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  1. These are fantastic! The whole Fan Favorites expansion is a hit but here were certain parts like these cockatrice and the Hobbit that really sold it! A friend and I pledged together and we couldn't split the FF so we are each buying one. The new encounter concept this kickstarter is great! As a DM, a player, and a painter, they are so useful! Tieflings! We need tieflings! We also need bards! good bard minis are so few and far between.
  2. 40mm to 99mm Single Figure Reaper entries only. No more than 4 images per entry please. No chatter or questions, please. Use the Rules and Questions thread.
  3. Well, for me anyway, right before Christmas is not ideal. I would have preferred April-June even though Australia tax time is in July. I will add more to the pledge manager after Christmas but I have gifts to buy and all of that stuff so couldn't go as all in as I would have liked.
  4. Played D&D until 2 am. Had to set an alarm get up for the end though! I love the fan favorites! Lots of fun things!
  5. My friend just gave me his ship money and expansion money so I added another $150 to my pledge. Not quite enough to get there. So close!!!!!
  6. Categories: 40-99mm wide/tall (Reaper only) 100mm+ wide/tall (Reaper only) Diorama (Reaper Only) Non Reaper models Busts, and Dioramas over 40mm wide/tall Reaper contest: -- entries must be Reaper figures. Any 40mm or larger figure, metal or Bones, in production or OOP can be entered -- any figure which was painted and finished in 2019 is eligible -- figures that have won a statue level award as a ReaperCon entry are ineligible. This includes a Sophie, Golden Maelee, etc. -- the deadline for entries is Dec 31, 2019 at 11:59 pm CST -- a diorama is defined as two or more figures on a scenic base that helps to tell a story. The diorama may have smaller figures, as long as there is one large sized Reaper figure in the entry. Figures do not have to be permanently attached to the base but a scenic base must be present. -- you may enter as many times as you like, but only one prize per person will be awarded -- each entry needs to be uploaded to the appropriate thread. Please attach your entries using the forum uploading feature or hotlink from the Inspiration Gallery. We want to make sure they're visible at all times. -- you may submit between one and four images of each Single Figure entry and up to six images for Diorama. They do not need to be stitched into a single image file. -- you are allowed to enter miniatures that will also be entered into other contests that might overlap ours. -- the judges or Reaper reserves the right to remove entries if deemed inappropriate, but we're pretty laid back here and this is just to cover our butts. -- the judges and Reaper can clarify and amend rules at will. Prizes: Reaper has approved prizes in each category: 1st prize $50 2nd prize $30 random drawing prize $20 If there are fewer than 8 entries in any category, only 1st prize and the random prize will be awarded. Image Enhancement: -- digital enhancement ("Photoshopping") of your entry is strictly prohibited. -- no clone brush, healing brush, airbrush, or other brush work. Fix your paint with paint, not with Photoshop. -- no adding or removing background elements from the image -- if you add a logo or a watermark Reaper cannot use your image in their gallery. Note that if your image is selected for the Reaper gallery, you will be credited by name under the image. -- cropping, global color balance, and global level adjustments are allowed ("global" means "the entire image." You may not "pop" colors by only selecting some areas for level adjustment. Non-Reaper contest: -- entries which fit the above requirements (40mm+) or busts, or dioramas that were not made by Reaper can be entered here. -- dioramas need to follow the same rules as for the Reaper Diorama category with at least one larger figure in the diorama and on a scenic base -- there is no Reaper prize support for this category -- 3rd party prize support will be determined by donations near the end of the contest.
  7. 2 months left to get your minis painted and entered into the appropriate category! We have pretty good showings so far in all categories except dioramas. Remember, if entering a diorama, you need two or more figures and at least one figure must be a LARGE Reaper miniature and must be on a scenic base. Also as of now, there is no prize support for the non-Reaper category. If anyone would like to contribute something towards prizes, just send me a message and we'll talk! I hope everyone is enjoying the kickstarter and hope you are all painting up a storm!
  8. I am hoping they are an add on, or wouldn't it be lovely if they went in the core set! Hey, I can dream! Let's get real though, if they and the otters go in Brinewood, I will be adding another $50 to my already bloated pledge. A friend and I are pledging together, but still, it is getting ridiculous! Haha! I would as well. Would be cool if they did it as an add on. Would go nicely with Sophie's dice! Kickstrter or not, I would buy one.
  9. Happy dance!!!!! I already loved them and now I know how good hey are going to be! I am afraid the sirens will end up in (obviously) one of the water expansions. If the otters and a few other things including the sirens go into Brinewood, I may have to add that later in the pledge manager. I do like both of those water expansions, I just feel like I would get less use out of them. But, if the crew/deckhands that you did and the sirens, and the otters all go into Brinewood, it might make me need it!
  10. My only disappointment with the Greek expac is that the gorgeous sirens from @Rainbow Sculptor are not in it. I am absolutely over the moon with everything else that is included! I love the medusa and can't wait to see Circe, the fawn, and satyr when complete!
  11. The dwarf tomb is a must have! I love it! We just finished a dwarf king's tomb in my last D&D session so would have been nice to have it. Maybe they will have to go back there in a year and a half! Haha! I really like it though. A nice blend of terrain, scary guys, and adventurers. I do wish there was at least one caster type and a female or two. Still a great set!
  12. Throw in the graveyard set from Bones 3. You could get the spider encounter too. If you do this, can I come to your house to play?
  13. How about kid adventurer Sophie? So cute!!!
  14. I will definitely keep this in mind! I can always ask for the stipple pens for Christmas. It would be rude to not use a Christmas gift! I also want to do the acrylic paint pour over canvas where it makes the swirly designs. I want to do all of these cool things that I see and I still have 20 unpainted minis waiting for paint!
  15. The sad face is weeping for my bank account!
  16. Pochi


    These are gorgeous! My guess would be Greek expac because, come on, they are sirens. I also hope they are in the Greek expac because I am already in for that one and I am getting close to my budget and I would have to have these if they were add on so I would be inching ever closer to that STOP mark! They really would go well with several of the expansions.
  17. These are gorgeous! The patterns and the color choices are awesome! Great, now I want to do this too! Thanks a lot! Like my bank account isn't already hemorrhaging with Bones 5!
  18. Pochi

    Bones 4 Scenery

    These look terrifically creepy and scary! Nicely painted!
  19. Pochi

    "The Golden Cheese is Ours!" Mousling Diorama

    Your shading and highlighting on each little mouse is perfect! As someone who also enjoys painting the mouselings, I know how tiny they are! The orb looks great and even the tiny frog! Very cute and beautifully painted!
  20. I like that little bit of red on the raised places. Very creepy. You kept it dark and foreboding but also gave it that little bit of color that draws the eye.
  21. Pochi

    Bones 4 Skeletal Chimera

    Nice and creepy!
  22. Pochi

    80068- Victorians

    I like your color choices and nice job on the faces!
  23. Oh yes, I know. I can be poor for months and months instead of just in one shot! Haha!
  24. They are awesome! I am afraid my budget is going to be doomed!
  25. I am pretty sure @Rainbow Sculptor made some deckhands so I am betting we see those in the expansion. To be honest, I am really hoping they don't put a whole bunch of things in here that I super like..... I am getting close to the top of my budget!