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  1. If you haven't checked it out, Massive Voodoo has a tutorial on water effects and resin. (My biggest tip though is do not superglue the plasticard frame to your base. He said it comes off easily and that was not true for me!) I have tried Woodland Scenics and another brand that I don't remember now (I threw away the bottle). They are fine for puddles but I wouldn't use them for anything more than that as they shrink and cloud up. Mess around with the two part resins. I thought it would be really difficult, and there is a little bit of a learning curve, but I have been so happy with
  2. She is so beautiful and so different than how I painted mine. I love her hair! And I love her little friend, so cute!
  3. Gorgeous! The greens and soft pink (almost a coral) are so pretty and feminine and look great on both of them! As I said on discord, the sash is amazing!
  4. Beautiful! I have painted her before and she is so tiny. You did a wonderful job!
  5. Excellent paint job! I really like how you did her makeup! I'm glad you liked mine. I think yours is beautiful!
  6. Loved this one! The whole little scene and story is great!
  7. Have the Australia shipments made it to Australia yet? I thought they were on the water before the USA ones but then we haven't heard anything about them for a long time.
  8. The milkmaid and cooper from the Townsfolk 3 set. I wanted to practice cloth texture. I also attempted 5 o'clock shadow and arm hair on the cooper.
  9. I painted this guy for the RCL. He is very tiny and so cute! For some reason, I looked at the tiny little guy and decided his teeny pants needed itty bitty stripes! Hahaha! I loved painting him!
  10. It goes all year. There are monthly "challenges" and quarterly "challenges", a twice a year one and a yearly "challenge". You can do duos and trios with people and join a large group. It has been super fun so far and that's just the painting! we haven't even had the first raffle yet.
  11. I painted this guy for my friend's birthday. He plays a ranger in our D&D game and his character is obsessed with his Bag of Holding so I had to paint one to add to the mini.
  12. My husband plays a rogue in our D&D game. Whenever he has painted with me, he liberally uses orange. No idea why as it is not his favorite color. So when I painted this guy, I had to paint him orange! I really like him and he was fun to paint!
  13. I painted this little guy for the RCL. He reminds me of a California Raisin and I love him!
  14. Beautiful! I love how she looks in the scene, so free!
  15. Fantastic shading and highlighting but those eyes....DANG!!!!! So good!
  16. Much better! I don't even mind the pink. It is a soft, non-distracting color. Rather soothing! The formatting is better and it is nice to see a lot of the links back at the top. Thanks for your hard work!
  17. So cool! I hope you consider entering this in the annual contest diorama category.
  18. Awesome! Love the reflection in the NMM!
  19. These are great! Love the woman's expression. Makes me wonder what she sees.
  20. An update on the Vallejo Matt Spray. I sprayed some minis today and it left little...I don't really know how to describe it...little fleck marks all over them. Now, it did rain for a few days but it hasn't rained for the past couple. It was a little overcast outside today. Maybe it was too humid. I am 98% sure I shook the can enough. Good news is, I used the brush on Dullcote and it fixed it right up. I'll still try the Vallejo again on a sunny, dry day after shaking the can for forever! lol
  21. I just printed this exact same house as my first complete print. I haven't painted mine yet. Yours looks great!
  22. I bought some Vallejo Matte spray and some Dullcote brush on and tried them both out on some resin and some Bones. I found I needed to do 2 coats with both to hit missed spots (that's on me not the product) but they both worked very well and they both took away all of the shine of the gloss coat I was putting them over. The Vallejo spray is a big can too. Neither made anything sticky on the resin or the Bones. I was freaking out because I am working on some Tabletop World stuff and couldn't imagine having to seal it all with a brush on until whenever Dullcote restocks so I am glad
  23. They look fantastic! Love Ursula, so clever! I really like how you painted Rocky. And the worm is great! I will get him posted with the other two. Nice work!
  24. You can show just one angle. Some people post more than one or a collage but most post one photo. Again, some people post lots all at once. Most seem to post them as they finish them.
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