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  1. I think all cavalry should have Breaker. PS
  2. Don't forget that distract is considered an attack. The Giant would get a defensive swing at the dogs for doing it. You would need more than 2 on something as big as him. No it's not. It's an Invoke Action, so there's no Defensive Strikes. The target still has a DS if someone else attacks it, but not from Distract. And I think the Dis penalty is only for leaving B2B. Oh well. PS
  3. Thorgram + LAU = 454 pts Magara + LME + Firestorm = 133 pts Total = 587 pts Vale Archer + size 1 hill = 44 pts Lysette + Firestorm = 119 pts Total = 163 pts And the Elves can do it all in one turn using Marksman! There is usually a way to shoot over size 1 obstructions... Rich Not if my formation is on a size one hill... And where are dwarves going to get Vale Archers? PS
  4. While that example was compelling enough to post twice, I'll remove the duplicate... PS
  5. Let's look at an opposite extreme. I play Overlords. I bring Arik the Inquisitor with spells at about 150 points. I surround him with Onyx Phalanx, using the Phalanx immunity to ranged to protect Arik, and Arik's Dispel to protect the Phalanx. First turn, I advance my formation. End of the first round, the King Scry Shot's Arik. Casting power drops in half. Second round, King goes first and Scry Shot's Arik. Arik is dead. Magara Firestorms the Onyx Phalanx. Shieldmaidens move into the breach, holding the center of the line. My elite warriors are dead, my mage is dead, and I've lost control of the battlefield. Not a bad day's work for an overpriced model. Oh, and the King is unwounded. He'll still trade blows with me later. PS
  6. I like the War Dogs to take out a powerful solo. Two Wardogs on the Hill Giant (if you bracket him so he can't move), and you don't have to fight him until you want to. Don't forget that reducing Dis makes Mercy easier too. And finally, if you use Gerard, you can pop War Dogs in two different troops, Gerard's and one other. PS
  7. That's what Warcry is for. There's always a leader nearby, and sometimes the leader Warcries right after the Enraged model goes down. Bull Orc pointers... PS
  8. If the Forgewalk tournament we just had, the Dust Devil passed thru the entire Crypt Legion army (Noncorporeal...) and put a whooping on Moandain, effectively deciding the battle right then and there. Pop a Speed spell on a DD and he can be all the way across the board in a heartbeat, and he can smack around most mages. I wouldn't want to use him in a Grunt fight tho. PS
  9. Here's what I'm thinking of (I'm sure it could use some tweaking): Hidden in the slums of Taltos are the feared and reviled Snake Cults. Worshipping an ancient and demonic god, these Cults pray on the oppressed and downtrodden. Promising freedom and enlightenment, Cult leaders amass followers of all persuasions. The following models are available to a Snake Cult army: Leaders Lupine Lord Selwyn Sir Malcolm Vysa Elites Syphrilla Ian Lunk (U) Kevis (U) Ombur Hospitalier (U) Durgam Deepmug (U) Adepts Merc Warriors Isiri Archers Bladesisters Grunts Bondslaves Khamsin Herdsmen Dervishes Vale Warriors Chattel Solos Minotaur (N-U) Snorri Niriodel (U) All models’ Affiliation becomes Snake Cult/Evil. Faction SAs: Poison Vial. Three models may be equipped with a single use of the Poison SA. Anytime the model inflicts a wound it may choose to add the Poison condition to the wounded model. No model may carry more than one Poison Vial Secrets of the Snake: All Leader and Solo models gain the SA 360. The Minotaur becomes non-unique in a Snake Cult List. Models with a (U) designation become unique in a Snake Cult list. The training Chattel receives is so strong that it sometimes overcomes the indoctrination of the Snake Cult. An enemy Vampire may call on a Snake Cult Chattel to sacrifice itself for Vampiric Feeding. If the Vampire beats the SC Chattel on a Dis check, the Chattel is sacrificed, just as if it were part of the Vampire’s Fighting Company. PS
  10. would need to add some sort of restrictions related to the number of shooters... That's why I advocated a fixed list. There's no need to worry about all-shooty-armies if Vale Archers are the only ranged units on the list. PS
  11. Jugger was a little too eager to get the bears into combat. His King seemed to be doing a fair bit of killing tho. PS
