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  1. "Oh you wont be bothering anyone at all I would think," he sips from his wine goblet completely relaxed. "If fact there are many who would likely find the task most pleasing. There are some people who are giving my business some trouble in beggartown below at the foot of the hill. Thugs and such trying to extort my friends and I. I would like you to get rid of them for me. I will send one of my servants with you to point them out. Succeed in this task and I will have more work for you. Fail and...well then you wont fail me will you?" he titters.
  2. Rurick has just recovered from his paralyzatoin as the golems active...he is standing about the middle of the room. The bard is being crushed by golems. Karl and Jaden are both at the podeum with the book very near the golems. Jancy and Lex are both near Rurick Dane is meditating in the pews to the left side of the room. Everyone is slowed.
  3. Lance grabs the elf and pulls him along with. The fat fellow leads you out of the market and to a larger private apartment. Outside stand two rather rough looking men, they bow before the portly man and open the door. "Come in, come in," he says steping inside. The apartment is large for a medieval dwelling and well furnished. Once inside the man claps his hands. "Greta, fetch us some wine and sweetmeats." A rather ugly looking woman pops out from behind the curtain blocking off the kitchen and bows then dashes back inside. The man points to a section of floor with a nice carpet. "Sit, lets talk awhile." As you all gather around the carpet Greta comes back in with a number of silver flagons and two pitchers of wine. As she hands them out and pours your drink the dwarf notices something odd about her. Its almost as if she has some orc features. She disappears again and comes out with a tray of fruits nuts and other sundries. "Now then," the fat man says settling in, watching you drink and eat ravenously. "I may have work for you, yes indeed," he titters. "Yes you look like the rough type and I have some problems that need to be dealt with, are you interested?"
  4. Alistar finds no traps. Eventually the dwarf recovers from his paralyzation. Lex looks at him wondering why nobody asked him to look for traps and then shrugges his shoulders staring blankly about the room. "But Father, we must destroy these evil books," Karl continues to argue with Jaden. Soon Alistar is busy searching about the room. After careful examination of the statues he touches what he thinks might be a a sign of a trap door at its feet. As he does the fleshy statue suddenly slams its fist down hard upon his back. Alistar shrieks in pain. Karl and Jaden forget their argument. Dane leaps from his meditation ready for battle. Jancy whirls from routing through her bags of components. All of you look in horror as each of the three statues begin to move. The great stone statue in the middle roars out and everyone suddenly feels they are moving much more slowly. Lex stares blankly then draws his sword.
  5. He looks over at the dwarf, Lance and the elf..."Oh most excellent indeed! I could use such men if they be 'creative' enough. Come 'long then," the portly fellow takes Mailee's hand under his arm and begins to stroll off to the apartments... (does everyone follow?)
  6. "Nope," the kobold says after giving it a look over.
  7. As Mailee is walking along in the market she bumps into a rather portly older fellow who gingles of money. “Hey get away from me you lousy…” his words stop as he gets a better look at you… “Ah foreigners I sees, and a little down on there lucks…I’s might ‘ave a job for yous…oh you have a little friend too,” he says referring to Aleria. “So much the better…but where is me manners. Call me Archibald Thrump, at your service,” he gives a little bow. “Why don’tcha come back wit me to my PRIvate apartment so wes can get to knows each others, and maybes finds something for yous to pass the time ‘ere in de old keep. An maybes der be a spot o' money in it too.”
  8. Karl looks around the chamber nodding. “this whole place is likely to be infested with undead…” Karl steps up to the podium from which the ethereal creature was speaking. “Do you know how such a thing could have happened Father?” Lex asks. “Whatever caused it is truly evil my child,” Jaden replies. “And it must be destroyed at all costs. Make a quick search of the room.” Lex sets off to look around. “We must burn this evil book.” Karl says looking down at the black book upon the stand then turns to the statues. “These blasphemous statues will have to be knocked down as well. But first things first,” he prepares to pour a flask of oil upon it. Alistair skulks at the entrances mumbling incoherently to himself. “There are no songs left…no songs…”
  9. The only burial mounds anyone knows about is the graveyard near the base of the keep. And yes you can get directions to the priest's apartment.
  10. You wander about the small market...the vendors are mostly selling food and trinkets...local farmers and craftspeople. Nobody in the market is dealing in weapons...that is most likely left to the trader and the smith. Also the mainstay of people here are human and northerners. You are not sure there is even one other southerner here other than yourselves. Initially the vendors eye you with suspition but when you have spent a few coppers they relax a bit. With the few coppers you have you buy yourselves a few bits of food, but nothing more than to temporarily sate your hunger. You save just enough coppers to get back into the keep. As you wander about you do happen to notice a shingle of a jewel merchant above one of the private apartments. Sure you laugh to yourselves, we have business for him...
