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  1. Is this true? I have not played any "normal" games that have had this requirement. Either the DZ was the whole side of the table or a 1'x2' rectangle anywhere against the side of the table. Does the typical tournament require DZ to be in the center? Rich Can't speak for others, but mine do. If my table isn't standard I modify it so that the DZs are 24" apart. I realized at GenCon that I need to pull the back edge up if the table is slightly long to keep totems from being farther back. PS
  2. I know you guys keep saying that, but my experience is more like what is written in the Warlord core book: Rich Oh certainly not all the models are dead, but there's enough game played to score a winner. If you play to the last model standing games do take longer. PS
  3. 60 minutes, as the lady says. Should be more than enough time. IMX, a 1501 game plays in about the same time as a 1000. PS
  4. The Grand Prix returns! I'll get the updated standings posted over the weekend, but here's the upcoming schedule! Saturday September 16th Army registration at 11, games start at Noon Wizard's Tower in Nashua NH 1501 points (Warlord required!) 3 rounds Swiss pairing Saturday October 14th Army registration at 11, games start at Noon The Whiz Store in Westboro MA 1501 points 3 rounds Swiss pairing The Whiz requires painted armies, or an hour of in-store painting on game day. Painting and army registration can happen simultaneously. Sunday November 19th Army registration at 11, games start at Noon Toy Soldier in Amesbury MA 1501 points 3 rounds Swiss pairing These are the final contests in the Grand Prix. In addition to prizes for the top finishers in the Grand Prix, there will be store specific prizes. The top scorer that has only played at The Whiz will win a prize. The top scorer that has only played at The Toy Soldier will win a prize. The top scorer that has only played at a single location will win a prize. Remember, scores in a Grand Prix event are based on number of players, so get your friends to play! Fully painted armies gain an extra point, so get your models painted! PS
  5. Don't look in the rule book, look in the pinned errata. PS
  6. No. I was unclear. Vutpakdi has 2 claims: 1) A level 1 hill blocks LOS from a Size 1 model to a Size 1 model. 2) A Size 1 archer on a level 1 hill attacking a Size 1 model with a level 1 hll inbetween has LOS, but it's Partially Obstructed. Both of these are correct. My quote from the errata addresses the first claim (which Frosch refuted, incorrectly). The second claim is covered by this paragraph from the same errata: Sorry for the confusion... PS
  7. The Onyx Chevy has a total (over the entire data card) of +7 in stats, and Ranger. That sounds like 11 points to me. *shrug* The Deathriders are the best cavalry we 've seen so far. I don't think there's any doubt about that. If it were my call I'd have made the Deathriders DV 9, putting them more in line with the other light cav.
  8. Vutpakdi has it right. From the LOS errata pinned at the top of this forum: PS
  9. Costing so much compared to what? Compare them to the Khamsin Lancers, and they look just about right. Compare them to the Onyx Chevy, and again, just about right. Khamsin Raiders and Deathriders are much more what I'm looking for a cavalry, but the Lions seem priced correctly. I don't think Mercy is factored into the cost of the models. PS
  10. And the Goblins (Skeeters and Stingers) are MD 9! That spiritual_exorcist guy... he has no idea what he's talking about! PS
  11. I think it's crucial to field healers of some sort if you're going to bring an expensive model. Keeping that 300 pointer fresh for the cost of a Bandage or Cure is enormous. I like the Wyvern and the Hill Giant for this, since you can almost always see them (size 3). In the game above I used both Life Transfers on the Wyvern (the Bandage on Matisse failed because Balthon was on his last track...). PS
  12. Ivy Crown Archers have MD 11. Just further proof that they're broken... PS
  13. The Bolt is just there to give a free shot at archers. It's a nice little bene, but not the point of the creature. It might make an archer decide to shoot someone else, which can be a great help. If the enemy decides to shoot a grunt instead of the Devourer, you can Pain Cage the grunt back up. PS
