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  1. Awesome colors and technique but... dat greeeen! Is there gonna be some blacklight coming up for the next gaming session? ;)
  2. The face, the hair, those fans!! Just plain brilliant
  3. So beautiful and creative mad science. And I LMAO over the WIP, such a great immersive way of telling.
  4. "C&C" ...ahahahaa (*hysterically slapping own leg*) Seriously, well done again!
  5. Can I see it? I LOVE beholders, especially the bad looking ones (no joke). It's *searching* here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51108-another-roper-sculpt-beholder/?hl=%2Bbeholder+%2Baraziel#entry757763 That's what I am talking about! Maybe it's not the finest product from a technical aspect but it's so adorably original, especially the triple jaws and the shardy back skin. Also you got the pose really nice on the stalagmite.
  6. Can I see it? I LOVE beholders, especially the bad looking ones (no joke).
  7. <overlymotivationalvoice>Just get some greenstuff and make one.</overlymotivationalvoice> When it comes to beholders I believe everybody should have his own cause the basic concept works on every level. May it be the WOTC pile of horns or a sponge with some pipe cleaner wires stuck in it.
  8. Pochi, did you petrify and shatter that classmate of yours? Consider yourself grounded for the next week!
  9. As always you immediately drag me into your dreamy, colorful fairytale (blue rocks!). I feel 5 years old again. Btw. this looks quite playable. Do you use your terrain for gaming or is it for display only?
  10. The base finally got painted The whole thing is now over in show-off: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68322-dd-npc-beholder/
  11. Made my own Beholder (sculpting WIP:http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/67297-beholder/) and I can tell you, there's no way escaping it's ray of time consuming. Well it got finished at last, so here it is. Do you like it?
  12. Beautiful from every aspect. I second viking_hank, the expression on the eyes is perfect.
  13. Oh wow, this is so brilliant. For an assassin(?) she's quite the eyecatcher.
  14. Moin! Are you from germany, "MächtigeMaus"? Or is it just "Mighty Mouse" gone through google translate? :D I think you hit the colors really well on that skelly. Maybe you could set apart the single anatomic entities by throwing in a bit of black not only in the eyesockes but also inside/under the ribcage, thin lines between the ribs and around joints etc. This usually intensifies the skeletal looks. Oh, and - like everyone else already said: excellent firstie!
  15. some finest examples of light contrast and color vibrancy.
  16. Brilliant job on the colors and you got over the top detail out of the robe.
  17. Such a dense athmosphere on every single one of these, I just love them.
  18. That one gives me the creeps from looking at photo alone. Also excellent detail color choices and painting!
  19. So NOD, Kane would be proud! Me personally, i do love the little, well-dosed green lights.
  20. 1000 posts required? At my current rate I could join a house in about... 6.5 years :D
  21. LOL! I've seen notes below some avatar images. What's with these "houses"? Thank you, Pochi. IMHO the Pathfinder Goblin Pyros are a cool little group of figures so I was quite surprised finding there hasn't been a paintup in the shop yet.
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