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  1. I'd like to see each faction have different rules for determining a faction force. Something like Malvernis need a faction model in each section, Rach must have a specialist section with Mech Inf and tanks, Terrans must have a section of nothing but faction models, etc. That way each faction has it's own force composition feel to it. PS
  2. He's the only melee warlord with Trencher. He's got great DV and his DV stays high deep into his tracks. He's got DV 13 with 4 wounds! Compare to Khufu, who's DV is 8 at that point. He's a solid brick, just like a Dwarf King should be. PS
  3. I've seen small Anwar troops start the game by getting based by double moving cavalry. A few Herdsmen (or Dervishes) standing in front of the KMAs would make a nice cheap screen. If the KMAs and Anwar are planning on moving and shooting each turn, the infantry can continue to double move and keep up, and the Khamsins have pretty good Dis if you have to shoot into melee. You'll also have LOS over your infantry. PS
  4. In playtesting I used Vale Swordsmen to great effect, by pairing them up with something the enemy really wanted dead, in this case Vale Archers. Perhaps the Swiftaxes can be used the same way. A few of them stand near the Piercers and Kara. When the enemy heads over there, they are trying to kill the Piercers, so they don't target the Swifties. PS
  5. Sure Shot is much more powerful if you have a lot of archers. I like having Danithal + Vale Swordsmen + Archers Selwyn + Caerwynn + Archers + Guardsmen Meridh + Deathseekers + Archers Centaurs to fill Caerwynn can crack any nut with the Crit Shot, and then you always have VAs to follow up. Danithal is a superhero now, so he's well worth bringing. And more archers is more Sure Shots. I think Eawod + Caerwynn is too many points in too few models with too little difference. PS
  6. You still have Shadowy, as it was a faction ability, and those didn't change. The new Sure Shot rocks. PS
  7. The sasquatch has no image in the online store, but here's a painted one: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...mp;hl=sasquatch PS
  8. I've been contemplating a troop of Herne and some War Dogs, that just goes around and Converts stuff. If Isarah had Healer, I'd use her. PS
  9. Obviously must be hard targets. I'm more concerned about the enormous prices of CAV compared to Warlord models. How many points of damage are the CAV going to do before Warlord models get there? 20? 30? How many tracks does 668 points worth of Braugs buy? You bet! That's why I have Healing CAVs... PS
  10. You mean if I chose to spend my money on the product will I be upset if they actually send it to me? Ummmmmm, no. No one's holding a gun to my head and demanding that I pick the subscription option. I suggest that before you continue to comment on the product you actually figure out what it is. http://paizo.com/paizo And for god's sake, don't try and sell me on Hackmaster. It's dreadful. I already have all the 1e and 2e material (none of which I will ever play again), so why do I need a cheesy knock off? PS
  11. Damn straight! Have you seen those Reven ogres? Way bigger than the Ogres Adonese build! PS
  12. david.amberson (at) iraq.centcom.mil

    Donations can also be sent to SPC Amberson directly at the following address:

    SPC David Amberson

    A Co 86th Sig Bn

    APO, AE 09331

  13. He's still got 5 attacks at MAV 8... that's gonna leave a mark! PS
  14. So whatchall waitin for? An invitation?!? PS
  15. But she can be fielded in a troop now. So she waltzes up to within 12", shoots you (here's your Poison token!) then the Broken Fodder move in front of her, and you can't get her. Then next turn, the Broken Fodder step aside, she shoots you again (twice if she feels like it!), and the Fodder close up. Then you get sick of trying to manuever around the Fodder, go up and whack 'em (one of them pops back up because Aundie earned some Pain Tokens) and Aundine steps behind you and trashes your model. Now she's up 2 models and has taken no damage. She's paid for herself, and anything else she kills is just gravy. PS
  16. So a pathfinder is worth over $15? Maybe I don't understand them, but they sound like an adventure, and I'd rather pick a module at the store instead of commit to a subscription. Each Pathfinder is an adventure with some support material. Each is 96 pages. Each one follows the previous one in level and story, so a subscription isn't unreasonable. PS
  17. Nope nope nope! Warlord models have to get over there and start smackin' those CAV around. CAV get critical hits, Warlords don't. Coming over Thursday? Bring some models! PS
  18. That's two troops of the same Adepts. So Ogres in two troops. Ogres in one troop and Dark Dwarves in another is always legal. PS
  19. The rules are so close, the minis are the right size... Warlord vs CAV! RAGE on RAGE In this game, CAV models fight Warlord models. In general, the Warlord models use the Warlord rules, and the CAV models use the CAV rules. For instance, when calculating movement modifiers, CAV models use the CAV2 chart and SAs, and Warlord models use the Warlord chart and SAs. There are some cases where the rules interact in odd ways, and those have to be accounted for: • CAV models attacked by magic o CAV models use DV for MD. • Warlord SAs or FAs require a CAV model to make a Dis check o CAV models use Exp for Dis. • The Healer SA and Cure spells remove damage from CAV. o Lingering damage may not be removed • Repair Modules heal damage on Warlord models. • CAV models remove Shaken tokens with a Specialty action Close/melee combat • When a CAV section activates and initiates Close Combat, use the CAV2 Close Combat rules. In this case, the Warlord models may get multiple Defensive Strikes per round due to Warmaster. • When a Warlord section activates, use the Warlord melee combat rules. • Flying Warlord models may engage flying enemies in melee, so they may attack Gunships and Cruise Missiles. Give all Gunships and Cruise Missiles a CCV of 2 for all tracks. Since CAV Gunships may not conduct CC, Gunships may not attack flying Warlord models on their activation. o If a Gunship/Cruise Missile is forced to the ground by Wind Blast, they can be attacked by melee combat. Taking off again is a free action for a Gunship/Cruise Missile. • Whichever section activates, consider CCV equivalent to MAV. Ranged combat • Since every CAV gets Defensive Fire, consider all CAV models as having Defensive Shot. • When CAV models attack there is no range penalty for attacking flying models. Anybody see any rules intersections I missed? There probably need to be force creation rules/guidelines, since CAV breaks the Warlord paradigm of "No Flying models with Ranged Attacks!" And the point scales need to be checked out to see how many Warlord points fight against how many CAV points... Oh, and sorry about the formatting. It looks good in Word. PS
  20. They are continuing Dungeon until the Adventure Path concludes. The last adventure is in the August issue. I also have subscriptions that extend beyond the end date, and I got the following options: Get 4 Pathfinders, worth about $70. Spend money in their online store, worth about $40. 11 back issues, the balance of my subscriptions. Get my money back, worth $35. Overall, I consider the various options more than reasonable, considering that Paizo doesn't really have the ability to keep printing the magazines. I certainly have no complaint with Paizo. PS
  21. I think the sasquatch would make a pretty good ogre too. PS
  22. First your car uses mind tricks to get you to leave the minis on the roof, not it's tripping you up in the driveway... Keep the minis away from the demon car! PS
  23. Aren't you buying so many beers at ReaperCon that it's cheaper to get a keg at this point? PS
  24. I read some of my PMs in the pop up window, so I never actually read them from the PM Inbox. I deleted those messages today, and now I have -3 New Messages! How will I ever get back up to 0? PS
  25. Really. I mean it's not like he lost all his stuff... PS
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