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  1. Forget buffing Uru, bring Ssudai. It's easy to pump a mage past 200 points. PS
  2. Let's face it, we won't see low level mages until you see a second mage anyway, so we're already talking about a big game. I see a spell like this being the easiest way to make low power mages viable. I don't want to see the game radically restructured just to get some Ians on the board. What about an item like: Ring of Power Category: Item Point Cost: 25 Bonus: Grants CP 5 Notes: Models with the Mage or Cleric Special Ability only. PS
  3. Well it does have an AoE equvalent to 4 Firestorms. What if it were 10 points? PS
  4. I think this would make low power mages more valuable. It assumes the weak mage is the second (or 3rd or 4th...) in the army. Suppression Casting Grade: 3 (attack spell) Point Cost: 25 Range: 18 Area of Effect: 6” Radius Circle # Models Affected: All. Damage: N/A Notes: The target point must be in the caster's LOS. All models in the AoE have their MD reduced by 2. This effect can be removed by a successful casting of Dispel, or by the use of a Rally Action. The big mage casts this one, and all the other mages start blasting... PS
  5. I'll be at the Asylum on Sunday, and my dance card is open... PS
  6. Uru is exactly what I like to see in a model. He fills a role perfectly, is hell on wheels vs some armies, and gets his brains bashed in against others. He forces people to mix up their armies, and if they don't adapt, they die. There is one thing I hate more than anything else, and that's a static list. If you bring the same list every time, I will find a way to beat it. And I will use that trick over and over until you just can't bring that list again. Then you solve my list, and I lose, and we start the cycle again. Uru jump starts the cycle. You must account for him. It's easy. Bring a mage and he's dead. Now you must bring something that accounts for my mage, or heals Uru (and fast, because if I hit him once, I'll hit him twice...). Let's say you bring archers to kill my mage, now I need cavalry, then you need something to kill my cavalry... like Uru! Now we've all got some high point, high value units with a purpose and it's a matter of orchestrating the intricate dance... If you don't want to dance, you'll have problems with Uru. PS
  7. So, Canopic Jars allow you to buy cleric spells for your Mages? Is that correct? I had it backwards? Oops, Sorry Canopic Jars let you buy cleric spells for anyone. However, if the model doesn't have a CP, it uses the default CP=2. So it makes a lot more sense to use a mage, which already has a CP. PS
  8. The point of Burning Hail is that you don't need to bring an expensive mage in addition to your expensive cleric. How much is Netikerti and a Lightning Bolt? 103 points. So instead of that, you could pop a Burning Hail on one of your clerics. Or you could give one of them Call Lightning, drop Neti, and add 43 points of models. Or you could go the other way, drop Fatima, give Neti a Life Transfer and a Cure in a Canopic jar and spend the savings on grunts. I think one of the keys of the Nefsokar book is that they can use both cleric and mage spells with either a cleric or a mage, and save some points. Oh, and I like the Cure spells. You won't have a lot of spell casting actions, and it's entirely likely you'll want some major healing all at once. PS
  9. This troop is not legal. Cavalry based models do not count as two models for maintaining the 1:4 elite to model ration. http://warlordhq.reapergames.com/?nav=Help⊂=Errata Entry on Cavalry models and Elite Troop slots PS
  10. I think it's a pretty reasonable idea, tho the exact specs may need a tweak or two. I don't think there's a great need for it, but it's not a bad idea. Perhaps cheap, weak spells is something the Mercs have picked up during their battles the length and breadth of Taltos, i.e. a Faction Ability. Perhaps it's an FA the Mercs retain even if used (as 25%) in another army. PS
  11. Keep on dreaming Would be cool if you could go from Treeman to Treeman tho. PS
  12. Play-by-Play: "... and with ReaperView's new LOS-cam we can clearly tell the archers have a shot on the mage..." Color Analyst: "I don't know what he was thinking, perhaps he's still confused by the errata. He should have know his mage would be targetted." PbP: "I think you're right, it looks like he thought his warriors would block line of sight, but with the archers on the hill he just gets cover! We'll be back Soon with the rolls for Ranged Combat, but now a word from our sponsor..." PS
  13. As I remember it: The goblin player had never played before, and sent his goblins forward in a wave, never taking advantage of terrain, and never separating his forces in anticipation of cannon shots. Each cannon killed about 4 goblins per shot. There were 10 cannons, meaning you can count on 35-40 dead goblins per turn during the advancement. In addition, there were 8 Bone Marines, each getting 2 shots off before the melee, and most of the rest of the goblins were dead. I think 5 goblins made it into B2B. We were using Bounty rules, and therefore marking the dead (I used armatures). There were lines of dead goblins everywhere, clearly marking each cannon shot. PS
  14. We played out a campaign, where Mercs can be freely mixed with your troops. As predicted, our Nefsokar player took Merc crossbowmen exclusively. We also saw lots of Merc crossbows as second archery units, so lots of 1000 point game saw 2 sets of ranged troops. It clearly changed the style of the games, and in the Nefsokar case, changed the way the army played. We also saw a LOT of Artemis models. We stopped playing before Darthiir decided to field the Lupine Shaman and the Treeman at the same time, but teleporting ents was coming up. I think we'd see a lot of Merc warriors replacing Elf warriors as well, and pretty much every faction could use a DV 10 grunt. The problem I see is that each faction has a hole or weakness, but only 1 or maybe 2. Letting Mercs fill that hole means each army can cover it's weakness, unless the Mercs are so full of holes there's nothing left of the faction. Something needs to offset the great advantage using Mercs offers. A surcharge on points is the easiest, but obviously annoys some. Perhaps Mercs suffer from Delayment ala the Desert Wind. PS
