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  1. Wow, that's a double "time well spent" award! PS
  2. The point limit is the MAXIMUM. Hell, you could be a total fool and field only 1000 points for a 1501 game. You'd get pounded unless you opponent 1) never played before, 2) suffered a major stroke seconds before the game, 3) has been cursed by the Dice Gods. Iit's still legal, just not smart. This happened at ReaperCon. Someone put one of their troops into the paint contest, so when the next round came about, 500 points of painted models didn't make the table. PS
  3. My first thought was "stop buying those Searing Pains!" You have few models, but a lot of them are serious butt-kickers. Get Bandages, and heal those boys up! If I were to mix up the troops, I'd say put the mage with the Piercers, and split the clerics up. That way you have the deadly Magic/Archery combo, and healing in two activations. Then bump the game to 1501 to force the Warlord, and you're golden! PS
  4. Dwarf MD is pretty typical. Except Crusaders, all grunts and sgts are MD10, and heck, one of my Warlords has an 11... If the mages start to really be a problem, just bring a Griffon, and pack some Bandages on that cleric. Keep that monster in the fight! PS
  5. But we Warlord players haven't had a new book in 3 or 4 days! Think how long that is! We need more! PS
  6. Where does fluff fit into that picture If it's not made of pewter, it's free! Free I say, free! I'm sure I'll need vassals and lackeys. We'll work you into the organization somewhere... PS
  7. If I ran the universe, all the rules would be free and Reaper would just sell minis. Think about that next time you're voting for a new King of the Universe! PS
  8. They should stop working on CAV2 and start working on this! PS
  9. bah. . .your just ascared that the Elves might actually have a way of beating Aysa. what about other locals. . .anyone plan on coming.? dan? ken? mike? pete? I can't make it. I have stuff going on all day. Have fun storming the castle! PS
  10. Pretty sure Fear the Whip and Do Your Duty are in the Followers sublist, but neither are in Matisse's list. I'm thinking Ashkrypt doesn't really need more love. The default Overlord list has such a vast and impressive list of Elites to choose from... that's love all on its own. PS
  11. Used the Onyx Legion sublist last night, vs Qwyk. Due to a variety of things, (my rolling, his rolling, my 7 yr old setting up the terrain, his new list) I whooped him good. Hunter's Edge is awesome. The was one turn when it didn't affect things, where I buried his card only on the first flip only to have his card come up again, but except for that it rocked. I'll have to be a bit smarter about using it, since once I wanted Qwyk to go first, but left my Tactician cards in and ended up burying my own card first, but still very strong. And I used Kevis! Matisse brought Arik and Kevis for a multiplicity of Life Transfers! And both mages kept hitting even the high MD heroes and leaders. (see previous parenthetical...) PS
  12. Yeah, Zora gets Daughters of the Whip in her troop, like the Crimson Knights in Judas'. This works in a default list. In the Followers list the Daughters are grunts, and in the Onyx list Daughters aren't allowed. PS
  13. I actually didn't know this. So if a Crusader Knight gets hit by venom, they take a point of damage, making them stunned, and are now poisoned. We are now at the end of the round and the Knights must make their poison checks. If they fail they are coup de graced. If they pass, they have the chance to make another tough check to stand up, or they can be healed as always. Is this correct? You have it correct. PS
  14. I would think that at 64 points each, you wouldn't want to expose them to Defensive strikes unless you absolutely had to. As such, I think the CP3 is a better attack than a MAV2. And don't forget, that if a single track model is Poisoned, it has to make an extra tough check or it gets CDGed. Poison is very effective vs grunts. PS
  15. Now that Dwarves can Teleport, the Griffon and the Bear can arrive to fight in the same turn, which greatly increases the combat effectiveness of both. PS
