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  1. I've been taking Summon Spectral Minions instead of the Warriors. It saves some points and the minions are about as good as the warriors. They can't be Pain Caged, which is a disadvantage, but you can get 3-5 times as many... PS
  2. Qwyk and I playtested some Pain Cage, and I ran with a multiple of units with Vysa Broken Fodder x3 Archer Both Vysa and the Fodder are cheap, cheap Pain Cage models, making them almost impossible to kill. PS
  3. Anybody else want to chip in something? PS
  4. What would have happened to D&D without WotC? TSR was so far in the red it was physically impossible to come back. PS
  5. rusty, it looks like your force has practically no hard-target killing power, beyond the CCV of the rifle teams. If you're denied CC, what do you do? I know I design all of my forces around a first principle of denying CC to my CAV. What then? PS
  6. If they liked Risk, pick up 2210 (tho I've heard the LotR Risk and Godstorm are also good, I haven't played them). The mechanics are exactly the same, just expanded. You have undersea colonies, you can conquer the moon, you have special commanders that roll d8s in their special terrain (Land command gets a bonus in land fights, Naval commander gets a bonus in sea colonies, nuclear command gets a bonus everywhere...). And you have special tactics cards to spice things up. The game runs 5 turns, which should run newbies a couple hours. Much more interesting than original Risk (which, incidently, was my 1st favorite game). PS
  7. I'm sorry to burst your bubble , but Reach has been clarrified that size still counts , so no more using those Clutchlings like that . Yeah, but have you seen how Trencher works? If the Hydra is in B2B, and there's also a Warrior in B2B, and the Clutchlings are behind the Warrior, the Hydra gets his Trencher support! Booya! PS
  8. I'm not filling it out until we get the final version of the cards, but ok! I found the old version of this sheet to be the most useful tool around! Thanks Hex. PS
  9. The only problem with this is that: 1) War Dogs are Adepts, so you can't field them all over the place on the battlefield, limiting that tactic quite a bit. 2) War Dogs are only DV 8 on their first track, and lack Deflect. That makes them easy to hit, especially to ranged attacks. 3) They only have 2 DTs, making it easy for them to be taken out quickly. 4) They have Beast (preventing them from having any equipment), and a relatively weak Dis value - meaning a charge against some of the heavier-pointed models with Fearsome will result in them having an even worse DV when they become Shaken. I'm not saying that it can't be done, nor that it isn't a valid (and possibly effective) tactic, but if you believe that the use of War Dogs with Disable is some sort of balancing factor for the Crusader Conversion ability becoming so weak, I think that is incorrect. This tactic would probably work once a battle - since you'd only have them in one Troop, you'd only get to Convert this way once per Round, and by the second Round of activations, your opponent is going to make darn sure those War Dogs are wiped off the battlefield (and with relative ease). ~v I put a War Dog in Gerard's troop, and another in Broderick's (using The Wolf). One of them contributed to taking the Giant Eagle. The other had to charge the vale archers, in a vain attempt to keep them from killing Caerwynn. If I had to do it again, I'd put the dogs with the Lion Lancers. If the target gets Shocked, it can't swing back at the dog... PS
  10. I have 48 BL points to throw in. Who else wants to contribute? We'd have to gather up the goods and get them sent off pretty quick to get there by June 9th. I suggest we pool what we've got and send one box. Any other BLs that want to contribute? PS
  11. Smite sucks to point up. Let's assume that since it's a limited version of MAV, it costs less than MAV. If you can't use it, it's points thrown away, and your models can't fight equally pointed enemy models. If you can use it, it's MAV at a discount, and no enemy models can fight you. So it's always broken one way or the other, which isn't a good situation to have in large doses. Limited here and there, cool. Entire armies? Not cool. PS
  12. I love the +3 cap on support (which can be +6 if you bring 3 models with reach to the combat)! It doesn't come up that often. I've been hard pressed to get more than 4 models on someone. PS
  13. So you're proposing heresey and advocating the kind of Crusaders that would burn heretics at the stake? Interesting.... PS
  14. Come up with an alternative mechanic, try it out, and see if works better. Email results to EE. I generally agree that it's too hard to fail the Dis check. My first thought was assign a Dis penalty to the roll depending on who's converting: Sgt = -1, Captain = -2, Warlord = -3. The old way didn't work either, so something's got to change. PS Yeh , I know they way it was before was too powerful but now ..... . That solution might just work but I'd like to add Elites = -1 , to the mix as they are after all heroes . Keep the solos out of it because they don't want to be slowed down by some tag along , they've got a mission to fullfil . I think adding Elites to the mix is pretty reasonable. There aren't that many of them in the Crusader list. PS
  15. I would agree with you on both of those. Does any weapon system have both AA and CB? PS
  16. Yep! One of em's even a Crusader player! Speak of the devil.... PS
  17. Come up with an alternative mechanic, try it out, and see if works better. Email results to EE. I generally agree that it's too hard to fail the Dis check. My first thought was assign a Dis penalty to the roll depending on who's converting: Sgt = -1, Captain = -2, Warlord = -3. The old way didn't work either, so something's got to change. PS
  18. Start by going here: http://warlordhq.reapergames.com/ and setting up an account. Once you do that you can go to the Featured Download section and download the Beta testing rules (next to last link) and flip thru the new cards. Once you've looked over the new cards and got feel for how thinks have changed (rules are the generally the same, model stats are not), follow jdripley's advice above. You can also look in the Member Profile for nearby players. I know we have some demo reps in Lansing as well. PS
  19. In a Grand Reven list they are your toughest Grunt. They're halfway between the Bull Orcs and the Lesser Orcs. I doubt they're going to win you many battles, but they are perfectly respectable models, which means you aren't penalized for bringing them. They should fight as well as any other soldier model (for the points that is). PS
  20. Well I disappointed that this thread isn't about the Reborn, but I'll cope. The Lion's stats are perfectly servicable... after he's taken 4 points of damage. Gotta love that... unless you play Overlords. PS
  21. I found the Swordsmen to be very effective. Cheap, disposable, and packing a serious wallop. PS
  22. I'm making a general statement here; I'm not just talking to you BM: I'ts not 'oh well,' it's still in beta! Play some games, write up some meaningful feedback, and send it to EE. The new Mercy/Conversion rules are a big change from closed beta, and should be looked at long and hard. If it just doesn't work, say so where it matters (EE's email). PS
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