they both worked very well and they both took away all of the shine of the gloss coat I was putting them over. The Vallejo spray is a big can too. Neither made anything sticky on the resin or the Bones. I was freaking out because I am working on some Tabletop World stuff and couldn't imagine having to seal it all with a brush on until whenever Dullcote restocks so I am glad the Vallejo spray turned out nice. So, your mileage may vary but I am happy with both of these. I guess we'll see how things go and if they work out well, I may not switch back to Dullcote when it does restock. I mean, I easily get 3X the amount in the Vallejo can for just a little bit more $$. If something tragic happens and one of them melts a mini or makes it tacky, I'll update but so far, so good. Have sprayed a handful of things and brushed on some smaller stuff.
  2. They look fantastic! Love Ursula, so clever! I really like how you painted Rocky. And the worm is great! I will get him posted with the other two. Nice work!
  3. You can show just one angle. Some people post more than one or a collage but most post one photo. Again, some people post lots all at once. Most seem to post them as they finish them.
  4. Thank you! It was fun to paint. I have another and have been thinking of painting it. Trying to decide a theme for it! Probably wait until Bones 5 gets here and see if it matches up with the terrain in there. Thank you! It is such a great set!
  5. Excellent! Too funny! Can't wait to see all 3 together!
  6. From facebook, someone said they stumbled across "weaselmancers" while reading the Reaper FAQ. I do believe we need weaselmancers! I picture a devious looking weasel wearing wizard robes in a mid-casting a spell pose. So cute!
  7. Thank you for the birthday wishes!
  8. Great! There was an overlap with a couple classes so good to know I will be able to go back and see the one I have to miss!
  9. I signed up for 6 classes. No sleep for me here in Australia!
  10. February Releases available on the 8th!
  11. You did great! The armor, his expression...wow! Hello, bees!
  12. I painted Garghuk for the Reaper Challenge League with @Evilhalfling and @Kuroneko. It was a lot of fun and they look so great together! Here is mine.
  13. He look fantastic! I love the red skin! I think he lives near or in a volcano. Great job and your blending is so smooth!
  14. Wowsa! Love the mottled look his skin has! Nice tattoos and his eyes are fantastic!
  15. You and me both! I hope you post them in Show Off! They're beautiful!
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