  14. Got to see some big models in action yesterday, as Qwyk came over for some 1501 games. We both went for a "what models I want to play with" approach. I took Matisse, Ym, Balthon, Andras, Kevis, and Bile the Wyvern. That left me with about 15 soldier models. Qwyk brought Kiakara, Gagaluk (the fighter hero, whatever his name is...), Kakurgh, Lunk, and the Hill Giant. He had about 20 soldier models. I conceded the first one in about 15 minutes. Balthon had 2 hits, Matisse 3, Ym was dead, and the Wyvern had 3 hits. Qwyk rolled like a god. I had killed 2 Berzerkers. The quickest, sickest beatdown I have ever received. The second game was an actual fight! I started with Balthon behind the building this time, so I got to teleport Matisse into Lunk, where he proceeded to kill Lunk, Kakurgh, and half the soldiers in Kak's troop before he got shot to pieces. The Wyvern flew into Gagaluk, and killed him 3 times. Between Balthon and Kevis, I kept healing the Wyvern, and Kiakara healed up Gag and the Hill Giant when he came to trade blows. I had to kill the Hill Giant 3 times too. In the middle of all that I got the Wyvern to base Kiakara, but she ran away. Then I teleported Ym into her, and between him and a pair of Warriors they dropped her. The second Teleport really surprised Qwyk. Before Lunk died he threw down one of the best Lightning Bolts ever, catching 7 models. Only he missed 3 of them with bad dice. Qwyk also started the game with hot Tough checks, pulling up half the soldier models I killed, as well as the previously mentioned HG and Gag. About halfway thru his Tough checks evened out, and he didn't make many in the last third of the game. I had 4 soldier models at the end of the game, and none of my 1000 points worth of heroes. Fantastic fun. BTW, I had 21 models at 1501, and Qwyk had something like 26-27. You don't really need giant armies to play high point games. PS
  15. Once your games get to bigger points, it's a lot easier to fill in the expensive models. I have 12 Overlord Warriors, 9 Spearmen, 6 Crossbowmen and 15 Bondslaves painted. I've got 6 Phalanx and 3 Zephyrs unpainted. I have a pile of the newer models in blister. Once we hit 2000 points, I'm kinda out of soldiers with points left over. So it's much easier to throw in a Wyvern and a Golem than it is to pull together another 20 soldiers. Big games are awesome. Everyone should give 'em a try, just to use the expensive toys. PS
  16. If you field the King and win, I'm going to hunt down every post you've ever made complaining about him and post them all right in a row! PS
  17. As a point of fact, they did win the Reapercon tournament last year. Of course in the final free for all round they made a deal with both Reven players and 12 models in Close Combat stopped attacking each other, broke BtB, charged the two other teams, and while the Reven provided frontline support, the Crusaders Mercied stragglers. Not that I'm bitter. PS
  18. I'd be alot more tempted if I could bring along a 2nd group of Justicars...curse 'The Wolf' for not being an Army of Justice faction ability as well as default (I still shake my head that using 'The Wolf' I can take more Justicars that I can in their of sub-faction as a default list). So you'd have to bring along the extra Knights instead, tis a good point Stormy. I think the AoJ gets The Wolf FA. (emphasis mine) It looks to me like the only FA that the AoJ loses is Mercy. They, of course, lose Healing Graces on a technicality (no Hospitaliers). Has this been ruled on contrary to my reading? PS
  19. Build it at 1501, and you can use Gerard's Wolf ability to get an extra set of Knights at least. I'm sure you're all tired of hearing it by now, but I've grown to detest 1500 point games. PS
  20. This is how I feel as well. I think Crusaders are a bit of a special case, in that if they use their default list, and end up facing undead (Crypt Legion in particular or an undead heavy Nefso), they have essentially chosen to have NO faction ability. Having the flexibility to switch to Army of Justice in that case gives them a fighting chance. Honestly, I'm not worried about boosting the power of Crusaders. I haven't seen them fare well, let alone dominate. PS
  21. I don't need it in any kind of hurry. Khong can be anywhere as long as all the lists are legal. PS
  22. Repti! I need army lists. I'm looking for suggestions for a series of linked armies. I need a 1000 point list. I need a 2000 point list that includes the first list entirely and without modification. This list needs Khong-to, and I'd like to have a totem. I need a 3000 point list that includes the 2000 point list entirely without modifications. Models are not an issue! I will have them all. If possible I'd like to use as many different types of models as possible. What have we got for suggestions? PS
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