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  1. The King will destroy any mages the enemy brings without the upgrade. No hiding, typical DV ~8? Pounds them into the dirt. And a mage can easily cost 200 points, so you're halfway home. PS
  2. I've recently realized that you can build an Army of Justice army, without violating the default army rules, and then you don't need to declare if you're AoJ or default. I don't think you need to declare one way or the other until you use a Faction Ability! PS
  3. Dang, that's a brilliant idea WB! I love it! PS
  4. Y-m-r-i-l-i-x ... that's 19 points... on a triple word score that's 57... and I used all seven letters .... that's 107 points! PS
  5. The only models you have that can't be fielded effectively in small games are Matisse and Selthak, and I've yet to field Kevis (with Ashkrypt and Arik in the force? No.). I'd swap waves 2 and 3. The Chevy is rarely effective without a troop of cavalry (and devastating with one...) no matter how cool he looks. PS
  6. I use bandages to heal my heroes. After Ymilrix kills 6 models, he takes his first point of damage, then I heal him and start over... I have a list that uses a River Troll. The troll traded points of damage with Thorvald, making Thorvald weaker and the troll nearly useless. Pop a bandage of the troll and he's back to full strength and he beat the bear into the dirt. In addition, a Speed or a Hold at the right time can really swing a fight. PS
  7. Gus IIRC, the Goblin Stingers can replace the Goblin Skeeters, so they should have model # 14108. They currently have #14202 (Goblin Warriors). PS
  8. Even for someone who plays those nasty dwarves? Are you sure about that? Who would want to play with them? Just kidding, Ron (who usually plays the Tomukh (Bull Orc) sublist) We'll find some Crypt Legions. PS
  9. We will find you pick up games. I guarantee it. PS
  10. Do you ever run Ssathus? He's not an elite, but he is a rogue. PS
  11. I use elites all the time. Since I play Overlords, I have an embarassment of riches in that department. In fact, I frequently have to remind myself to take fewer elites, since I go so crazy with them. Since I have a captain and a cheap Warlord, I can often pair up the elites to make them much more effective. I often take a spellcaster (Arik or Balthon) and a melee hero (Ymilrix or Lola). With Arik and Ymilrix together Thorvald and Uru are trivial to kill. Ice Shard them, then send in Ymilrix. I often kill those models without taking a point of damage. I really like the Ashkrypt/Balthon combo. With Life Transfer and Bandage, I can heal 2 and inflict 1 at the same time. I've also done the Andras/Arik/Balthon combo where Balthon Blesses the Xbows, Arik Scares the enemy, and the Crossbows wipe things out. My new toy is Matisse bringing Ymilrix. So. Much. Firepower. PS
  12. How do you determine the overall winner? What happens if two players both go 2-1 and end up with 4 points? PS
  13. Objectives can be great, and the ones you've chosen are easy to do. Try to keep the scoring in each round about the same, so there's no advantage to winning one round over the other. I recently ran a playtest tourney with scenario objectives, and while it looked good on paper, a dominating victory in one of the rounds outscored all the other players scores over the entire tournament. I'm glad that only happened in my basement, and not at a convention. I'm considering doing intro tournaments as Starter Box (must use all models) + up to 2 blisters, 750 points. You can get prize support for BL sponsored tournaments. Look on the BL page. PS
  14. This is a tough situation to be in. The only thing I might have suggested in this situation was to use the number of initiative cards to your advantage. Move one unit up in base-to-base contact with Ymrlix (preferably after he had activated in a given round), but not attacking (and therefe denying Ymrlix his Warmaster ability) and then move another small unit up to support them. The following turn with luck you would likely activate first because your smaller units would give you more initiative cards, this time you could attack, and hopefully the support and Reach bonus's provided by the two units being in base-to-base would allow you to knock the big guy down a wound or two, making him alot easier for the second unit to hit when it activated (although Stormy would likely be smart enough to smack any members of the second unit with defensive strikes to try and prevent them from attacking him on their activation). 