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  1. I have City in a Box. Maybe I should snap some pics. I built foamcore boxes, and glued printed sheets on the outside. Then I made them nested, so the smaller ones fit in the larger ones. I have a fairly credable city I can put in one cardboard box. I can easily set any of the CAV models on top of the buildings. PS
  2. I found tanks and AFVs were good once there were a lot of models on the table. Infantry and gunships could be fantastic at taking out superiority CAV. Once there's that mix of hard and soft targets some of the vehicles became valuable. They were tough enough to slow down a superiority CAV, could directly challenge the support CAV, could fight off soft targets, and were cheap enough to fill out a section or two (in big games). I wouldn't want to fight a section of Dictators with 2 sections of Hunters, but they had some use. PS
  3. Yup. We're still in "teach Wm CAV mode". After the game he said we needed to expand to include some non-CAV models. Next time multiple sections! PS
  4. After a previous Dictator vs Dictator rules shakedown, Storminator took on the pup Wm. Dictator, Wight, Specter, Ogre vs Dictator, Wight, Specter, Mastodon Storminator opened by sending a Dictator and a Wight against Wm's Dictator. Wm's machine was brought to its last track, and Storminator's Wight took a pair of dings. Indirect fire from Storminator's Specter and Mastodon (stuck behind the terrain Wm clogged the board with) was completely ineffective. Wm's Ogre and Wight demolished Storminator's Dictator, while Wm's Dictator repaired. Wm's Specter lobbed some equally ineffective indirect fire Storminator's way. Wm seized the initiative in the next round and pounded Storminator's Wight to rubble, taking some minor damage in return. Storminator's beloved Mastodon - always a high risk CAV by putting all it's eggs in one big Chimera basket - failed to finish off Wm's wounded Dictator, then failed to do more than scratch Wm's Wight. All three direct fire CAV destroyed and Wm's machine hunting down the Specter, Storminator admitted defeat without destroying a single one of Wm's CAV.
  5. Apparently there's a deluxe version of the upcoming Civilization V with some Reaper Minis included. So what's the story? PS
  6. Let me start us off by saying the new Incarnation of Flame is almost as awesome as the paint job I gave it. Almost. ;) PS
  7. That's frickin awesome! Flying hydra! Thanks for playing! PS
  8. This is the solution I would prefer too. But friendly models should not be able to move the flying model. Otherwise, you could surf a Giant base flying model 5-10 inches before it even activates. Agreed. PS
  9. That's a personally satisfying choice, but a better rule is needed. I would treat the flying models exactly like stunned models that are in the way. The player moving into B2B gets to move the flyer far enough out of the way to base the model he wants, but no farther. PS
  10. Actually, the new summoned rules don't cover the "disappearing corpse" anymore. I asked about it, but it never got changed. Wow, that is a HUGE change that I completely missed. So yeah, Uriel, Breath of Chakkakhan away on him! He and Guardian Beast are about as good a bargain as you can hope for. Unfortunately, in order to do this, you have to field Kristiana since she is the only level 3 Cleric in the army other than the Angel, and well, if he is dead, he can't very well give breath to himself. Yeah, but both Blessed R and Breath say they can't be used on Summoned models. Whew! PS
  11. Why the Army of Justice? Why not default Crusaders? You've got a valid default list, you can't possibly use 2 of the AoJ FAs vs the Reptus, another seems unlikely to make a difference and you didn't use the 4th! Mercy would rock Reptus with their ... poor... Dis. And you forgot Shock!?! Again with the Reptus Dis, that should have saved you half a dozen Jade Strike/Warmaster attacks. Shock vs the Krungbeast... PS
  12. While it has no direct bearing on the game, you can also look at the Mov of Mounted models and see that it doesn't degrade. PS
  13. I like spreading the archers out. I'd bring either Eawod or Caerwynn, and use their Crit Shot to soften up a target, then have the archers in other activations finish it off. Also, if you have 1 or 2 archers in each activation, it's easier to screen them with a few melee models in their own troop, instead of relying on coordinating troops. Have all your troops work together like a well oiled machine usually bites the dust sometime in the middle of the fight. PS
  14. I would rather see the 2" rule reversed. If the attacker is within 2" of the cover, he ignores it. That way if my archers are behind the wall, and your archers are in the open field, I have an advantage. This assumes, of course, that the wall issue is solved. PS
  15. Except for things that are reprinted completely (Desert Wind FAs?) I can't think of anything either, but someone ought to flip the books to check! PS
  16. Most of the army abilities are the same. But there's something different about most armies, so it's probably easier to consider them all replaced. I think a reverse version of this list, one that lists all the pages from the rule book that are still valid, should be placed in the newly proposed "newbie thread." Similarly, the faction books should be addressed as well, tho they take a much bigger hit. PS
  17. There used to be a store in Davis too, but you're almost to Sacramento by then. PS
  18. OK, I've gone through everything that was on ReaperGames and cleaned it all up. Everything left _should_ still be relevant. If anyone finds anything in there that is no longer relevant, please let me know. Next step is to go through all the Q&A stuff from Rage Chronicles 2007 and see what needs to get added to the reapergames FAQ, so reapergames can continue to be the 1-stop shop. I suggest putting up a sticky thread with a title like "New Player's First Stop for Warlord." Then include links to the HQ, the current RC, the Errata, the Proxy Rules, the Reference Library, and some POCs (Warlord mods? Gus?). Then lock it so it doesn't devolve into our usual bullfest. That way when a newbie comes looking, they see something just for them. PS
  19. Is there an advantage to have the LOS end at any point "up to the height..." of the LOS box instead of exactly at the height? Is there some benefit to that flexibilitythat is eluding me? PS
  20. The first printing rules worked well in 95% of the situations encountered. The 2nd printing rules introduced the "partially obstructed LOS" category, which mucked things up. There are certain times when the 1st printing rules were unsatisfactory. If I'm on a hill and 7" in front of me is a sheer drop, and the model I'm shooting at is 8" away and 6" down, I still have LOS. If you use the current "eye level" rules in that situation I'm shooting thru 10" of terrain. It seems wrong to have LOS then. Also, if I'm on a hill, again 7" from the edge of the hill, and my target is hiding at the base of the hill I'm on, I have LOS. Again unsatifactory. The issue in these (and any number of similar examples) is that once an archer has elevation, he always has LOS. There are no rules for foxholes. PS
  21. I tend to bring a long, straight, retractable device to these games that I can use for determining LOS. PS
  22. I don't think "yer on yer own!" is good enough. If you're printing this up and selling it to people you should at least cover what players will need to decide about if they aren't using WYSIWYG terrain. You want this system to be rock solid, so you have to consider how people will play and address it. PS
  23. Conditional Amens?!? You're out of the congregation! PS
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