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  1. @Reaper_Jon Update! I did find the gallery. The main page, if you click Reapercon Live does go to RVE, not a Reapercon Live page. There is a drop down tab on the RVE that says "History" and under that it says "2020" and the painting galleries are there. So it is there, just hard to find and not labeled properly and the Reapercon Live link goes to RVE.
  2. Thank you! There was a photo I remember that I wanted to have a better look at for inspiration.
  3. They are wonderful and I love them! He even gave them each little backstories. I will definitely be using them in my games and in the meantime, they are on my display shelf with my other exchange minis. Thank you again!
  4. Apparently the sneaky Auspost delivered my package yesterday but I didn't know until this morning it was in my mailbox! I am blown away by the effort that @Poilu_1914 put into my minis AND their backstories! He took my prompt "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and created a ghost who haunts a cemetery. He also created two NPC villagers who would fit into any village. I love them and I appreciate the thoughtfulness behind them! Just took a quick picture with my phone so the colors aren't as vibrant as in person. (I will definitely need to take better photos to do them justice unless @Poilu_1914 took good ones before he sent them to me.) This is Olav Oakvine: Master Brewer, Mysterious Ghost, and Peter the Beggar. An update for my recipient. Your mini has been finished for weeks but we have been in lockdown here. My husband was able to return to work today and the city he works in has less restrictions so I am going to send the package with him and he will mail it for me. So it will be on its way within the next couple days! Sorry for the wait!
  5. @Reaper_Jon Is there any way to see the Repercon Live painting gallery? The links above go to the RVE gallery. There were a couple minis I remember from the Reapercon Live gallery that I wanted to look at but I cannot get to or find the page for it anywhere. Everything that says Reapercon Live links to RVE. I know you are busy with Reapercon right now but hopefully you will see this and can check after! Thanks!
  6. Nice color choices. I love the wings!
  7. Nice face and I like the texturing on her skirt! Well done!
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if they previewed minis for Bones 6 at Reapercon.
  9. I will message you. I found your online class very easy to follow and was quite pleased with the results I was able to produce. I am definitely open for any tips or advice! Thank you!
  10. I use Dullcote on all of my Bones minis and have never had a problem.
  11. Mine is finished and should go out sometime this week. We're under total lockdown so I'll have to check Monday and see what our rules are for going to the post office.
  12. Those are both gorgeous! As previously mentioned, the male's pants are amazing! Two more super inspiring paintjobs! Thanks for sharing!
  13. How fun! I really like her rosy skintone!
  14. I'll send a WIP in a bit. I don't know if my recipient is as weak willed as I am and prone to peeking!
  15. They look so good and the frost giant's cloak and sash are gorgeous!!!! Worth the wait!
  16. Thank you! I'm glad you posted the photos! I'm also glad @Sibling got her Bones order and let me have her Overgourd until my order gets here!
  17. lol Go for it! I painted the teeth white first as a basecoat for the other colors. He looked fine with white teeth but I do prefer the candy corn!
  18. Thank you! Using candy corns for teeth was the first thing I thought of when @rubegon posted photos of his Bones 5 haul!
  19. Here is the Overgourd from Bones 5. He is super fun to paint! I am using him in my D&D game tomorrow! His sidekick is a 3d printed pumpkin cyclops.
  20. So good! Again, the skin is gorgeous! The whole minis is painted beautifully!
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