2 units does offer you a small advantage in that if one unit attacks and does damage the second gets to attack against the lowered DV value. But in return of course you have to eat 2 sets of defensive strikes, and against some of the heavy hitters in the game this can be devastating. jdripley I talked about it afterwards. In fact about 6" away from Ymilrix I charged Thorvald. Well, I tried to charge Thorvald. One Bondslave made his Dis check the first time, and 2 more on their second action. So I had one attack at Thorvald vs his 2 attacks back. So I didn't attack, I just stood there. Perfect comparison of the techniques. Again, there's good sound reasons for using small troops (the more Gargrams the better...) and I'm not saying don't take them. PS
  15. It isn't so much the dropping back, it's the slipping sideways. Once my back is to the edge of the table, I have to head out to the side, and that's where the problem comes in. Now you activate after my archers (before my warriors), and put all your warriors between my archers and my melee guys. If I have a pair of 2a+4w troops, I can slip one in each direction and provide support for each set of archers. Let Dartiir break the Adept rule with his archers some time and see how it works. PS
  16. Can you provide an example of how archers are more effectively protected by melee grunts in their own troop than by those in another troop? (For purposes of the example, how about 12 warriors & 6 archers, arranged 6a/6w/6w vs 2a+4w/2a+4w/2a+4w?) I ask because I don't see it. The only benefit I see is the cheesy tactic of screening grunts in the same troop opening firing lanes for the archers and then closing them back up all in one activation without allowing the enemy a chance to respond (unless they have Defensive Shot/Magic); that has nothing to do with protecting weaker melee troops. Rich If the archers and the melee models are in the troop they activate at the same time, and can better coordinate their actions. If the archers want to run and keep a screen of warriors between themselves and the nearby enemy soldiers, they can do that easily if they are all in the same troop. If the melee models are in a different troop, either the warriors move into "screening position" or the archers run, and whichever you choose can be a drastic mistake if the enemy soldiers activate in the middle. PS
  17. I don't use small troops because Overlord sgts are expensive and not much better than a grunt. You Dwarves have Gargram who is both cheap and awesome, so it makes sense for you (and your Warriors aren't Adepts...). And I'm not saying "don't ever use small troops!!11!!!1one1one!" I'm saying don't throw them away in the manner wildbill describes. I had a game recently where the Dwarf player came at Ymilrix (Warmaster, MAV 5, #MA 3) in waves of small units, and each wave died without killing Ym, who went on to butcher even more Dwarves... I'm saying don't do that. PS
  18. Cool man! But some of your conditionals aren't working properly. When I search for Grunt Adept Nbr RA = None With SA: Ranger It returns that there are no models matching my criteria. Fiddling with the operators (>=, <, etc) and the number of RAs gives a variety of incorrect returns. PS
  19. That's how I use them all the time. I swing them horsey bums around any which way. I haven't used this one yet, but I will: AAB D_B DCC Where each letter is one half a cavalry model and everyone's rear side is covered. In this formation it's really hard to pin my cavalry since you can't get models on opposite sides... PS
  20. The main disadvantage of many small troops is that it increases the enemy's defensive strikes. It's also pretty easy to lose a small troop if you're not careful, and then you lose the extra card and all the benefits. PS
  21. Hey, can Mercs use the proposed 25% Merc rules? Run an Orba army with 25% Lupines? PS
  22. There's only a tiny difference between a Merc army and a Freelance army. Orba's rerolls, that's it. So any Mercs you get now will have the rerolls, and then you will end up with the same list but no faction abilities. PS
  23. Considering that there are 4 models with Onyx in their name, I think those are safe bets. PS I have a pile of them in blister, but I haven't got to them yet (Phalanx, Zephyrs, Bile, various new leaders, etc....). I'll give them a try, but on paper I'm not real impressed. To be honest, I don't know how I would have designed them any differently tho. PS
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