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  1. Indeed. How much can it hurt to give the list a try? Sure you'll be out manned in the initiative department. Fight on! I would trade the magic weapons for magic armor on the CKs tho. Staying power is very important with a small list. PS
  2. Thanks alot SE How have you been using casters? I wanted her to be flexible, able to support multiple troops more efectively. Plus she adds a cards to my initiative deck. In the past havin the initiative has been a keystone in my armies. The problem with spellcaster solos is protecting them. It's hard to keep some grunts around the caster. You can still heal everywhere, and use Divine Vigor on any model, and it's even more effective within the troop. Also consider Niriodel instead of Dehanis. Another ranged attack... PS
  3. Tho you can do a "cavalry style" Necro list that suppliments the cavalry with Gargoyles and Crypt Bats. In fact, with the list you've got, you can drop one Deathrider and add in Syphrilla. She's a fast flier that packs a wallop. PS
  4. I think you could make a credible elf melee force. It won't be the most amazing thing ever seen, but it won't embarrass itself. But why would you? If you really want to play melee guys, there are plenty of factions that focus on melee you could use. You pick Elves because you want ranged attacks and magic, and at least now your melee troops aren't a liability. If you want to make an all melee army as a lark, recognize that you aren't playing to your faction's strength and you'll probably be at a disadvantage. PS
  5. I was buying that not smarter than a 3rd grader tho. PS
  6. Not useless so much as they fill a much different role. Before I would strap some GMA on Gideon and send him out there as my tank hero, and he did an absolutely remarkable job of it. I've had instances of him straight up taking on a full troop with a little bit of support. Now I don't think I'd have him stand toe to toe with any melee adept in the entire game. But can't you see him throwing some +9s on Gauntfield? Or Judas? I don't think he's a head to head beast, but that's why he's got backstab, so he never fights head to head. Really the only negative of the new Halbarad is the loss of +2 on friendlies. But he's got Healer now, and staying power. You must play a very different style than we do around here, but the old Halby's DV8 meant he was blown off the field long ago. The Onyx Golem had Big, but I get the point. He has definitely become more bland, but he's really cheap and does have a bigger troop size than most captains. And cheap, lord is he cheap. I think he lost his non-unique so folks would field more of him, and paint up more versions of an absolutely gorgeous model. OK. He lost a point of DIS, and Deflect/2 for one more Tough and one more track and Trencher. How much worse is that really? Guess we just have different perspectives. PS
  7. We are talking about the dwarven king right? Looking at the model he's at DV 10 when you hit his fourth DT? Whatchootalkinbout Willis? DV13 on DT=4 (it's his 5th damage track, including DT=0, but let's not quibble) Not Battlefury, my friend, Grimsteel! PS
  8. As a reminder, you cannot do First Strike and Frenzy at the same time. In this case, Frenzy is clearly the better deal. Overall tho, getting ganged up on by Bull Orcs shouldn't be a picnic. PS
  9. What's the problem with these models? Looking at their stats it's not obvious to me that they're useless. PS
  10. Narg with GMW, Enrage, Frenzy and Aspect and a plus 4 support brought him down in the first round of combat. The big guy ended up taking about eighty points of models before his death. Isn't Narg alone worth over 100 points and certain to be dropped in that situation? PS
  11. This is the same as the +1 MAV ruling that rcrosby stated in the other thread. Bonuses from the same type of source (2 spells, 2 pieces of equipment, 2 totems) don't stack unless they clearly and explicitly state otherwise. PS
  12. Without commenting on the other points, you've misinterpreted jd here. He didn't say the vampire player would have 20 vamps, he said the vampire would have 20 chances to heal. I.e. the vamp opponent brought 20 models, from which the vamp can feed. Carry on! PS
  13. Oi. This is not hard folks. Case 1, cleric and target are in different troops. 1) Cleric casts. Target MAV is increased. For any and all purposes, consider the target to have the increased MAV, no matter what, until the spell ends. 2) Target model activates. This is the target model's "next activation" at the end of this activation the spell ends. Case 2, cleric and target are in the same troop 1) Cleric casts. Target MAV is increased. For any and all purposes, consider the target to have the increased MAV, no matter what, until the spell ends. This is the target model's current activation, not its "next activation" at the end of this activation, the spell is still in effect. 2) Cleric and target activate again. This is the target model's "next activation." At the end of this activation, the spell ends. PS
  14. What if you swapped out a Cure or two for a Teleport? Get those giants in there quick! PS
  15. I think it would be cool to have a "tunnel level" board off to the side, and have a parallel game going over there, with the possibility of burrowers coming up to the surface, when they are placed on the main board. PS
  16. But what does that really mean? If my example is legal - which coincidentally was never addressed. The rule was interpreted in rule jargon but no one ever said "yes, your example is correct" or "No, way." - I'll use it all day. In the heart of the battle I'll probably get two attacks and at least be attacked twice that's a lot of +3's for 5 points but I'm willing to follow the rules even if I disagree Your example was directly addressed in post #3: and that answer was supported in post 4, post 3 was supported again in post 6, to which you offered an alternate interpretation in post 7, which was rebutted in post 8. If we beat the horse again, will it get any deader? PS
  17. I don't believe you are right here. I think it is worded exactly as it was intended. PS I actually hope your right. I think it would be lame to waste errata space on something like this. It just seems odd for the ability to have an affect through 2 activations.... I guess Crimson Embrace works very similarly. It ends at the Beginning of an activation... So if you cast it on the same troop that the caster is in, they get to use it until next round. Casting it on another troop makes it pretty useless, unless they have warmaster and are being attacked. Blessing works the same way. Since Voladilk and I both brought it up in playtesting, and it wasn't changed, I assume it's working how they want it to. PS
  18. I don't believe you are right here. I think it is worded exactly as it was intended. PS
  19. We call that getting Douged, in honor of Doug Henry, a local gamer that could do it consistently. I Douged Qwyk just yesterday! PS
  20. Maybe we play it wrong. We play you get it one combat and defensive strikes until the beginning of the next deck. But it sounds like Volidilk was told by EE that it last through two decks of cards. You play it wrong. Don't think of it in terms of decks or number of attacks. Play it exactly as written, it lasts from the time of casting until the END of the NEXT activation of the receiving model. Your reading requires new logic if the receiving model is not in the casting models troop (what happens if the receiving model has already activated this time thru the deck?). As written, it's quite clear. PS
  21. Naw, that can't be it Jim, because you also play Nefsokar and they are ... er, um, they have... uh... Yeah, you play tough factions. PS
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