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  1. Overlords don't have any special hate of goody-goodies. We'll enslave anyone. The two Smites I wanted the Overlords to have was Matisse with Smite(Duke Gerard)/1, and Zora with Smite(Overlords)/1... Those would have been awesome, and well worth some points. PS
  2. Was my first game with Selthak! He did moderately well. Ashkrypt kicked so much Reven tail tho, that it was hard to notice anyone else's contributions. Crossbowmen and Onyx Chevies together wiped out a minor troop. The Iks mob (honestly, a shadow of its former self) took down the Beastriders (with a little help from an Onyx Chevy and Lola...) Bile was this >< close to killing Yagun Oog before he got Ogred to death, then Ombur healed up Oog and it was like it never happened... But Bile did keep Yagun away from the front so Ashy hit the Orcs with a Fireball, then the lines crashed (Berserkers vs Phalanx), where the Berserkers rolled terrible and the Phalanx rolled like gods (see signature...). Then Ashkrypt moved to the end of the line and hit every single Bull Orc with a Lightning Bolt. Was a thing of beauty. The only model Ash missed his CP roll on was... Iks! Yeah, I hit Iks, a Daughter of the Whip, and an Overlord Warrior with the Lightning. Really, it was a thing of beauty. Including my own guys, I think I hit 11 models. I would have hit the Onyx Golem too, but it was already stunned. My crushing victory almost made up for the way Qwyk wiped me out in CAV earlier in the day. Almost. PS
  3. What's the contradiction? PS The document says Uru is a Reven Captain and trolls are adepts for the bulls, but doesn't mention Braug or Gurm being in any list. That's not what it says. It says Uru and the trolls may be part of a Bull Orc list. It doesn't say they are Reven. Uru is listed as a captain, in the Reptus lists. Braug and Gurm are in the Reven cards because they're Reven. I bet you would! I think you can't have both because then you would never take a Bull Orc in the Bull Orc list. After a couple troops full of Ogres and Trolls, you'll hit the 2000 point, and get to field another troop full of Ogres and Trolls. And nothing presented is a contradiction. It's just not the way you want it. PS
  4. What's the contradiction? PS
  5. I love the legion, but with the loss of the life transfer spell, their inability to heal damage is a detraction. Bah! There's enough tracks that healing isn't as important anymore. I'll be getting a default list game soon, and let you know how it goes. I'll be playing a model I've never used before... PS
  6. Berserker does this in reverse. Once they engage, they never let go... PS
  7. Also, Defender Adjust is only allowed when a new model enters B2B. So if Snorri Backstabs the Witch, then thru the luck of the Draw Deck, goes again before the Queen, he can Backstab her again (provided no other models enter B2B... or as Snorri says "you aren't helping!"). PS
  8. In the first printing, it's on page 61, heading Attacker Adjust: PS
  9. Did you see how high off the ground the wings are? Templar Knights will scoot right under those wings... Or the Knights will be standing on the battlefield when Rauth makes B2B and ask "where did the sun go?" PS
  10. Sounds like a balanced revision... PS
  11. What if you put a Talon in the FS section? It has the EST, and an IFM. It's also got an ECM if you want that. You could also pop up its Piercing on the IFM to Piercing/3 if you're feeling fancy. PS
  12. Lion Lancers... Bane of my Overlord existance... PS
  13. They're pretty pricey. Not really an issue for Gus tho... PS
  14. Get more archers, and load the Queen up with spells. Concentrate fire on models you can kill quickly (3 trackers, frex) and gather up some Pain Tokens before melee begins. Both Fodder and Warriors are cheap to bring back, so use the Cage on them. A few more Soultenders, now that they're Adepts, can really wreak some havoc. PS
  15. The Grand Prix will be using First Printing LOS rules. PS
  16. I don't think the LOS rules are difficult to use, because I can just look at the minis and tell immediately that it if it has LOS. What I don't like is that I can't hide a mage behind other units. It's basically impossible, so the mage always gets shot, and even with cover it almost always gets hit. That sucks. PS
  17. Does Spike need to run a series of Goblin Mythbusters for 28mm Theatre? PS
  18. Over the head, between the swords, he shoots... he scores! PS
  19. OK, now you're just talking crazy. After you bring Eawod, and Caerwynn, and Lorielle, now you got points left for a mage and some spells?!? PS
  20. True, but then I can adjust my eye level LOS "to any part of the target Model’s upper area," and look over or under your sword. So that doesn't work either! PS
  21. Here's a pic. It looks to me like there's LOS between all these models at eye level. In fact, I doubt these models could be repositioned to reliably deny LOS. Certainly moving their bases into contact with each other doesn't close the gap to less than 1/2 inch. PS
  22. We use 4x4 tables, usually. Sometimes we'll play larger, but usually only in 3+ player games. Right. There's a half inch gap between the head and the sword arm of the Skeletal Warrior, i.e. LOS right thru the model. Given that the base is never a factor in Eye Level LOS, and you can always move off a tiny bit and avoid the upright part of a model, I can't see how LOS gets blocked that often. Look at cavalry models; if one cavalry model is behind another, there's a pretty good chance the head of the rider is visible over the rear of the other horse -- LOS! Except they're 3 attack Warmaster models. PS
  23. Ok, you must be playing on a much smaller table than we are, if the enemy's starting out that close to you.... Standard deployment zones are 24" apart. 12" move + 12" move +4" charge = in B2B. Not with the new LOS rules, you won't. If I use the "Eye Level" LOS corridor, it completely works. In fact, I've seen valid eye level LOS corridors drawn between the head and the swordarm of some minis, i.e. right thru the middle of a mini. We generally refer to the new LOS rules as "you always have LOS." While I didn't state it as such, I was essentially agreeing with you. I think the Dervishes are a valid option too, since they are much better now. PS
  24. Considering that the goblin that plays with the fire keg always gets blown up, I think we on safe ground here... PS
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