  12. I'd love to see this happen many times. Instead of just listing some criteria for the army, make a specific list of models the army can use, slap on a Faction SA, and call it an army. If Reaper did this with some regularity, I'm sure there will be some folks that run out and some minis just to try out the new army. Considering you can put a pdf up on the web for an afternoon's work, I'd make army lists every month. PS
  13. thats a spell, not a use of the Summoned (mage) SA :P sounds like something that could be done if there was a demon sublist What if it combined a spell with Summoned? You buy the Adepts w/SA: Summoned (mage), then the mage casts a spell which summons them all at once? PS
  14. That's a large part of it, I think. In a timed tournament atmosphere, people spend most of that time battling Minions and losing Models that have a point value. My army is based around the Aysa/GF/Minions/Totem combo and I've seen the frustration in my opponents faces. I would have no problem assigning a VP value to Spectral Minions. Storm's tourneys do not use Bounty Rules so looting corpses gains nothing except a CdG. Playing my army gives me the advantage that Minions are completely expendable and worth nothing to my opponent. I think it's a pretty reasonable idea. I'll have to decide if I'm going to implement it on Saturday. PS
  15. Hey! Play along! We already know why we don't use these models! Give us reasons to play them or alternative uses! PS Sorry. Use Caerwynn: Give her the Divine Favor and Greater Accuracy upgrade and keep two speedbumps..errr...Elf warriors between her and the enemy. Woodcutters: Use them if you like beastmen. Then I'll add my submission: Ivy Crown Archers. Brannor w/Bless, ICA, and Ian w/Scares. Bless the ICA, cast Scare on the foes, and shoot a bunch of times. Alternately, put 1 or 2 ICA in a melee troop, and use The Wolf to put another 1 or 2 in Gerard's troop, and you've got that tiny amount of ranged attack in a couple activations, just like the old days. Alternately, roll 10s on Defensive Strikes. PS
  16. In our campaign I faced a lot of Elves, so I included a couple of very fast armies. One had Guros lead Deathriders and Crypt Bats, with a Gargoyle Solo. The Crypt Bats drew arrows so Guros and the Deathriders arrived scot free, and I like including a Solo with a troop, since it can weave thru the troop and break lines. I find the Mov 12, MA 2, MAV 4, DV 11 + Flyer Gargoyle is a pretty decent mage killer, and he's pretty cheap. I haven't used (beyond token attempts) Kevis (how often do I need 3 mages?!?) Warbride PS
  17. I'll put money on it being a typo. I thought maybe he was a fallen crusader but ok. I was thinking about new guys for dark spawn and I Think there should be an adept with Summoned(Mage) special ability. Wouldn't it be cool to have a troop be hidden inside a spell caster. So far all the Summoned creatures are Solos. I think the DS should get an Elite. PS
  18. I never want to play under 1501 again... PS
  19. The Penultimate tournament approaches! This Saturday at the Whiz Store, we're having another Grand Prix event! Players are PMing me army lists and cackling over their plans! Hope to see some folks there! Details. PS
  20. I'm pretty sure that the number of employees that do nothing but work on Warlord rules is .... zero. PS Then that's a BIG problem. If Reaper's serious about selling games, they need someone who can focus on them and not get called away every day to put out fires in the shipping department. One full time employee will cost at least $20,000 a year. How many additional minis do you think he'll sell? How many people did you think were working on the rules? PS
  21. I'm pretty sure that the number of employees that do nothing but work on Warlord rules is .... zero. PS
  22. OK, the previous ideas were idle musings about making weak mages better. Here's a full-blown crazy idea: Force Upgrade Cost: 10% Wizard's Cabal All models in the Fighting Company with SA Mage are linked together. Any Mage in the FC that casts a spell uses its own CP (upgraded if appropriate) or the highest unmodified current (i.e. adjusted for damage tracks) CP of any Mage in the FC. In addition, the casting Mage may use the base of any Mage in the FC for LoS and range determination. There are a few wrinkles to iron out, like how does casting a spell while either the caster or the "LOS base" model is in B2B, but there's the idea to kick around. PS
  23. For the solo the Reptus should bring Bile. Not only is it lizardy, it is awesome. PS
  24. I think that's genius WB. Stubbdog, what role does Brog play that the Krungbeast doesn't? Seems like Brog is Krung++ PS
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