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  1. @SamuraiJack Thanks for stepping in to run this this year. And thanks to everyone who participated. I look forward to this every year!
  2. I had seen the finished snapping turtle and it is awesome. The hellborn sorceress....wow! Love your color choices. She looks amazing! The bone Worm looks great! It is from Print Your Monsters on My Mini Factory. Fantastic work on all of them! Glad you like them!
  3. Thank you all! Had a great D&D session the day before, lunch and ice cream with a friend day of, and dinner out with my husband and friends the evening after. This weekend having more friends over for boardgame day.
  4. @Neatpete You are very welcome! Your questionnaire said you wanted things for TTRPG's so I hope these fit the bill! I also hope you like the bone worm. I printed one for myself and my players loved it! They were horrified when I put it on the table! I am more than happy to answer questions and I don't consider it being "bugged" at all. Feel free to message me! The slobber is clear fishing line glued behind the teeth with a little bit of super glue. When that dried, I took Uhu glue and used a toothpick to smear on the fishing line and make a few stringy bits as well. Wait for it to dry. Then I used a little bit of UV resin to dab on and then hit with my UV flashlight to make it shiny. You can do the UV resin step with glossy modpodge which is what I usually do. I just wanted to see how the UV resin would look since I hadn't tried it for slobber before. Do all of this after you have sealed mini as matt varnish will kill your shine!
  5. My Secret Sophie present arrived today! I have a whole orc war party! It's amazing! I don't have a forum name but I would like to thank J for the wonderfully painted orcs! My cell phone takes terrible photos that do not show how awesome these are. J freehanded a leopard skin pelt, it's so good! Thank you!
  6. You guys are rockstars! I am nearly finished painting. Mine will probably go out next week. Stay tuned!
  7. I have started painting. I don't know if it will be delivered by Christmas but I am going to try and get it finished and sent before Christmas. We'll see.
  8. Time to dig through my minis and see what catches my eye as the perfect thing to paint! So excited!
  9. People of all skill levels have participated in the exchanges in the past. My skill level has changed since I began participating 8 or so years ago. I have loved every mini I have received in the exchanges because I could see the thought, time, and effort that was put into each one.
  10. In the above rules it says both the 30th and the 31st of October is the deadline for signups. Might want to change that if you're extending it.
  11. I'm in with the caveat that not everything will be Reaper from me as no stores here carry Reaper and Reaper has made it super difficult to order directly from them in Australia. That said, I do have lots of Reaper minis that I have already purchased over the years so I most likely have plenty of things to choose from to paint.
  12. I kind of thought giving it cute fabrics and a bright pink mane and tail somehow made it creepier! lol And thank you!
  13. I painted this horse puppet mini for a contest. It's the second one I painted. The first I did as a mini exchange and this one gets to stay with me! I eventually want to run a mini campaign with a creepy carnival. It's been awhile since I have posted here. I need to get back to the forums more!
  14. Also, there has been zero restock if you click the AUD tab on the online store for months. Aetherworks also marks stuff way up, sells the "free" minis usually as "limited edition" and are just ugh! I order stuff from the US all the time and yes, shipping has gone up but it seems extremely high from Reaper. There are a couple online retailers in Australia that carry Reaper minis that might ship to NZ. I order paints from Tabletop Empires.
  15. Aaaaaahhhh! My package arrived today! Thank you so much, @SGHawkins09!!! After the dogs inspected the package and determined it was safe to open, I opened it! The first thing I saw was hot cocoa with unicorn marshamallows! There are stickers, and minis, a journal, a lanyard, M&Ms, a dice bag and dice. I just kept pulling things out of this box! There was a white box that I was sure had the painted mini so I saved it for last. Inside was a gorgeous little dark skinned dwarf woman with her iguana/lizard buddy. She wears robes in my favorite colors (like the dice in the dice bag) and her cloak is iridescent. She is beautiful! I took pictures and realized I had already started munching M&M's. Everything is so thoughtful and I am so appreciative!
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