  15. And what's your plan for when the enemy disperses? Surely you have a plan right? Mages and archers go together because the mage forces the enemy apart, and archers can always find the soft targets in the back. I tend to include a single massive AOE spell, and a number of Ice Shards & Life Transfers. It's great to essentially auto-hit someone when you really need to, and the big mages do that. I never fear Uru, frex, I just Ice Shard him then plink him with an archer and he's off the field before he hits a model. PS
  16. Teleport Ymrilix into their face and rip them to shreds. PS
  17. Ooooh. Bring Logan and a pair of Ivars, then Double-Speed (patent pending) Logan and KILL! CRUSH! DESTROY! Mov 5+2 (musician) --> 14" Double-Speed (pp) + 11" charge --> 25" move plus 3*MAV6 (GMW? 4*MAV*?!?!) + First Strike... Crazy man, crazy! PS There is nothing in the rules that says that the additional Movement actions need to be taken immediately after the spell is cast or "at the same time". They can be taken at any time during the current activation just like any Movement actions. Rich I think the spells have to take effect during the spell resolution phase, and since all spells are resolved together, that could mean at the same time. Like I said, I would let both Speeds resolve. I don't think delaying the resolution of spells until another part of the activation is kosher tho. PS
  18. If I cast 2 bandages, does it heal 1 point or 2? If I cast 2 Ice Shards, do I deal 1 point or two? I don't think stacking is where to look. Both spells are resolved at the same time, so clearly the target is at the same point for both. One could argue that since the spells both take effect at the same time, then you must resolve the two bonus movements simultaneously for a net effect of one movement. I would give you both moves, even tho they must be resolved sequentially. PS
  19. Size 1 Orc behind Size 1 Orc(s) = Cover? Rich I'd say block. PS
  20. I like to make them all nice and neat by making a pdf of the Excel sheet... which I can't do from this computer. And my week has been such that I haven't been able to do it at home... But here it is without cleaning up... Season Totals Player Handle Points 1 Mike Curran Curadhan 19 2 Tony Sorrentino Ravenwolf 17 3 Tavis Kelly Darthiir 14 4 Josh Thompson Necrojosh 11 5 Tom Bisbee Gospog 10 6 Dan Granquest Danqvest 9 7 Dan Jackman Overlord Dan 7 8 Ken Lawrence Yudaman 7 9 Chris Walsh CaptC 6 10 Mike Shetler Qwyksilver 6 11 Ross Scott Unregistered 5 12 James Pramburg Warlord James 4 13 James Walsh Dafunaskin 4 14 Doug Schaub Vil-hatarn 3 15 Jackie Curdo Unregistered 2 16 Jim Ripley jdripley 2 17 Logan Sims Darkwarrior 2 18 Ryan Herbert The Bear 2 19 Liam Unregistered 1 PS
  21. Hmmm. I am intrigued by your thoughts and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.... PS
  22. I don't want to lose sight of this question, as it seems very legitimate. I too am having trouble seeing where heavy cover would come into play. The only time I can see a -2 modifier come into play is if I'm shooting at an elf with the Shadowy SA. Can anyone else think of a case where a -2 cover penalty now exists? It really seems to me that Heavy Cover has almost been removed from the game. If a Size 1 archer wants to shoot at a size 1 target, and there is a size 1 piece of terrain between the two, it seems that LOS is blocked, and the archer cannot shoot. It doesn't seem to matter if that size 1 piece of terrain is heavy or light cover. I consider some terrain (those marked as Heavy Cover in the rulebook) to grant Heavy Cover instead of blocking LOS. If I declare a wall Size 1 Heavy Cover, then if it's between a pair of Size 1 models, it grants Heavy Cover instead of blocking LOS. There is a problem with strictly using size. Some things, like heavily damage buildings, don't block LOS even if you're all the way behind them, so they should grant cover. But they may be 2 stories high, so they'll still grant cover for an ogre (frex). Similarly Woods are Size 3, yet only grant light or heavy cover. Sadly, the LOS rules should probably be completely rewritten to take all these cases explicitly into consideration. I don't want an errata, I want a full soup-to-nuts rewrite that can replace the existing mess of rules, errata, and unanswered questions. I feel a contest coming on... PS
  23. Spells cast count against you. Killing more than your opponent grants 7 victory points. Keeping your highest CP spell caster alive at the end of the game grants 2 victory points. Darthiir, the difference between spells and a melee model w/ GMW, is that the melee model is at far greater risk of death. He must get into B2B to score points, and so he's in danger of losing every point he brought. Mages (and Clerics...) can cast their spells and run away, especially in a timed game. If I decide to toss a couple Lightning Bolts then run and hide, I'm almost assured of a) killing models with the LB, and b) never dying. *shrug* I think the scoring works. I've seen magic heavy, melee heavy, and archery armies do well in SFWMTGP, so I'm pretty happy with the scoring. I will get a full rule set posted this weekend. PS
  24. And it changes the tactics, but as long as everyone knows in advance, it's usually all cool. I'd love to play every game right to the bitter end, but there are only so many hours in the day... PS
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