  11. Don't forget to post your actions when you finally decide to do them...since there is no party leader (as per your request) everyone will have to post what they do as opposed to what they say...thanks.
  12. Father Jaden steps forward and swings at the translucent undead with his mace forcing it to fall back or risk annihilation. This gives Karl enough time to recover and he jumps to his feet again swinging his sword through the undead’s ethereal chest. “Fools!” The quickly fading creature shouts. “Go to her then. I let you pass. Your souls will do more than the ritual ever could.” “Fall beast and be banished by the light of the Sun Lord!” Karl shouts as his sword strikes down one last time and the translucent fiend fades away. Meanwhile Lex continues to frustrate the remaining ghast parrying its blow. The bard hesitates with Jancy. As Dane rushes passed he lets one blow into the ghast and it collapses to the ground. The last undead gone the battle is over. Karl quaffs a potion which seems to restore his vitality.
  13. Not wanting to engulf he companions in flame Jancy avoids using her burning hands into close melee combat waiting for an opportunity to open. Dane and the Bard are able to finish off the undead facing them. Faced with four opponents at once Rurik finds himself about to be overwhelmed but as the ghasts attempt to bowl him over they are thrown back in a strange blue light. “That will teach you for messing with a dwarf!” Rurik laughs and carves into the first creature with both axes dicing it neatly into three sections. A ghast grabs onto his off arm and he feels the poison begin to stiffen the muscles (8 damage). In a flash he sweeps upwards with Thaw and cleaves the undead’s entire shoulder from its body. “A little help here!” Rurik shouts as Ice pick falls from his frozen hand. The poison will soon overcome his entire body and then he will be fodder for these beasts. “Blast yo…” with that he falls over. Suddenly there is a blast of heat above him as the remaining two ghasts shriek in pain. “Eat flame boys!” a familiar halfling’s voices sounds. But Karl is facing his own problems as he presses the attack against the translucent beast only to be struck by its ethereal hand. The brave knight stumbles in pain as life essence is drained from his body right into the ghasts at his back. The horrid fiends set upon him immediately rending his flesh. “She will swallow your souls!” The undead preacher shrieks. “I will not fall to you!” the paladin cries and with a sweep of his sword he slices the ethereal arm from his chest. Assuming Lex can handle the single undead facing the young lad Jaden rushes forward to Karl. "You shall all perish under the searing light of righteousness!" Father Jaden proclaims to the undead, smashing the ghasts behind Karl with his mace causing each in turn to explode into dust and ash. “Die you stupid beast!” Lex shouts slashing wildly. The creature misses as well. (any changes in actions or shall I just finish up the remaining battle?…there is one undead fighting Lex and 1 (the ethereal undead) attacking Karl)
  14. The battle at once turns into a maelstrom of activity. Undead are rushing forward from all sides climbing onto pillars, crawling upsidedown along the ceiling and leaping across the pews upon the gathered heroes. But the skill and expertise of the heroes displays itself as they move into action like a well oiled machine. Karl at once rushes the translucent figure and slashes at it while ghasts and wights are clipping at his heels (causing minor damage). Rurik, following close behind, hacks off the head of the nearest ghast with Thaw and embeds Ice pick into the torso of another. But soon he finds himself surrounded by four more creatures and they dig their claws into his shoulder and right leg (total 8 damage saves successful). “Is that the best you can do?” Rurik shouts and he drives Thaw into the body of another undead. Lex follows up with his sword slashing wildly and clipping a wight on the leg while it, grinning, digs its claws into his chest. Father Jaden, a scowled look upon his face, backhands a ghoul with his mace causing it to burst into dust. “The searing like of the Sun Lord take you!” Jaden shouts and he swings his mace again and strikes the hand of another undead. It too bursts into dust. Those waiting in the rear are not idle long. Dane ducks out of the way of the nearest leaping ghast and smashes it down with a flury of blows. Alistair cries out “now look what you have done!” as he swings his sword wild at a wight. Only Jancy seems unengaged. (anybody want to alter their actions or should I just finish up the following rounds of combat? total undead left, 2 behind Karl and 1 in front, 4 around Rurik, 1 in front of Lex, 1 in front of Alistar...)
  15. As one Karl and Jaden speak they rebuke, even before their words are complete dozens of undead in the pews are bursting into dust, so many that there are hardly any left. Finally you have attracted the attention of the translucent figure at the pulpit... The ritual disrupted it looks at Jaden raising its arm it realises a terrible screeching wail. Everyone even the mighty dwarf who is charging forward is forced to grab his ears in pain. "Slay them all in her name," the translucent figure wails. The dozen or so remaining undead leap up from their seats and rush towards the group. Recovered from the monstrous wail everyone prepares for the battle to come. (actions for the coming combat please)
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