  16. Right now, you've got a default list. This gives you the faction abilities listed in the book. You've got 2 models from the Followers of Khardullis list: Balthon and Moraia. This sublist lets you field more Lorena models (she's normally unique), more Daughters of the Whip and Bondslave Survivors (normally Adepts), more Golems (normally unique) and lets your clerics cast a new spell Innately (i.e. without paying points for it). With the models you've got, you probably won't benefit much from this list. You've got 1 model that isn't in either sublist: Ashkrypt. All your other models can be used in either list. You don't have the models to take full advantage of the Onyx Legion list. I would recommend going Default until you increase your model collection. Sooooooo, on to model recommendations. If you want to play Followers, you should get Zora, the cleric Warlord, and great heaping piles of Bondslaves. A few Daughters of the Whip and Lorena models would be good, but a lower priority. A Ranthe or two would help, but you already have Balthon (an awesome cleric) so only get him if you really want a bunch of clerics. If you want to play Onyx Legion, you'll need Merack and some Onyx Phalanx. Count Lorenth and some Onyx Zephyrs are a good investment as well. Since you can't use any of the elites you own in this sublist, you should get Arik (an awesome mage) and Kevis (a lesser but still good mage). Also General Matisse if your games go up to 1501 and you need a Warlord. In any list, default or sub, you'll want some Corvus models, and maybe some spearmen, and probably Ymrilix. The Golem is fun, but a little tricky to use well, and Onyx Chevaliers are great when running along side a troop of Zephyrs. PS
  17. Moraia is non-unique, so you can have piles of Moraia's running around. And no, the Crossbowmen were never grunts. I was joking in the hopes that someone would flip out and I could laugh and laugh and laugh. In that I was severely disappointed. PS Let's compare some wording: If they wanted the restrictive reading in the second case, don't you think they'd have used language similar to the first case? With words like "must" and "may not?" PS
  18. You're welcome! Nope. I thought they were going to, but I'm pretty sure they're exactly as before. No matter! Lots of great options to play with now. Venom Sword....... hmmmm PS
  19. Onyx Legion: Matisse Andras Lorenth Corvus Merack Arik Strach Kevis Ymrilix Onyx Phalanx Warriors Chevy Zephyrs Crossbowmen Spearmen Golem Selthak Xailor Incarnation Bile Non-unique/non-adept Merack Phalanx Chevy Golem Warriors Chevys can be both Elites and Solos, not exclusively like the Hospitaliers, but both at once! New Faction abilities: Lock shields and Hunters edge. H-E is like spy for the initiative deck. Once per turn you can bury an initiative card, either opponents or own. Khardullis sublist: Zora Andras Lorena Corvus Ranthe Balthon Moraia Arik Bondslaves Survivors Daughters Spearmen Warriors Crossbowmen Golem Bile Selthak Incarnation Non-U/non-A Lorena Survivors Daughters Golem New Khardullis FAs: Warbrides of K: Each Warbride is both Standard and Musician for its troop Dark Faith: Voice of Khardullis spell becomes Innate for all clerics New spells you'll be dying to play with... Voice of Khardullis, gives all Bondslaves and Survivors within Cohesion +1 MAV and Bloodlust 2, stacks with Totem, no LOS Domination, cast on enemy, immediately use that model for a Combat or NC action... awesome. Flames of the Faithful, Range 0 fireball that only hits enemy models... Venom Sword.... hmmmmm veeeeenoooom.... Cloak of Shadows ... can you say Ymrilix with Rogue? I knew you could! Mask of Khardullis.... Horrid Golem.... mmmmmmmm Who wants to come over and play?!? PS
  20. It's all part of the master plan... Dwarf players are so twitchy about a cheap Warlord they'll take anything coming down the pike, just so long as it's less than 300 points.
  21. Models with Fearless and Ronin being exempt. Certainly Ronin, I could see Fearless going either way. If Fearless troops had to "re-cohese" they at least wouldn't be in danger of Retreating. PS
  22. Another idea: when the leader dies, all models in his troop must regain cohesion. So models that aren't within the 2" chained cohesion must do nothing but move actions until they are in cohesion. If a model is in B2B, it must try to break. If it fails the DIS check, it must try to break again. I think this rule would both penalize low DIS troops, and encourage people to run troops a little more ... cohesively. PS
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