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  1. Fantastic! The minis are great. The basing is so good! The weathering and dirtiness on the base is very realistic!
  2. David Diamondstone did an online class at Reapercon Live and it is available on Reaper's twitch channel. I believe it is beginner friendly. I am including a link to the VOD here. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/731355309?filter=all&sort=time
  3. Hmmm, I know that the archways (that came with the graveyard) were questioned in previous years and they were decided as a no but the Mystic Portal has a bit more happening. It would not be a diorama on its own but people have used the druid circle as the large model for dioramas before so the portal would probably be fine as long as you created a scene with it.
  4. For the diorama, as long as it has at least one large Reaper figure in it, then it is fine. You can convert and modify the figures. There are no rules about not having backgrounds in your pictures or even like the display bases with the painted background attached. So if you want to do that, go for it! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  5. I love how you "aged" them, especially the yellowing of the bones in certain areas and the grass and moss.
  6. I really like the albino look! Great job!
  7. Wonderfully painted! How did the adventurers do against these guys?
  8. Fun! I hope you enjoy it and the forums here are great! It has been a tough year. I decided that I was going to make Secret Sophie a priority this year just because it has been so blah! Focusing on doing something nice for someone else plus giving me a kick in the behind to get up and do something! I got my assignment and I am really excited about it! Already planning what I want to paint and what gifts to include! Hope this helps you with your funk. I know just how you feel!
  9. I have received unpainted Reaper minis that fit into the theme of the D&D campaign I was running. That person also hand made some chariots and horses to go with the minis. (Egyptian theme). He painted 3 minis for me, sent me some plasticard in varying sizes and some chocolates. I have also received basing stuff (grass tufts, weathering pigments). I have sent minis that I painted based on their preferences and unpainted miniatures that I thought they might enjoy based on their preferences from their questionnaire. I include some little "Australian" things (keychains, pencils, or something and then some snacks). So yeah, in the couple times I have done Secret Sophie, both giving and receiving, it has been some unpainted minis, basing items, and snacks along with painted mini(s) if you signed up to do the painting part too.
  10. Should we maybe ask Jon if he thinks it is worth making a mention of in the News section of the forums or should we just roll with what we have?
  11. I am good with whatever but I do agree with Inarah. I feel like I "know" the people here on the forums. It is too bad that more people didn't sign up but in the end, everyone will have a partner.
  12. The Reaper forums is one of my favorite places on the internet! My painting has only benefitted from spending time here and talking to the other painters here. Hope you stick around and share your projects and join in the conversations!
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